EXCLUSIVE! Josh Seiter Says He’s Heading to Kentucky to Ask Newly Single “1000 Lb. Sisters” Star Amy Slaton to Date Him: “Can’t Stop Thinking About Her”

“I like to say there’s a fine line between being smitten and being a stalker!”

File this under “WTF?”

Josh Seiter says he hasn’t been able to get his mind off newly single Amy Slaton. In fact, he says he’s been thinking about the 1000-Lb. Sisters star so much that he’s planning to pay her an unexpected visit and ask her to be his girlfriend.

No. Seriously…

Josh (who got his start on The Bachelorette and has gone on to date a plethora of reality TV ladies) told The Ashley that he plans to drive to Kentucky this week to beg Amy to be his lady. As The Ashley previously reported, Amy is in the middle of a divorce from her husband Michael Halterman and is currently staying at the home of her sister, Tammy.

“I’m going to Dixon [Kentucky] Wednesday morning,” Josh warned said, adding that he lives about three hours from the Slaton sisters’ town. “I’m going because honestly ever since I first saw her on TV in 2020 I can’t stop thinking about her.”

He also suddenly decided to publicly declare his love of plus-sized women. 

“My whole life I’ve been attracted to bigger plus-sized women, and she epitomizes the type of woman I’m attracted to,” Josh said. “Because of societal pressures I was never open or honest about my attraction before, but I recently stopped caring what society thinks and that’s why I’m being open about my attraction to Amy.”

“Sure, Jan…er…Josh.”

“I also am drawn to Amy’s sense of humor and overall vibe. So it’s not just physical, it’s personality-based too,” Josh added. “I’m a bit of an odd ball and her sense of humor is similar to mine. I like that she switches up her hairstyle, is crafty, is focused on being healthy, has a funky way of dressing, and is a great mother.”

Josh added that, because he and Amy are both 35 years old and recently single, and because they live “fairly close” to one another, “it’s kind of perfect.” 

Despite this, it’s important to point out that Josh has never actually spoken to Amy before, even though he plans to go to her home in two days.

“You show up to my house unexpected and I might be fixin’ to throw this bottle at your head right quick!”

“I actually just DM’d her for the first time today…so I’ll see if she responds,” he said on Monday. “Yes, I’m going to show up at her sister’s house where she’s staying since the divorce and knock on the door the old-fashioned way. I will have roses, chocolates and her favorite sodie pop. Introduce myself and ask if she’ll let me take her out to eat so I can get to know her.

“She does not know I’m coming,” he added. “So basically I’m going down there to ask if she’ll go out with me and be my girlfriend. I’d like to spend time with her and see where it goes.”

All of us right now after reading that…

Josh has dated/hit on/publicly professed his love for a whole cornucopia of freshly single reality TV stars. Over the past two years, he was briefly engaged to 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Yolanda Leak and has dated 90 Day Fiance stars Rose Vega and Karine Martins. Josh also had a short “relationship” with Love After Lockup star Lizzie Kommes, and he attempted to hit on Sister Wives star Christine Brown.

His most-recent reality TV “relationship” was with Love After Lockup star Glorietta Besoswhom he declared in an interview last month to be his “person.” 

On Monday, Josh posted to his Instagram Stories that he’s “decided to break it off” with Glorietta before he goes to Kentucky to see Amy. 

“I’ve realized we are not a good fit and I want to be able to pursue other women. I wish Glorietta nothing but the best,” he wrote. 

Josh also posted a photo of some of the gifts he’s bringing with him to meet Amy before applauding himself for his looks. He then declared how smitten Amy will be when she meets him.

“[I’m] 35 and I swear I look 25. Let’s be honest, Amy won’t be able to resist me when she sees me. She’s never been with a man who looks like me. Honestly, I’ve irresistible,” Josh said while flexing shirtless on Instagram Stories (as you do).

“He’s gotta be trollin’ us all at the point, right? BRB…gonna go call the cops just in case.”

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24 Responses

  1. He is an idiot. If he has been watching since 2020, he would know that people who have had bariatric surgery aren’t supposed to drink carbonated beverages. Or is he planning to see her for the publicity and maybe stuff her with foods she is already struggling to resist? Also, fans are STRONGLY advised not to go to their home, after a stalker-type incident several years ago. What he is planning to do would set a horrible precedent and could lead to security problems for them in the future. Not a wise move.

  2. This feels like a really gross late April Fools joke and I hate it. She’s not even fully divorced and he’s literally preying on her. It’s like he knows she’s in a vulnerable spot and he wants to jump on that. For what, I’m not sure. I’m not familiar with either of them so I’m just taking this article at face value.

  3. He’s fame chasing, because he’s got some serious mental health problems. We all know he’s not actually attracted to her, in any way, just the potential for scandalous tabloid headliners.

    Wait, they may actually be perfect for each other. They both have the personality of an earthworm laying out in the hot desert sun on a rock. The tiniest bit of water (attention) brings both of them to life.

    I hope someone eventually takes those kids and puts them in a loving home environment where they can thrive-away from the limelight, away from their parents, away from that whole family. They deserve a good life. These idiots all deserve each other and everything that comes with them(selves).

  4. What a shame Farrah isn’t on teen mom anymore otherwise He should go date Farrah lol. He Will get what he deserves and some
    Oh amber lol

    1. Ooh, two deranged attention wh0#€ douches together, popcorn time.

      It’s just that I wouldn’t like this obvious creep anywhere near Sophia.

    2. Is his sister that girl that slept with Amber’s Andrew (Glennon), Matt Baier, David Eek-son and other ex reality TV trash by any chance?
      Maybe they should end together, they’re the only two people in the world that understand each other.

  5. Sounds like he chases reality stars so he can get himself on their show. He’s more obsessed with being on tv than he is about the women he says he likes ? he’s a fame whore. If the show was canceled I’m sure he would cancel his trip

  6. JFC, leave Amy alone. Leave all the reality TV members you’re using to increase your 60 seconds of fame alone

  7. This guy isnt in love with Amy, he is in love with himself. I hope she tells him to go kick rocks.

    Sounds like he just wants a roster of Reality Stars.

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