‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Admits She Gave Profits From Selling Her Las Vegas Home to Robyn Brown; Janelle Admits to Doing the Same

“Dude, what were we thinking?!”

It seems that Janelle Brown isn’t the only sister wife who plunked down money to help pay for Robyn Brown‘s large Flagstaff, Arizona, home.

Just a week after Janelle admitted that she had used the profits from selling her home in Las Vegas to help get Robyn a house, Meri Brown admitted to doing the same.

On Sunday’s episode of ‘Sister Wives,’ Meri revealed that she gave all of the money she made from selling her Las Vegas home (which, as Sister Wives fans know, included the much-coveted wet bar), to Robyn to purchase the 4,385 square foot home she, Kody and their kids currently live in. (According to Starcasm, Kody and Robyn purchased the Flagstaff, Arizona, home in August 2019 for $890,000, but it’s now valued at well over $1 million.)

“When I sold my house in Vegas, I gave my money that I made from that house to Robyn so that she could buy her house here in Flagstaff,” Meri— who is currently renting her home— said on Sunday’s episode. 

She explained that, up until recently, the Browns had pooled their money and used it wherever it was needed. Meri went on to claim that the family has “always worked together.”

That “working together” plan meant that Janelle and Meri contributed their Vegas home earnings, as well as money from the family pooled account, to buy Robyn’s home.

Despite this, Meri said she has “no problem” with the fact that she is still renting a home in Flagstaff, while Robyn is a homeowner.

“What was I supposed to do? Tell Robyn NO!?”

Meri’s comments come just a week after Janelle shared that she also contributed half of her Vegas home earnings to help purchase Robyn’s home.

While Meri has no problem with the fact that she is still renting while Robyn owns her home, Janelle does seem to have an issue with it. During the recent episode, Janelle revealed that her only financial assets are her RV and her portion of Coyote Pass. (Oh, and by the way, Robyn currently owns much more of the Coyote Pass property than either Meri or Janelle do, according to Starcasm.) 

Raise your hand if you’re starting to regret every financial decision you’ve made over the last 20 years…

She noted that she is essentially incapable of being financially independent as a result of these decisions. (According to Starcasm, Janelle is currently living in an apartment and there has been no progress made on Coyote Pass as of press time.)

Janelle also clarified during the episode that Kody’s claim that “he and Robyn” paid the down payment for Kody’s (now ex) wife, Christine Brown, to buy her Flagstaff home, is not exactly true. Janelle stated that it was actually family money— or, money from their pooled account— that paid for Christine’s down payment. 

Kody has stated that he plans to turn Robyn’s mountain manor into a rental home once the Browns have built their homes on Coyote Pass. 

“Be sure to check the rental ads in 2055, guys!” 

As you may recall, the Browns purchased Coyote Pass in 2018 for $820,000 with the intention of eventually building four individual homes on the property; however, the family had yet to begin construction when Kody and Christine announced their split in November.

At the end of July, Christine signed over her portion of Coyote Pass to Kody and Robyn for just $10, despite her portion of land being worth $300,000, according to Coconino County records. 

Kody’s previously proposed split of the Coyote Pass property– hostile question mark included– back in Season 14.

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(Photos: TLC) 


  1. Kody is running off all the wives but Robin so he can sell coyote pass to a developer for millions of dollars.it was on an episode shortly after they moved to flagstaff.his eyes were all lit up when he said he could get 4 to 5 times what they paid for it.then him and Robyn could pay off their debts and live like royalty for the rest of their lives.most likely wouldn’t even pay back Janelle and meri,would somehow scam out of it.meri probably wouldn’t care cause she’s madly in love with Robyn even though Robyn treats her like crap until she needs or wants something.from the whole moving to flagstaff irdeal,I’ve cometo the conclusion Robyn is a sociopath or Oscar worthy actress-knowing you’re moving cause of your son and it was all your idea in the first place but acting like you’re so surprised kody chose to move and crying and being so upset about always moving and just wanting roots.robyn will always be kodys special one because she was a model and on a TV show.it gives him clout with other husband’s that he can brag about.narcs always seek out their special ones.

  2. Sorry, she kicked a dog. I have no shits regarding what happens to her. And her kids are brats regarding Savannah’s home. She kicks a dog?? Makes me wonder what she does with her poor kids that don’t have any kind of outside social interaction. Poor Dayton and Aurora probably suffer from Stockholm or Munchausen syndrome.

  3. No wonder Robyn wants this plural marriage. It takes all those wives and Kody to support her lazy butt. She’s on the con here…..

  4. pluarl marriage ..lol robyns the winner in this mess and she made point on sunday to say they paid for christines place hahaha i just laughed til i cried ..he’s so broken now he’s working on janelle…do you realllllllly want this life he says

  5. Meri has never had my sympathy because she clearly is desperate enough to put up with all this BS and continues to live in this fantasy land that Kody is her husband… he’s not. He never will be. He doesn’t think you are attractive or that you are proving yourself by being a doormat and hanging around trying to prove your allegiance or whatever weird crap she is trying to do… It seriously makes her look SO pathetic!!!!!! It’s one of those times you feel just so embarrassed FOR someone else!

  6. Kody and Robin are thieves!!!! Janelle was suckered into giving her money from Lass Vages to Robin for her million dollar house ..While Janelle has nothing…Janelle get a Lawyer!!!

    1. Sobyn and kody are con artists, Janelle and Meri were the main bread winners for years and now Janelle lives in a camper van while Sobyn lives in a $1m house that the other wives paid for,plus paid off her credit debt that she bought with her.Its not a plural marriage, its a pyramid scheme…

  7. So happy that Christine got away from that sniveling cry baby Kody..Kody plays favorites and sure lets it be known that he prefers Robyn over all the other wives..Meri has stated that she has not had a physical relationship with him in a LONG time and Janelle more or less tolerates him so WHY do they stay when they could cash in their property rights and maybe find a man who would really love, respect and appreciate them..Kody could then be exclusive with his favorite Robyn..Kody is a sorry excuse and so is Robyn who tries to act so innocent..They deserve one another and I hope the other gals and the children find real happiness..

  8. Janelle, you are a smart woman. Run as fast as you can from these users. They only want your money. And Kody is a lying POS. Crying about how he loved Christine,and how he felt so disrespected. Then he says he never loved her and only had sex because he had to. You lie so much you can’tkeep track of them all. Meri, I used to feel sorry for you but you are dumber than a box of rocks. Kody will hold the catfishing over you forever. He wants everyone to forgive him but he can’t man up and forgive you. You have been brain washed for so long you don’t know what’s right from wrong. Robyn is very sneaky. I don’t trust her for one minute. I wonder how much money Kody and Robyn have tucked away that the other’s don’t know about. Karma is catching up to you very fast.

  9. I didn’t think either of these women were that gullible. Meri has her Inn and I thought Jennell
    Was more money savy then this. I wish Christine had sold her portion of the land to Janelle. I also heard that Kody and Robin have set up a corporation with just the 2’of them.

  10. Seems to me thatChristine just paid a big chunk of money ( value of her portion of the land )to get rid of that slug of an arrogant husband. That lazy, nasty, whiny man is such a womanizer. Normally he would be paying her and supporting his child in college as well as for Truely until age old independence.

  11. Janelle should have parked that RV on Robyn’s drive way.
    Do home inspections to see her investment was taken care off.
    See how fast her money would come back just to get rid of her.

  12. Whose name is on the pooled family account? Probably just Kody

    So Janelle is left with only the RV and a plot of land but gave half her vegas house sale to Robin…

    None of this makes financial sense for a women now in her fifties whose husband (not legal) barely tolerates her.

    None of it makes sense, absolutely none of it. I hope she gets her ducks in a row before she leaves Kody and doesn’t do a Christine ….handing over her plot fir $10

  13. So basically Kody is running a wife Ponzi scheme. Wow, starting to see why those who said polygamy should be illegal made that decision.

    1. I just screamed at the wife Ponzi scheme omglolol. But yes you are absolutely correct & He is such a CREEP. I hope Janelle comes to her senses asap

  14. I had never seen Sister Wives and thought Robyn was unfairly made out to be the bad guy. So I decided to go back and watch from the beginning…. Wow. She really pushed her way in and took over control. The way she started her dream business and then got mad at everyone else for not putting all of their time and effort into HER dream. I just watched the episode where Meri decided she wanted to go back to college. The way Kody degraded her for wanting to do it made me sad for her. The way Robyn shamed and guilted her for “abandoning” her and actually doing something for herself made me furious. I know it’s pathetic the way she stays but honestly, watching from the beginning and how she’s gaslighted and manipulated is heartbreaking. Every time she tries to speak up and say she deserves better, Kody and Robyn tear her down and break her until she truly believes she deserves nothing. The look in her eyes is so defeated. It makes me so sad to watch.

  15. Meri reached a new level of stupidity last night. Who knew that was possible?

    On the other hand, I’ve never been a fan of Janelle due to her fakeness in trying to pretend she had any kind of meaningful relationship with Kody, but this season she’s coming into her own and being more honest and I like her much more. Really hoping for a Christine and Janelle spin-off next year that includes both their kids.

    1. Totally agree on Janelle. I am glad to see the fire finally come to life in her. She is no longer prettending. Go Janelle!

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