‘Unexpected’ Star Tyra Boisseau Confirms She’s Expecting Her Second Child; Her Four-Year-Old Accidentally Reveals Baby’s Gender

“I just hope this kid never calls their older sister a ‘stupid b*tch.’ No, I haven’t forgotten, Tiarra.”

Tyra Boisseau of TLC’s Unexpected confirmed this week that she is pregnant with her second child. 

Tyra made the announcement on social media with a series of photos showing off her baby bump, paired with the caption “mommy x2.”


As fans of ‘Unexpected’ may remember, Tyra made her ‘Unexpected’ debut back in Season 3, where viewers watched as she and boyfriend Alex Wilson welcomed daughter Layla. 

(You may also recall Tyra’s younger sister Tiarra Boisseau joining the show during Season 5 as a mom-to-be with boyfriend Dee Ragland, along with Tyra and Tiarra’s cousin Taylor Williams. Taylor and Tiarra were both expecting children of their own that season.)

Family bonding, brought to you by ‘Unexpected’ and lack of birth control…

According to Starcasm, Tyra revealed in a TikTok comment that she is due June 27. Though Tyra has not confirmed who the father of Baby No. 2 is, it is rumored to be Alex, who also fathered a child with someone else since he and Tyra had Layla.

While talking to fans on TikTok Live about her pregnancy, Tyra’s four-year-old daughter Layla revealed that the baby Tyra is expecting is a boy.  

Tyra also revealed on Live that she decided to keep her pregnancy a secret until now because she suspected she would receive some online “hate” once the news was public. (Tyra has since turned off the comments for her pregnancy announcement post.)

” … plus, this is my last baby,” she continued. “So, I wanted to be able to announce it when I wanted to announce it. I wanted to spend this pregnancy how I wanted to spend this pregnancy and that was, ya know, doing it how I wanted to do it.

“I don’t feel like I owe that to anybody,” she added.   

A new season of ‘Unexpected’ is currently in the works; however, according to Starcasm, Tyra (and her family members) won’t be appearing on it. Lilly Bennett and Jenna Ronan (who recently announced that she, too, is pregnant again) are reportedly the only two returning cast members for Season 6. 

“I guess Tyra’s man was ‘ogulating’ too!”

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC) 



  1. I wonder if she ever graduated college? I recall her being a cheerleader and being off at college while Alex was stuck at home with their newborn baby.

  2. I guess kids are like Dorittos. “Don’t worry we can make more.”
    Or Lay’s, “Bet you can’t have just one “

  3. I didn’t watch this show but let me get this straight: She, her sister AND her cousin were all pregnant at the same time. And she is pregnant again and will be presumably having another child with her baby daddy who impregnanted another girl meanwhile. (Bet she thinks he was still loyal to her despite doing that)


    1. She has actually known he hasn’t been faithful. He even occasionally lives with other women. Her sister and cousin also have had second babies each and were pregnant at the same time then as well.

  4. Wasn’t she denying that she was pregnant a few weeks ago? How embarrassing.

    Didn’t her baby daddy father another child recently? 😭 Bet she thinks she’s winning.

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