‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Kail Lowry’s Son Tells Her To Use Birth Control; Jenelle Evans Tells Kim Kardashian How To Be A Good Lawyer & More

Kail’s response to Isaac’s request…probably…

From not using condoms to not seeing their mother, it’s been another busy week for the stars/former stars of the Teen Mom franchise! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that happened over the last few days…

Kail Lowry Says Her Oldest Son Isaac Told Her To Use Birth Control & Hide Her Sex Toys

“It’s not bad enough that all my friends can literally watch footage of you giving birth to me?! Must I also see your sexy-time tools?!” 

Kail Lowry‘s son has had enough of her frequent spawning!

During the most-recent episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, the former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star revealed that her oldest son, Isaac, recently made it clear that he doesn’t want her adding any more kids to her already plentiful litter of offspring. Kail told her co-host Lindsie Chrisley that Isaac– who is 13 years old— recently demanded she use birth control. He also requested that Kail hide her sex toys so he doesn’t have to see them.

Kail stated that she was doing a sponsored post for Bellesa, a sex toy company, and she left the box of “gadgets” the company sent her on her kitchen counter.

“They’re sex toys, and Isaac is not dumb,” Kail said. “So he saw the sex toys in a box on the counter, and I woke up to a Post-It note on my door that said, ‘Put your keychains away and don’t leave them on the counter.’.. I don’t even know why he called them that.”

However, Isaac wasn’t finished giving his mom his opinion on her sex life.

“On the next door…the next [note] said, ‘Use a condom before you end up with yet another kid,'” Kail said. 

Isaac, coming in with the sick burns…

As fans know, Kail is the mother of Isaac (whom she shares with Jo Rivera) and Lincoln (whose dad is Kail’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin). She also has sons Lux and Creed with Chris Lopez. There is also intense speculation that Kail gave birth to a fifth child last year that was fathered by her current live-in beau, Elijah Scott, but Kail has never confirmed the rumors. 

Jenelle Evans Shows Off Her Legal Knowledge; Gives Kim Kardashian Advice on Becoming a Lawyer

“Follow me for more legal tips!”

Just when you thought Jenelle’s rump-bumping videos on TikTok were the most cringey thing the former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star could post…here we are.

On Thursday, Jenelle took to her Facebook page to give her thoughts on— and offer her advice to— Kim Kardashian, who is on a quest to become a lawyer. Although Jenelle hasn’t taken any law school classes, she felt that the ample amount of time she’s spent in the courtroom over the years— to deal with her assorted arrests, as well as the custody battles she’s fought and that time CPS took her kids away— has given her enough court experience to speak on the topic.

“A conversation about becoming a lawyer and no one thought to include me? That’s basically abuse of the Number One Future Lawyer Of Our Nation!”

Jenelle reposted a link to a story about Kim wanting to become a lawyer full time, along with a cringy statement. (Jenelle— the unofficial ‘dramastic’ queen of using the wrong words— failed miserably when she tried to show off her extensive legal vocabulary.) 

“I would love to see her do trial practices, because I’ve been to court enough to know how great two lawyers arguing can be,” Jenelle wrote. “I’ve been through criminal, CPS, civil at this point.”

The last line, though, is the real kick in the ol’ Kieffa.

“She needs to know the statues prettyyyyyy well to fight good,” Jenelle wrote. 

Of course, Jenelle was trying to say “statutes.”

In case you’re wondering…THESE are “statues.”

It’s unknown if Kim is knowledgeable enough to “fight good.”

However, in The Ashley’s opinion, there should only be one man mentioned when “legal” and “statues” are being discussed: Dustin Sullivan, aka the man who managed to get Jenelle out of nearly all of her early legal messes and kept a straight face as he explained to Jenelle that a Kesha concert was not a valid reason to skip jail.

The Ashley feels that there really should be a statue erected of ol’ Dustin somewhere in North Carolina to commemorate his hard work and service to D-level reality TV stars.

“I’m not gonna lie….I think that would be well-deserved.” 


Debra Danielsen Says She Hasn’t Seen Daughter Farrah Abraham or Granddaughter Sophia In Over 2 Years

A true shame, as these two always seem thrilled to be in each other’s company.

Everyone’s favorite (by default) rapping ‘Teen Mom’ granny, Debra Danielsen-– aka Debz OG-– revealed this week that she hasn’t seen her daughter Farrah Abraham or Farrah’s 14-year-old daughter Sophia in more than two years. 

Let’s not rule out the possibility that Debra DID see Farrah and just didn’t recognize her.

Debra told the @TeenMomFanz Instagram page that she has been unable to see Farrah or Sophia in person, and has not been able to get in touch with them, either. While Debra said she has attempted to reach out, she claims Farrah has blocked her phone number and cut off all forms of communication.  

“I wish I could speak to Farrah,” Debra stated. “I miss Sophia and I would do anything to see her. Times are rough but I know God will prevail in the end.” 

“…but this dumpster fire of a mother/daughter relationship? Yeah…probably not…”

Farrah and Debra have had a tumultuous relationship for years–– one that viewers were first exposed to when Farrah appeared on 16 and Pregnant in 2009. Farrah and Debra continue to have issues today. 

Debra took to YouTube in February to set the record straight on a variety of topics regarding her daughter, including Farrah’s claim that she was abused as a child. In the video, Debra vehemently denied Farrah’s abuse claims and said she believed being in the spotlight has made Farrah’s narcissistic behavior worse.  

“Umm, what else would you expect from me, the Top Female Celebrity in our Nation?”

In March 2022, Debra spoke to The Ashley about Farrah’s “depraved” decision to allegedly sell her feces online and participate in pee- and poo-themed adult videos, claiming Farrah’s questionable online content and questionable behavior in general have caused her to lose jobs. 

“People think I’m like Farrah,” Debra said. “No, I’m not anything like that … .

Believe us, Deb…no one thinks you’re like Farrah. Not even in that wig.

“I’ve gone to school and achieved so many things, made history, and it’s all destroyed when you have one person running around doing weird s**t,” she continued. 

Jade Cline Expresses Sympathy for Addict ‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Ryan Edwards

“If some of my trainwreck family can get better, there’s hope for you too, Ryan!”

Jade is getting some backlash after she gave her opinion on the current state of Ryan’s life.

As fans know, Ryan was recently sentenced to a year in jail after he left court-ordered rehab early. Days later, Ryan nearly overdosed and was then arrested for DUI and a possession of drugs charge, in addition to the drug and harassment charges he was already facing. 

Jade– who doesn’t know Ryan but does have a relationship with Ryan’s baby mama, Maci Bookout— gave her thoughts on Ryan’s situation when she was asked to do so by a fan during a recent Instagram Live session.

Jade said that, while she doesn’t feel she needs to “address things or yell my opinion about s**t that’s not my business,” she does have sympathy for Ryan. 

“I think that he’s going through s**t just like everybody goes through s**t. I wish nothing but the best for them and hopefully in the future, they’re all be in a better place,” Jade said of Ryan, Maci and the rest of the Edwards clan.

“We got you, Ryan, just don’t trash our village, OK?!”

“I hope one day Ryan’s in a better place, mentally,” Jade added. “I think sometimes people who struggle with addiction, they need support, but there’s a fine line between enabling and supporting, too.”

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Jade has a cornucopia of addicts in her life whom she has continued to support. Her own baby daddy, Sean Austin, went to rehab last year and has been maintaining his sobriety. The couple is set to get married in October.

“Hope that happens for you guys too, Ryan!”

This may be why Jade is sympathetic to Ryan, despite his many arrests, alleged violent actions toward his soon-to-be-ex-wife Mackenzie Edwards, and Ryan allegedly trashing his own home.

“People who are addicts, they’re not monsters,” Jade said. “It’s just people making mistakes.” 

It does take “monster” strength to do this level of damage, though… (Photo courtesy of The Sun)

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; WEtv; Facebook; DAN KITWOOD/POOL/AFP via Getty Images; The Sun) 

36 Responses

  1. Soooo two things I want to comment on…
    First off, OMG SCREAMING (laughing) at the fact that Isaac telling his mom what everyone either has said, or wants to say. “Use a condom before you end up with yet another kid”- I laughed so hard. Yes, Isaac. We have all been on your team regarding this for a long time now. Sad your mother doesn’t seem to care about the obvious. And WTF… I don’t care if my son is 18- I wouldn’t leave out sex toys, new or used (shudder). People praise Kail for being a good mother and I don’t see it. I am very transparent with my sons, but on an age appropriate level, and I wouldn’t leave that sort of thing out to mortify them. For any reason…

    As far as Jade’s statement on Ryan goes, Meh. I wouldn’t consider what Ryan did, “making a mistake”. This is like, mistake 5,725,609. His behavior and wrong doings go far beyond his addiction- Sure, it’s mental health related but when you are a narcissist, you know what you are doing and since it works, you continue doing it. I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for those with NPD. They really see nothing wrong with their actions and justify bad behavior because they have felt/been slighted in some way. He needs to be punished to the fullest and held accountable for essentially destroying and polluting his former home.

  2. There’s no way Kim Kardashian will ever be a real lawyer. She’s a bad hoping s***. Janelle Evans is a joke. Kail should be ashamed of herself. No words at all for Farah the freak.

  3. We all know how important it is to “fight good”

    Also how cringey is it that Kail’s 13 year old has to tell her to close her legs and respect her YOUNG CHILDREN enough not to leave sex toys out

  4. It’s so sad that a teenage Issac had to tell Kailyn what EVERYONE should have been telling her forever. KEEP YOUR LEGS SHUT and stop popping out kids you will no doubt ruin with your disgustingly selfish narcissistic behavior.

    Jenelle is and always will be the lowest form of trash there is, but in the running for baby momma skank of the decade Kailyn has her beat. I can understand why her mom & family want nothing to do with her…. Why her baby daddy’s all want nothing to do with her, why most of the MTV producers want nothing to do with her. She is the living embodiment of how to pretend to be a milky pale kardashian knock off with that fake body and I’m better than you attitude.can’t stand her

  5. Wow. When your own 13-YEAR OLD SON tells you to please use protection. I would be embarassed if I was Kail. This also confirms to us this kid has no desire to be a teen dad. Smart kid. Must have been from his father’s side.

    Meanwhile Jace is doomed. DOOMED. I see him being a teen dad sadly. And Sophia will be a teen mom too.

  6. Anyone that denies that a mother or father having a bunch of kids by a bunch of different people negatively affects their children’s lives is either stupid or just a flat out bad person.

  7. Kail has issues and thinks her behavior is ok and that it’s funny for her son to call her out instead of seeing it for what it is. Jade’s also not wrong. Ryan has done a lot of serious crap but hopefully for the sake of his children he finally straightens out for good one day. Not saying it’s ok for anything he has done, definitely not but again, hope he straightens out. Doesn’t seem likely but there’s always another day.

  8. Kail is awful. I feel sorry for Isaac. And as for Jenelle, she needs to not talk. She just sounds stupid. And there are no words for Farrah. Debra should just move on.

  9. “ Debra vehemently denied Farrah’s abuse claims and said she believed being in the spotlight has made Farrah’s narcissistic behavior worse.” The absolute irony. ? Yes, Farrah is a raging narcissist but it’s been very clear that Debz and Michael have a lot to do with that. It’s definitely a family trait.

  10. Yaaas Dustin.

    The thing is, Ryan was already a shitty person before the drugs.

    Kail should be dying of shame and embarrassment that Issac is having to say these things to her – yet she just repeats it on her podcast instead of any self reflection.

  11. obviously kail shouldn’t be stupid leaving sex toys around like that but bffr isaac is 13, and 13 year olds know way more than what people give them credit for even if it’s wrong

  12. I’m betting Isaac wants to go live with Jo. That’s common with boys his age, to want to go live with Dad, and Jo’s household is surely much more peaceful! But Kail needs Isaac to babysit and “help.” The older Isaac gets and the more he knows, the more he’s going to want to get away from his cringey irresponsible mother! She doesn’t even understand how she violates his trust and privacy by using all his personal conversations with her as “content!” Isaac will go “No Contact” with Kail someday, I’m calling it.

  13. 13 is not old enough to know what sex toys are. 17, 18 MAYBE I guess could say something to their mother about her leaving them out but really??? 13? That’s absolutely so inappropriate and alarming. I’m all about being open and honest with kids but that is too much.

    1. Isaac has a penis.
      A lot of sex toys look like penises.
      Isaac knows what penises look like.

      It would not take a great amount of worldly knowledge for him to piece this together. He’s in 7th/8th grade, he’s not five.

      1. To be clear, it’s incredibly inappropriate that she’s leaving them out near any of her kids, I’m just not that shocked that a 13-year-old boy could look at a box of sex toys and figure out what they are.

  14. Isaac and Leah Shirley are both level headed kids and know when to call out their mothers’ for being trashy and not doing right by them. Several of the TM kids are going to be screwed up and many already seem to be, but those two will probably do well in life. And mostly if not entirely because of their fathers who are not perfect, but provide stable environments unlike their respective mothers.

  15. 1) leaving s3x toys lying around is gross even if they are unused. On the other hand, unless Isaac is financially supporting his brothers or raising them, he has zero say in how many kids his mom has. She should not allow comments like those.
    2) Jenelle is beyond pathetic
    3) Jade, trashing your kids’ home because you are angry with their mom is not “a mistake”, is crazy abusive behavior

    1. Technically he does financially support the household. If it weren’t for his existence, Kail would have never gotten on teen mom to begin with. Also, it’s his life as well that her bad decisions affect. Can you imagine at all what his life must be like having to hear all the drama that she drags in.

      1. The drama has nothing to do with how many kids she has. Being Kail, she’d manage to have drama even if she only had Isaac or she had just one baby daddy because that’s how she is. He should learn early on that a man (any man but especially her son ffs) has zero say in how many kids a woman has. That kind of insolence can’t be allowed.

      1. If new here or not a frequent commenter, I think they were trying to avoid any filters or having comment moderated.

  16. What Kail is exposing her kids to is child abuse! A kid Isaac’s age should not even know what sex toys are! Has she got any boundaries?

  17. Smart kid. Has kail admitted she has a 5th kid yet? It’s so weird. When you’re proud of something you don’t hide it.

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