‘Teen Mom’ Star Briana DeJesus Gives Update On New Home; Reflects On All She Had to Do to Buy It: “Did Things That Took Me Out of My Character For This”

“Ya welcome, girls.”

Briana DeJesus took to social media over the weekend to let fans know she is one step closer to moving into her new home and still determined to give her kids everything she didn’t have as a child. She also talked about how much she had to go through to get the home, including putting her life (and drama!) on TV for the world to see.

As The Ashley told you, the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star revealed in December that she surprised daughters Nova and Stella on Christmas with the news that she had purchased a second home that the three of them would be moving into once building was complete. (Bri caught a lot of flak when she applauded herself in December for paying for two homes as a single mom. A large group of Bri’s social media followers pointed out that she is not the typical single mom who is struggling financially.)  

Briana said at the time that she and her girls would be moving into their new Kissimmee, Florida, home in the spring and this weekend she gave fans an update on the progress, while also reflecting on her accomplishments and revealing her goals for the future. 

(Teen Mom 2 viewers may remember seeing the first home Briana purchased on the show, which she lived in with her daughters, her sister Brittany DeJesus and their mom, Roxanne DeJesus. Roxanne continues to live in the home, while Brittany previously moved out to live with her boyfriend, to whom she is now engaged.)

“I am nervous to move in. First home I purchased I was more excited bc I was able to move my whole family and now here we are- venturing off (just me and the kids),” she wrote. “I prayed for this.” 


“Generational wealth is my end goal,” Briana revealed on her Instagram Story. “Leaving my kids with everything so they don’t have to struggle like we did. I love my kids more than anything!”

Briana, eyeing that generational wealth…

Despite getting slammed by some critics after touting her home-owning accomplishments last year, Briana doubled down over the weekend, reiterating that she is the first woman in her family to own multiple homes. 

“It may not be a mansion, I may not have that white picket fence dream with a big family every girl dreams about but I’m the first woman in my family to own multiple homes without needing help from a man (no offense),” she wrote.

“I will continue to work hard for my kids bc they deserve it! I want to give them everything I didn’t get to have during my childhood,” she added.

Briana went on to note how hard she worked to achieve this latest goal, claiming she “went [through] the worst depression,” aired her life on TV “and did things that took me out of character for this.” 

“I deserves TWO new houses for that alone.”

“I suffered quietly and kept it pushing bc I knew I had to get to the end goal,” she continued. “I made plans and conquered them within 6 years. I know God was always in my corner even during the rough times. I know he is always looking out for me.

“Some of y’all will say- it’s just a house but to me, it’s more than that,” she added. “It’s proof to never give up. Anyways, cheers to 2023! I can’t wait to make new memories with my kids here! And I also can’t wait to see where we will be in another 6 years!” 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. IDK…”God was always in my corner? He was looking out for me?” Girl, if you believe in God you should try to do better with the way you act. You and your family are always ready to physically fight people.

  2. Paying off her mortgages is very smart. They are modest homes and even when mtv gravy train stops she will be able to pay her other bills with a regular job. Unlike most of the other morons.

  3. She has told many lies at this point it’s hard to believe that the Psychopath is telling the truth at this point!!! Everyone knows how she “really”made that money and it is not working two jobs!!! It’s called being a skank who loves having unprotected sex with random people in the bathroom stalls of the nightclubs with every nightclub In Orlando and in Miami!!!!

    1. She is a character LMAO

      Now, I know what your commplent implied, but this girl is a clown. There’s her character. She’s showed the same “character” since the beginning, didn’t she?

  4. Sure, having unprotected sex so she would get pregnant and win that spot on the show was out of character. She didn’t want another child.
    Nothing for years, prevented getting pregnant, said she didn’t want another child. But when both her and Mackenzie filmed bits and one of them would get a spot back on the show she got pregnant “unplanned”.
    Even had the nerve to ask her young child for her storyline “Hey, should I keep your baby sister or brother or give it away?” Ooh, YOU want it? “Well, you will have to help me!”

    The rest WAS her showing too much of her character. (Physical) fights, scheming, “friendships” to serve her goals, faking a lot.

    Maybe also out of her real character: being buddies with her first baby daddy lately, first time in years. The guy can give her a storyline.

  5. The only thing Briana needs to pass down to her kids is how to pull themselves out of the hole when it all goes bad. I am willing to bet she doesn’t, so no ‘generation wealth’ to worry about.

  6. if you’re at elementary p/u, your kid(s) may be wondering if you’re at the ‘front door, mom’.

  7. She’s just like Juhnelle. Girl, stop. Someone nutted in you and made you a teen mom that you then monetized. You didnt work for anything and you had help between your mother and sister. You still have a total lack of class and education. You’re just as tone deaf as celebrities who are born on third base but think they hit a triple.

    1. Only Kail can have goals and buy houses? If so, I must be trying to be like Kail to and didn’t know it 🥴

  8. I can’t knock this. She does A LOT worth snarking over, but this isn’t one of them.

    I hope she continues to build generational wealth so that those little girls can inherit so much. Most parents want their kids to have better than what they got, and I see that here. Good work.

  9. Good for you. Now that you taught your kids they can achieve their dreams, how about teaching them to not get knocked up in a public bathroom by a rando that later gave you an STI and have all of that aired on national TV? That would be awesome 👍

  10. Good for her. She has taken the opportunity’s that came her way and made sure her children reap the rewards.

  11. Good for her for taking care of her family. Says more than what others have done with their money, one has a swamp and a dead bear husband.
    This chick gets too much hate for being on a reality tv show and airing out her laundry, she’s on a reality tv show to do so…so…?

  12. It’s not that it’s “just a house”… It’s that you literally act like you worked for it. In fact, “I worked so hard” made me laugh literally out loud. Girl- Anyone could do that if given the opportunity. I mean, I am glad you want better for your kids and that you were able to secure two homes- that is great! But please- let’s not act like you seriously worked for it. Yes, you are showing your girls that they can own homes later in life but what exactly are you teaching them about doing what is needed to actually obtain that house? I REALLY hope she is stressing the importance of education and real, true, hard work because not every girl that gets pregnant as a teenager gets to just go on TV and be paid for it… Most, have to REALLY push hard to get through school, go to college, and/or work a legitimate job with the longevity factor and many do it without any family. Those are the REAL ones that “work hard”

  13. Cannot stand Bri, but I cannot knock her for having such a great end goal of generational wealth, and I do hope that she achieves it. I feel like majority of the TM girls (and dads) are going to end up like Jenelle and Farrah when this is all over.

  14. Am I the only one that finds the term “generational wealth” annoying? Many middle class homeowners have nothing to pass on to their kids when they live into their 90’s and spend the last few years in a nursing home or memory care center. But someone who gets knocked up in Da Club bathroom probably hasn’t considered such things.

    Hope she paid cash for both homes and will be able to handle expenses such as HOA, taxes, insurance, repairs, etc. once the TM gravy train is over. I’ll turn off the snark for a moment and say at least her kids will get to grow up in a nice house and Briana hasn’t gone over the top with her abodes unlike many of the teen moms.

    1. I hate to say it, but I think this chick is a lot smarter than what she seems lol. I too wonder if they take into account HOA and taxes however, I’m sure she has. I’m sure they lay all of that out before you finalize your contract when getting a loan. She truly does her best for her girls and I truly love her for that. She makes terrible decisions BUT haven’t we all? Only difference is ours weren’t recorded for national television. I have a teenager, a boy, and I am a nervous wreck just waiting for the mistakes to come trickling in and praying it’s not a baby. Luckily he has a great head on his shoulders, I hope he keeps it up. I sometimes share mistakes I have made in my teen years (obviously keep it PG) but think about it, every one who hates Bri I can almost guess, they have all done something promiscuous in their lifetime, caught an infection over something preventable, don’t something! We all have. We just didn’t get paid for it lol. Hope this made sense, I’m at the elementary pick up line trying to rush lol.

      1. There are certain things Bri has done right. She hasn’t gone crazy with opulent homes or vehicles and at least for some time was still working a real job unlike literally everyone else on the show although not sure if she still is working that job. At least she’ll know how to show up and work a real job when the gravy train is over.

        The Coven is cray-cray, the Dr. Miami surgeries were a huge-a$$ mistake (pun intended), her immature feuds with other cast members with the catch phrase “suck my d1ck” and Luis – nuff said… Some of those things can and will embarrass her daughters, but she’s not the worst of the lot. Even with those negatives, she still comes out ahead of Janelle, Farrah, and Amber.

        1. I agree with you here. She does seem to be way more frugal and financially aware than majority of the girls (I’d say Kail and Chelsea were the only other 2 that utilized their platforms and didn’t go nutz spending money). Her personality and antics are just so disgusting. She seriously needs to grow up.

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