Savannah Chrisley Breaks Her Silence After Her Parents Are Convicted of Fraud Crimes; Says She Feels “Let Down By God” After Verdict

“I’ve got your backs, Ma and Pa!”

A week after her parents were found guilty on a slew of federal charges–including bank fraud and tax evasion– Savannah Chrisley is speaking out.

As The Ashley previously reported, Savannah’s parents— Todd and Julie Chrisley were on trial after being charged with conspiracy to commit bank fraud, bank fraud, conspiracy to defraud the United States and tax fraud. (Julie was also charged with wire fraud and obstruction of justice.) The Chrisley Knows Best stars were found guilty on all charges on June 7. 

On Thursday, Savannah broke her silence, vowing to stand by her parents and continue to fight their conviction. She also claimed that she is upset with God, as well as the United States justice system, both of which Savannah feels “failed” her family.

“Hi there my Instagram family…it’s been a few weeks,” the Growing Up Chrisley star wrote on Instagram. “Before you continue reading I would like to ask one thing of you…please be kind. This life is so cruel and we’re all doing the best we can.

“I will continue to stand by my family and fight for justice. Justice for ourselves and for others that the system has failed. (There is only so much I can comment on legally at this moment.)”

Savannah then wrote about how upset she has been that her prayers weren’t answered in regard to her parents being found not guilty. 

“Recently, I’ve felt let down by God, that my relentless prayers have been unheard,” Savannah wrote. “But I do believe that He will use every hardship and adversity we go through to strengthen us and prepare us for an even greater purpose. So I will continue believing in our Lord and Savior…I pray for strength, hope, and love.

“Thank you to all of those that continue to stand by our sides. This fight isn’t over.”

“My dad does NOT look good in prison orange y’all! We have to fight this!”

After being found guilty, Todd and Julie issued a statement through Julie’s attorney, who confirmed an appeal will be filed, noting the Chrisleys will fight “until they are vindicated.”

“Both Chrisleys are devastated and disappointed with the verdict and will be pursuing an appeal,” Julie’s lawyer, Steve Friedberg, told ET. “Julie and Todd are so grateful for the love and support shown by their family, friends and fans. They both remain strong in their faith and will continue the ‘fight’ until they are vindicated. They have their priorities in order and are currently concentrating on the welfare of their children and Todd’s mother, Elizabeth Faye Chrisley.”  

Todd and Julie’s sentencing is not scheduled until October. Though neither have been remanded to jail, they have been placed on home detention with electronic monitoring systems. 

“Hey, I like accessories! It’s a fashionable anklet!”

According to a court order, Todd and Julie are only permitted to leave their home for work, education, religious service, court-ordered obligations, medical treatment or attorney visits. All other activities must be pre-approved by their probation officers, who must also be informed if the couple spends more than $1,000.  

Both Todd and Julie are currently facing 30-year prison sentences. 

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(Photos: Instagram; USA Network)

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  1. Savannah stated that she prayed to God and that God let her down everything happens for a reason the truth always comes out you can never outrun God he sees everything that you do you need to pray to God for guidance and to be saved and to say I’m sorry for what I have done God brought to light what happened I don’t understand why people like this think that they can get away with doing something like this because God sees everything it’s really at a bad time when nanny Faye is going through a lot sooner or later it all catches up with you but you all need to pray to God more than ever right now and seek his guidance and his love and do the right thing for him if the Chrisley’s really did do this they have to pay the price no one person is better than another do your time and build from there and pray to God for guidance that he has something better in store for you I pray for all of you may God have mercy on all of you and I pray for faye to get through what is going on plus her sickness. God bless

  2. Like I don’t get these kids. Their parents committed crimes, they knew what they were doing. And they did it so they could drive the nicest Mercedes and live in the largest house, and wear Louis Vuitton.

    Savannah sounds a lot like Gia Guidice. Stop saying the justice system failed you. It did its job. I understand kids have a blind spot for their parents. But, they committed those crimes, and need to pay it back and go serve their time.

    And these kids still get to keep all their designer clothing, get to keep all the fame, and money they received, built on the lies of their parents.

  3. She has been sheltered and spoiled her entire life. She gets what she wants when she wants it and it doesn’t matter where the money came from. She has zero concept of responsibility, finances, working a job, etc. She believes that God will give her what she wants when she asks for it because that’s how things go in her life. Nanny Faye is dumb as bricks and so are the kids. I can’t believe the even went to college. They just don’t know any better. Kinda like the Duggars but with more money.

  4. Your parents are being punished for the crimes THEY committed….and that’s what makes you “upset with God”? The fact that that’s what shakes your faith when there is human trafficking, school shootings, and murder ect. every day all around the world really shows how self absorbed and small minded you and your family are. Praying to God isn’t like making a wish to a genie but most people aren’t ready for that conversation.

  5. Mad at everyone except the people who committed the crime. Also, they were monitored for years for this. They don’t go after people who commit tax fraud without proof. The justice system does suck, but not for this. It’s not that hard to pay taxes. Like, we “normal” people are supposed to clutch our pearls and cry over millionaires getting caught stealing and actually facing consequences. Get ****ed.

    1. Look, I’m not trying to add on to the unkindness aimed at the Chrisley’s, but praying for God’s help does not absolve consequences for actions. I will always feel sympathy for children who are stuck suffering consequences of their parents actions. Whether or not I like the Chrisleys or the show is irrelevant—there are children who are paying the price for their parents behaviors.

      I also don’t know that you can claim to have been failed but the justice system in this case. You had the chance to prove your innocence, in arguably the most fair scenario. The US justice department spent years building a case for white collar crime. This isn’t a poor black man fighting possession charges with the help of an overworked and underpaid public defender. Your parents failed to give plausible explanations for the crimes of which they were accused.

      If you want to be angry at anyone in this situation, I could understand being angry with your attorneys but other than that, I would aim your anger and hurt at the parents who placed your family in the current situations.

  6. How childish and demanding is that?? “I prayed to God that they would be vindicated but he didn’t do what I say???” ???

    What a sanctimonious turd thinking that God will give her anything she wants regardless of whether or not it’s the right thing. I’ve been praying to God that my dad either is put into prison or he dies (my dad is a serious pos). Well, 15 years after he physically disabled me for life he’s still out there somewhere living. Do I blame God for that?? No, I blame humans. I blame the legal system etc. I wait for his death because, as a believer, I know he’ll get his in the afterlife.

    The real lessons here are:

    Don’t commit a crime if you don’t want to do the time

    If you decide to try to get away with a crime, don’t be a dumbass and leave a string of easily obtained evidence.

    I don’t watch this show but Todd Chrisley is a total narcissist and with that statement I now wonder about Savannah. Always looking for someone else to blame. Whether it’s the accountant,the detectives, the judge… even God apparently gets blamed?‍♀️?‍♀️

  7. It’s not that your prayers are unheard, sometimes God just doesn’t allow you to get what you want. That’s the way life works.

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