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Not sure what’s more shocking: Farrah’s new face…or the fact that she thought this convo was OK…

The Ashley does her best to bring you all the latest news on reality TV shows and their stars. The Roundup can’t cover every reality TV show and event, though, so here’s a listing of some reality TV stories that haven’t been covered by The Ashley this weekend!

WTF? The Sun: Farrah Abraham Has a Very Inappropriate Conversation With Her Teen Daughter Sophia On-Camera 

Yikes! Starcasm: “90 Day Fiance” Star Michael Jessen Is Being Sued By a Bunch of People: A Look At His Legal Issues 

New Judge? Monsters & Critics: Julianne Hough Hints At Replacing Len Goodman as ‘DWTS’ Judge 

Last Christmas! Reality Tea: ‘Real Housewives’ Star Jen Shah Gets Her Prison Sentencing Postponed Until After the Holidays 

Tiny Dancer! Page Six: ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Pro Daniella Karagach & Pasha Pashkov Expecting First Child 

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  1. Farrah is trying to convince herself that Sophia’s feet in socks is totally innocent. Notice she stresses her feet are in socks, which means she KNOWS that her if she sent naked feet pix, that would be used for sexual gratification.

    Why would Sophia be ‘bugging’ Farrah so much to share feet pix that Farrah claims to be “annoyed”? Because grown men who subscribe to Sophia’s IG, are begging for the photos and offering money. Farrah will claim that feet are not sexual body parts, therefore she sees nothing wrong with it. But she’s wrong. If you take photos of a minor that are meant to stimulate people sexually—whether they’re clothed or not, is child porn. Just as if you were to take photos of your baby in the bath to post/sell online knowing the people who are requesting/viewing are being sexually gratified, then it’s porn. Of course, Farrah could argue that any photo of her daughter could be sexualized depending on the viewer, but this is more about the intent of the child or adult in their life. The fact Farrah admits that she sells her own feet photos on her IG and the photos are posed to be sexually suggestive, means she already knows this common fetish and that anyone asking Sophia for feet photos should be blocked.

  2. 1) Is Farrah wearing blackface now?
    2) where TF is CPS? She’s grooming Sophia and exposing her for abuse, this has been going on for years now but now it’s in plain view. Why isn’t anyone doing anything to help her?
    I can say now that officially and without a doubt Farrah is the worst mother on TM franchise and that includes Jenelle and Amber

    1. Agree 100%. I’ve been saying for years that Farrah is worse than all of them. The others are bad but Farrah literally denied Sophia a childhood at all. No school, no friends, no activities, no education. Took her on all of her escorting trips around dangerous people overseas. And now she’s only 13 and she’s already on a path to being Farrah #2. She has been interacting with strangers on social media for years without any supervision and encouraged to dance and pose for these people. Farrah just decided Sophia was going to be her little best friend/sidekick and has given her zero life experience except their own little bubble of a very bizarre way to live and think.
      Amber and Jenelle’s kids can get some counseling and end up living a normal adult life, but I can’t see that for Sophia.

      1. Oh and Farrah has also ingrained into Sophia that if anyone dare suggest that anything either of them doing might not be a great idea, laugh at them and call them haters & tell them you don’t need their negativity.
        So no matter who it is, authority figures, friends, family, whoever – they both just shut them down and there’s never even an opportunity to give them help.
        Sophia watches Farrah beat people up, accuse the police of harassment, try to get entire universities cancelled, lie, lie, lie, do all kinds of bad and illegal things, and not once has she ever taken accountability for it. I can’t imagine Sophia will either. It’s all she knows.

  3. I feel like Farrah wants to do some mommy/daughter work with Sophia after she turns 18. I don’t like the relationship she has with her daughter. It’s inappropriate and unhealthy.

    1. I can see Farrah starting before the 18th birthday. Maybe even trying to age her up.

      Farrah has been financially desperate for so long that I know these next 4 or 5 years are killing her to wait for the payoff she’s been waiting for.

      Farrah is no different than Kim RHOA or Kris Jenner,Jamie Spears or any lazy parent looking to pimp out their child for fame and money. Unlike them cultivating any talent in their kid, Farrah knows the sex market is where the fast bucks are.

  4. Don’t you have a child protection authority in America? It seem to me like Farrah is grooming Sophia to want to tag along on her mommys “trips” and Farrah seem to want to make money out of Sophia on like onlyfans or whatever it’s called.

  5. Dear Lord…. Farrah is starting to not look human. She was so pretty on 16 and pregnant. She is awful, but I still feel sorry for her. She must be hurting so much on the inside to want to look like that .

  6. Maybe Sofie see’s how desperate people are these days and having to resort to OF in hopes of making $ maybe they’re financially struggling and she knows. Bummer.

  7. she looks like an old doll –weird how strange she has made herself look–just really strange looking-why do these people have to be so artificial???

  8. Good God Farrah. She’s changing her look so severely to get new customers.

    Your daughter wants to sell feet pics. Is this where it starts for her? Feet pics? You’ll let her do it too.

    1. OMG Farrah, you look like a plastic sex doll. You used to be beautiful. But like Michael Jackson, you’ve went way, way too far. Please get some help before parts of you start falling off, again like MJ. Or your boobs explode from too big implants.

      And what happened to your, what used to be cute, daughter? Do I see a nose ring on her? I hate nose rings. They make me think of a person being led around with a rope through their nose ring, and all the boogers they catch. Your child shouldn’t know about perv fetishes, she’s only 13! You all need to get some psych help before CPS takes your daughter and you get sent to jail!

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