It’s a Boy! ‘Counting On’ Stars John-David & Abbie Duggar Have Welcomed Their Second Child

“I wanted to name the baby Roger, on account of my being a pilot and all, but Abbie said no. It’s no fair.” 

Once again, the stork has landed in Duggar Town!

John-David Duggar— who is the second-oldest son in the famous family— welcomed his second child with his wife Abbie in September. The Counting On couple, who already parents to two-year-old daughter Grace, announced their baby news on Saturday on Instagram, revealing that they have named their son Charlie.

“We are now a family of 4! We welcomed little Charlie into the world last month and have been soaking up newborn snuggles ever since! We are so thankful to God for this precious gift!” the couple captioned a family photo.


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While the couple didn’t disclose what day the baby was born, Abbie’s baby registry gives the date of September 8 as her due date.

Abbie announced the pregnancy on Mother’s Day, also revealing that they were expecting a boy this time around.

“To the little girl who calls me Mommy and our little boy due in late summer, I’ll love you forever! #mothersday,” the announcement post read.

In August, a whole crew of Duggar women celebrated Abbie’s pregnancy with a baby shower. Guests included John-David’s twin sister Jana Duggar, as well as his sisters Jill Dillard and Joy-Anna Forsyth, and sister-in-laws Kendra Duggar, Katey Duggar and even Lauren Duggar (who rarely allows herself to be photographed at family events.) 


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John-David and Abbie received plenty of congratulatory messages from family and fans, as well as the Bates Family.

“Congrats guys! He is such a little cutie!” wrote Jill.

“Precious!” wrote the Bates Family’s official account.

Baby Charlie is just the latest Duggar boy to be born into the family. Jill welcomed a baby boy in July with her husband Derick, and Jed Duggar became a first-time dad in May when his wife, Katey, gave birth to their son Truett. 

Next up in the Duggar birthing stirrups is Hannah Duggar— the new wife of Jeremiah Duggar. The couple announced that Hannah was pregnant in August, just five months after they got married.

Baby Charlie is the 25th grandchild for John-David’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

“All these grandkids and not ONE of them named after me? Who wouldn’t want a baby named Jim Bob?!”

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12 Responses

  1. John David seemed like one of a couple duggars with sense. Add Jill, Jinger, and Jeremiah to this list. Screwing like rabbits will get you lots of little bunnies.

  2. Abbie is beautiful & their daughter is the CUTEST little girl!! Congratulations to them. They seem like a very stable and happy couple and family.

  3. I’m probably going to regret this but……
    Out of a lot of them John David & Abby are my favorite.
    He treats his wife with respect, has his own job/business and was definitely against his older brother and all his nasty stuff.
    They seem to do what they want and what’s best for THEIR family, not to mention their daughter is by far the cutest cousin! (I’m sure her brother will be just as adorable!)
    Just because Abby chooses to stay home to raise her children doesn’t mean they are like JD’s parents.
    I stayed home with my kids and they benefited so much because of it.
    I know I’m very lucky to have been able to do that but I think we shouldn’t just lump this family in with a lot of the nonsense that goes along in that family.
    Best wishes on the new baby! ?

    1. Who’s beautiful? Not Abbie. She’s got that “Mr. Magoo type nose. She & “Hannahmiah” (“Jer’s” knocked up new bride) are neck in neck for the worst nose.”

  4. seem like great parents! But please allow your children to make their own decisions as they grow! Your guidance will be needed but I hope you allow them to explore lives outside your home! God gives each of us life let them live their own!

    1. “Great parents” don’t place their 7 month old infant in a plastic bucket on a boat. These 2 clowns did. As long as they remain in the IBLP cult their children will be kept isolated from those who aren’t also members of the cult.

    1. John David is still an ass. He always looks greasy. Abbie gave up a nursing career & moved to Arkansas to marry this buffoon. I STILL can’t get over his juvenile behavior at Erin Bates’wedding reception. He was 23 years old – wanted to put open cans of tuna fish under the seats of their the rental car Erin & Chad had that day.

      1. Do the men in that family naturally sweat motor oil? Or do they not bathe regularly? Maybe because there is no way those older kids weren’t regularly allowed to use the the shower in that 2-3 bedroom ranch they lived in when we first met them. I remember hearing one of the kids say they had 3 minute shower times. That is NOT enough time to get thoroughly clean and leads to oily, nasty adults with poor hygiene. John David, the Pest, and Josiah seem to be the ones with the worst hygiene.

        1. Who’s beautiful? Not Abbie. She’s got that “Mr. Magoo type nose. She & “Hannahmiah” (“Jer’s” knocked up new bride) are neck in neck for the worst nose.” Real education? Her family used the SAME subpar ATI religion based homeschool program that the Duggars used. IDK how she was even able to get into a nursing program..Too bad she let her Nurse’s license lapse.

        2. IDK. While not necessarily “hygiene” (but “manners) do you remember that Kendra (who ALSO grew up in the IBLP cult), had to tell Joseph not to lick his dinner plate in a restaurant. I think that was on their honeymoon.

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