“1000-Lb. Sisters” Star Amy Slaton Accuses Estranged Husband Michael Halterman of “Hitting” & “Mistreating” Couple’s Children

“Keep your paws off my youngins, Michael.”

Amy Slaton has accused her estranged husband Michael Halterman of disciplining the couple’s two young children, sons Gage and Glenn, in a violent manner, according to court documents obtained by The Sun. 

As The Ashley told you last month, Michael filed for divorce from the 1000-Lb. Sisters star March 13, just weeks after it was reported that Amy had moved out of the couple’s Kentucky home with two-year-old Gage  and Glenn, who is eight months old. 

It has since been reported that Amy filed a complaint against Michael on February 24, accusing Michael of “hitting too hard” when disciplining their children. 

“He pulls them by the arm,” Amy alleged in the documents. “[Michael] throws things. The night of February of 24, he got mad that I went to take the kids with my sister to eat.” 

“Can’t you just let us eat in peace?”

(In the court documents, Michael reportedly admitted that he got into an argument with Amy’s sister, Tammy Slaton, “on or about” February 24.)

Amy also claimed that Michael–- who, per court order, cannot discipline the children during his supervised contact with them–- is not giving her money to provide for their kids.

“He makes me do everything with the house, boys, and has no job,” Amy added. 

Amy filed an emergency protection order for herself and her sons on February 28, which was initially filed as an order of emergency protection, as well as an order to surrender firearms, and a protective order summons against Michael. Michael denied Amy’s claims of domestic violence on March 7 and the following day, Amy’s protection order was amended to allow her ex to have supervised contact with their kids.  

As mentioned above, the court is allowing Michael supervised contact with his children but he is not allowed to physically discipline the children during this time. His visits with Gage and Glenn are to be “supervised by mother and sister.” 

According to a previous report by The Sun, much of the tension between Michal and Amy was caused by Michael’s lack of involvement with the kids, along with the couple disagreeing on whether or not their young sons should appear on “1000-Lb. Sisters.” 

“[Michael] doesn’t want the kids to be on the show, but Amy disagrees,” a source told the site weeks ago. “They have been fighting over this for months.” 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 


  1. Is he jealous of the attention that his sons are getting? They are so adorable. They make you smile.

  2. If Amy has custody she should be in the house with the kids, not living with Tammy. I’m sorry if he’s violent etc make his ass move out! She’s entitled to her house & I’d imagine the house was paid & mortgaged with the money she makes from 1000lb sisters. Cause he certainly don’t work! She needs to fight for what’s hers, the boys, the house & he should be made to pay child maintenance

    1. I would guess she moved to Tammy’s, so she would FINALLY have some help with the boys. She had the boys so close together and too soon after her WLS it took a toll on her body, and she definitely needs some extra help. I am sure since Michael helped with Gage, Amy thought he would also help with Glenn, NOT become jealous of the time Amy took with the boys and not him.

  3. I don’t know why she was the one to move out of the house with the kids. I would think that since she has custody of the kids and because that is the only home the children know, that she would be allowed to live there. That husband should be forced to leave. I’m sure there are reasons why he’s there, but to me it makes sense for her to reside there with the kids.

  4. I keep asking people I know, how do people pay bills who don’t work? I am scared everyday I will lose my job and not be able to continue my way of life. But these scum suckers that don’t have a j.o.b how do they get by

  5. Why in the he** is he physically disciplining kids that young, straight abuse. He always gave me a vibe.

  6. I believe it. I’ve lived around hicks like him my whole life and I’m a foster mom. That’s parenting to people like that. Drag kids having hissy fits by the arms, smack them and call it discipline. Unfortunately smacking babies as young as Glen isn’t unheard of. The Duggars and blanket training comes to mind. I can’t believe there are people defending him. That says more about the person commenting than anything else. You beat your kids to get them to obey. Got it!

    1. You do realize she is as much of a hick as he is, right? She has literally picked her son up by the arm, repeatedly, on the show, in the exact same manner she’s claiming he does when he “grabs them by the arm”. I absolutely loathe people that need to use ANY kind of physical discipline against children-but especially little kids who are merely just expressing themselves how they need to. She drags them around like rag dolls, flops them about, presses their faces against her own body, when they’re crying as if that’s normal. That too is abuse, in every way possible!

      You’re right abuse, even spanking children, of any age, including newborn babies, is not unheard of at all. At the same time, however, as a foster parent, you should also be well aware of how such cases are handled. You should also be well aware of the fact that abuse comes in all forms and often times it’s coming from not just one parent, but both. In this case, if there is abuse-and there very well may be (we should always err on the side of caution), it’s BOTH parents, not just one, that are guilty.

      If an investigation had actually been done, and reports made of abuse against him-she would not be the one that was made to leave the family home. He would not have visitation at all, even supervised. If and when the investigation was over and he had been granted visitation-it would be supervised by child services, not mother and sister. Those investigations aren’t complete in less than a couple of weeks, ever, in any state. I’m currently involved in one right now that is out of my home state and what started out as one parent being too aggressive with discipline has revealed something much more than that, on BOTH sides. This happens in more than 85% of the abuse cases brought to child services that involve more than one parent-sadly.

      Nothing she says is truthful-it’s never been, and she doesn’t have the children’s best interests at heart. That much has always been very, very clear. He doesn’t either, so please don’t think I’m defending him. I am 100% against either one of them having custody of those boys. They deserve a much better home, full of love and kindness, not…whatever the hell it is these monsters fill their lives with.

  7. Honestly, I don’t believe it. The fact that his visitations are “supervised” by mother and her sister is extremely telling-because CPS won’t do that for supervised visitations like that. Especially where claims of abuse on children under the age of 5 have been made (why 5 is the magic number is beyond me, but in nearly every state in the US, it is). In fact, often times they won’t even be granted supervised visitation until a complete investigation has been done-which it hasn’t in this case.

    I don’t like him, I’m not defending him and I would NEVER defend child abuse. I am a very strong child, and children’s rights advocate and have participated in more child abuse cases and investigations than any human should. But, I have a difficult time taking anything she says seriously, because she’s a habitual liar.

    She sits on her fat ass day in, day out, wants to use her children to make money-and has admitted to this countless times-has no interest in getting a job herself or bettering her family in any way and she barely takes care of her kids. She has family members that help her raise her kids because she can’t physically do 90% of what they need-like get up quickly should one of them get hurt or get into a dangerous situation. Yes, she’s lost a lot of weight, but she’s also put a great deal of it back on, doesn’t live an even remotely healthy life, frankly, she’s a slovenly mess. He’s not much better than her in this right, at all, but if she’s going to say he doesn’t do anything for the kids she has to admit she doesn’t either.

    Those kids need to be taken away from this entire family and placed in a loving home where they can thrive, learn to live and love life, have amazing childhoods and grow up understanding what love, family, kindness and every other possible positive thing they should have in their lives actually is. NO ONE in this family is fit to be a parent…no one.

    1. Regarding your mention of 5 years old being the magical cutoff age, I’d guess it is due to that being traditionally kindergarten-age, and at that point, most children are interacting with mandated reporters on a more regular basis. Also, generally again, five year olds have the ability to more clearly report and transmit their own experiences themselves verbally in a more cohesive and understandable fashion.
      Just to add on to your well-considered & thoughtful responses.

  8. If this is true he needs to be prosecuted for child abuse. Hitting a 2 year old & 8 month old and pulling them by their arms? Gee…what a man.🙄

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