‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Star Madisen Beith Says Her Estranged Mother Threatened to Sue Over Conversations About Her On MTV Shows

“The least you can do is give me something to talk about on TV, Mama!”

Madisen Beith‘s estranged mother was not happy that she’s been a topic of conversation on several MTV reality shows, and, according to Madisen, her mom claimed she was so “embarrassed” by the publicity that she wanted to sue the network.

In a new Instagram Q&A session, the Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant star revealed that her estranged mother was very angry when she found out Madisen would be talking about her on 16 and Pregnant (and later ‘Young & Pregnant.’)

“She basically told me that it was embarrassing for her mistakes to be on TV and she would sue MTV. (She can’t lol). I basically just told her I did this [show] for me, for my daughter’s future, and unfortunately her f**k ups are a part of my story bc it’s a huge part of my life.”

While several photos of Madisen’s mother have been shown on MTV, her face was always blurred out. Since her likeness, voice, etc. were never put on TV, she would have no legal ground to stand on if she did, indeed, choose to sue.

Baby Madisen, her mom and her dad Nick (who is giving young Gary Shirley vibes in this pic)…

As fans may remember, Madisen revealed on her “16 and Pregnant” episode that she was raised by her single dad, Nick, because her mom had addiction issues.

“My mom isn’t really in my life,” she said on her 2020 episode. “She lost custody of me when I was five because she struggled with drugs and I haven’t really seen her since I was 12.”

At the end of the episode, Madisen revealed that her mom had been trying to rekindle their relationship. After filming, Madisen said she did speak to her mom, but the reunion “was kind of shut down” as her mom ended up calling Madisen names during the conversation.

“I was like, ‘don’t talk to me no more,’” she said. “I’m not going to let you sit there and hurt my daughter like you hurt me, she does not deserve that.”


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During her Instagram Q&A session, Madisen revealed that Camille did meet Madisen’s mother during a short period where Madisen tried to reconcile with her mom. However, that short period of reconciliation ended in an alleged drug overdose and a call to the cops.

“It was short-lived,” Madisen said of the reunion. “She was sober, living in a sober living environment, going to meetings. And I still ended up having to call police bc she was unconscious, foaming at the mouth, overdosing on angel dust and too much alcohol.”

That was apparently the only time Madisen’s mom met Camille. When Madisen was asked if Camille currently has a relationship with her biological grandmother, she replied “no and [she] never will.” She also posted a photo of her stepmom, Christina, when asked if Camille knows who her grandmother is.


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  1. So you are a junkie who abandoned your child and now you want to sue because said child is talking on tv about how your junkie @ss f*cked up her childhood? Go f*ck yourself

    1. Can we talk about Rachel going physco on Madison?
      Rachel blaming everyone else for her issues!
      Well Rachel you did this all on your own.
      Guess we now know why Noah found another wifey..
      Poor Hazlee screwed up name and life.

  2. from personal experience it sucks not being able to rely on a mother but i can’t imagine all the things madisen’s been through. i hope she finds peace in her life to be able to move on

  3. Her dad looked like Gary in her younger days and her mom sounds like Amber. I’ve been ragging on her in the comments lately, but she lost hard in the mother lottery and that’s unfortunate. Hopefully she will take advice from Babs Evans to save her TM money, don’t waste it on Christian and better herself for her future and her daughter’s. She cleans up nicely and should aim higher than having more children at a young age with the loser caveman.

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