‘Sister Wives’ Season 17 Kicks Off With Record-Setting Ratings; First Episode Is Most-Watched Season Premiere in Six Seasons

“You’re welcome.”

More than 2 million viewers tuned in on September 11 to watch the Season 17 premiere of Sister Wives, making it the most-watched season premiere of the TLC reality series in six seasons. 

The new season–- which has been documenting the demise of Brown family patriarch Kody Brown‘s marriage to third wife Christine Brown– – drew an average of 2.2 million total viewers in its first episode, Variety reports.

“I think we can all admit we just want to watch Kody get rejected in HD, right?”

In comparison, the Season 15 premiere in February 2021 brought in 1,429,000 viewers.

According to Nielsen data, the Season 17 premiere also earned a 1.42 rating among women between the ages of 18 and 49, making it the highest-rated season premiere among the advertiser-coveted demographic in six years. 

“I probably helped get those numbers up! I have the show playing on every TV throughout my empty house, so it feels like Kody is there with me!” 

The recent buzz about the Brown family also ignited a lot of conversation about the show on social media. TLC reports that, during Sunday’s premiere night, “tweet volume saw triple digit growth compared to the previous premiere.”

Lets take a moment to acknowledge Kody– aka the biggest growth of all.

The series also landed in the Top 5 on both Twitter and Instagram for social interactions and it got the most social interactions of any primetime cable reality program on Facebook. 

Viewers also tuned in this past Sunday to watch the second episode of the season. While Episode 2’s live ratings weren’t quite as high as Episode 1’s, Showbuzz Daily reports that the episode still brought in a hefty 1,449,000 viewers and ranked No. 7 for Original Cable Telecasts for P 18-49 that night. 

Coincidentally, that’s also the average number of tears Robyn sheds on a daily basis.

Episode 2 had more viewers total than such ratings heavy-hitters as the NFL CountdownThe Real Housewives of Atlanta and Fox & Friends Sunday

New episodes of ‘Sister Wives’ air Sundays on TLC. Click here to read The Ashley‘s recap of Episode 1! 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 


  1. I feel that Cody is actually a pretty good communicator especially in light of the fact that he has 4 (now 3) wives. It’s weird how Janelle always calls her kids ‘my children’ rather than ‘our children’ when she’s speaking to Kody. And I don’t know why he doesn’t call her out on it. Okay now for Christine: They need to use her very minimally on the show. She is highly annoying and always has been. Both Christine and Janelle are very jealous of Robin, probably because she is thin and the youngest one-the only one left who can have more children. Not surprising Cody would prefer her, plus she has the least amount of baggage and bitching. It’s not unusual for things to change when you’ve been together for 20-30 years. The women are very independent-I think Janelle should leave and Kody should let her go. Unfortunately they have all these kids who will probably draw away from their father, unless the moms encourage the relationship with him, which they should do. Ya really can’t be independent when you are a polygimist with all those kids. Janelle and Christine are wrong alot of the time when it comes to Kody.

  2. Robchyn is such a delusional nightmare. Her and Grodi are perfect for one another.

    So glad Christine got away from these 2 losers. She was way too good for Kodi. Maybe once she is finished with her lady balls , she can let Meri borrow them so she finally finds her worth and walks away. Doubtful but hopefully.

  3. I hope they funnel most of the money to Christine. If the attention doesn’t have to be evenly split, why should the money?

  4. Great now they will renew and pay this scumbag and his Howe wrecking new wife ( who steals from the family) more money … keep giving what he wants people money and attention

  5. He kept moaning on the whole time about not wanting Christine to leave the “family” by moving to Utah- but then 90% of her children are now living there so she’s actually just going to live with her family! He can’t see beyond Robyn now and that’s what has broken that family.

  6. As long as they are getting paid by the show, don’t see them going anywhere. They are all dumbasses, and it’s a pleasure to watch it implode.

  7. Christine will have to wait for next season to leave.
    Robin will take the next two thinking and crying about leaving Kody but she will not in the end.
    Four seasons from now, Meri will be allowed to get out of the naughty corner and get a storyline. I swear, if they even mention that one word (the meow blub-blub).

  8. I hate watched it and omg Kody is infuriating. He doesn’t want Ysabel to move to NC, but when Christine said he was welcome to come with them to help her move in (and also see Maddie and his grandkids), he balked because *Covid.* If you’re that worried, quarantine when you get back. And the sneak peek showed that he was refusing to attend her going away party because *Covid* again. Why would Ysabel stay when her dad keeps finding reasons to avoid her and not even be there for the big milestones, including major surgery? This is why Christine wanted to take Truely before she figures out that her dad doesn’t give a shit about her.

  9. It’s so funny to me that the Brown family(Kody) started filming to show how great and wonderful polygamy is but it shows the exact opposite. It isn’t Christine’s fault either. Kody views most of his kids and wives like they are an unwelcome burden. He is a horrible husband and father and no polygamist family will be successful with a husband like Kody as head of household. He is greedy, selfish, immature, narcissistic and incredibly sexist. He says his wives are playing games and refuses to listen to them and acknowledge what they are saying when they come to him with an issue.
    Robyn is also problematic in her quest to stay newlyweds forever with Kody. I’m tired of hearing her sob about how she didn’t want any of this to happen and never meant to hurt the family. Girl, what did you expect to happen?? You came into an already established family with broken relationships. No way she is stupid enough to believe that she could have a forever newlywed marriage with Kody and it wouldn’t send waves through the entire family.

  10. You forgot the word HATE between the words Most and Watched.

    I think so many people are united in watching Christine find her voice and independence.

    That, and finding out what the fuck the nanny does!

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