‘Sister Wives’ Star Gwendlyn Brown Claims Her Dad Kody & Robyn Have “Terrible Habit” of “Crazy” Spending; Says Meri & Janelle Are Better Off Without Him: “He’s Been Spending All of Their Money”

“If you knew the amount of money these two spend on hair products and eyebrow pencil, you’d be shocked!”

Kody Brown has made a mess of his family— and, according to his daughter Gwendlyn, he’s also made a mess of the family’s finances!

In a new YouTube video posted over the weekend, Gwendlyn discussed the Sister Wives star’s money situation, calling Kody out for the irresponsible spending she says he and his (only remaining) wife, Robyn, are guilty of.

“I think that my dad and Robyn have a terrible habit of, like, spending very crazy and not within their means at all,” Gwendlyn— who is the daughter of Kody and his ex-wife Christine— said.

“Crazy!? I don’t understand why people keep using that word when they’re describing me!”

During the most-recent season of ‘Sister Wives,’ fans watched as Kody’s second wife, Janelle, discussed the poor financial state she ended up in due to her polygamous marriage to Kody. (Since the episode was filmed, Janelle and Kody have separated.)

“I have gotten myself into a very stupid position, as far as [being] an independent woman,” Janelle said during the Season 17 episode. “If I were to leave [Kody and the family], or want to leave right now, I would have no estate. I have nothing to leave to my kids. My hands are completely tied. Everything I have, asset-wise, has everyone else’s name on it too.”

During that same episode, Janelle revealed that she gave Robyn half of the proceeds she made from selling her home in Las Vegas so that Robyn could purchase her home in Flagstaff, Arizona. 

Meri— who has also left Kody— shared that she, too, gave the profits from the sale of her Vegas home to Robyn.

During the Q&A part of her YouTube video, Gwendlyn was asked if Kody has attempted to right the financial wrongs he and Robyn committed against Janelle, Meri and Christine.

“Probably not,” she stated, before adding that it was unlikely that Kody’s exes even tried to get any of their money back from him and Robyn.

“I guess we should just consider it the price we had to pay to unload Kody?”

“Janelle and Meri are kind of similar to my mom in that they’re not gonna be salty or petty and try to take money from him, even though they totally deserve it because he’s been spending all of their money on whatever,” she said

Now that Janelle, Meri and Christine are separated from Kody, Gwendlyn predicts their financial situations will all improve.

“They’ll probably be a lot better off now that they’re no longer with him, and they’re no longer financially tied to him because they still make a lot of money separately,” she said. 

“Before you guys go, though, let me ask you: have you considered investing in Sister Wives Closet? There’s real money to be made here!” 

Christine, Janelle and Meri are all heavily involved in several multi-level marketing companies, including Plexus and Lularoe. All three women reportedly bring in sizable incomes from their ventures outside the show.  

Watch Gwendlyn’s full YouTube video below! 

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(Photos: TLC; YouTube)

13 Responses

  1. Jesus, imagine selling your house and giving 50% of the money to the woman who is living full time with your husband and ignoring your children.. I can’t even begin to imagine being ok with that. Sounds legit stupid to me

  2. I am honestly not surprised at all, everything Kody does is for him, Robyn & their kids. He doesn’t or didn’t give a monkeys about his other wives (now ex wives) as long as they were contributing to keeping up his & Robyn’s lifestyles. He was so mad when Christine suggested she’d be keeping the profits from her Flagstaff house sale you could see the steam coming from his ears! ? He wasn’t happy when Janelle had the “audacity” to get the RV either. He wanted them all contributing to him & Robyn.

  3. TheAs soon as they sold those beautiful Vegas homes and went to rent in Flagstaff, I and all of the viewers saw what a financial clusterfuck that Kody the fiscal genius (NOT) was getting into. We all saw this disaster from miles away. I’m so happy that these women finally got out of this toxic arrangement that just goes to show plural marriage does not work.

  4. MLMs are inherently predatory and the only reason Christine, Jenelle, and Meri are making any sort of a livelihood from their scams is because they’re sitting at the top of their respective pyramids.

    They’re BOSS BABES! Others taking up space in their downlines may be struggling to make ends meet, but not these ladies!

  5. It’s ridiculous that Meri and Janelle had to pony up money they worked for, and give it to that lazy bitch Sobyn to buy an oversized, expensive, butt-ugly house! Never would I ever have done that!

    1. Well they are all “single” independent adults. Nobody made them give up anything. They were just that dumb. Hopefully learned their lesson and won’t do that again. My hopes are highest for Janelle

    2. Sounds to me like they did it willingly. I have a hard time feeling sorry for people that do things that are THAT stupid.

  6. “All three women reportedly bring in sizable incomes from their ventures outside the show.” So that means the three women make money, but not Cody? What a “man”…

  7. Gwen is the gift that keeps on giving, in terms of family tea. I think it’s great that she’s confirming what viewers have suspected for a long time.

    May Christine, Jenelle and Meri have much happiness without Kody causing needless drama and trauma to their children.

  8. They should continue this show with everyone EXCEPT Kody and Robin, called “Surviving Kody, Freedom”.

    Let the right people make the money, and have their say.

  9. can they all go away. just give us a janelle and christine show and the rest kids including just shut up

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