Abby De La Rosa Says Seeing Nick Cannon With His Five Other Baby Mamas “Turns Me On a Little Bit”

“That’s my our man!”

File this one under: “Things You Should Keep to Yourself.”  

While many have criticized/expressed disgust over Nick Cannon‘s proficiency to procreate with a flock of females on a seemingly regular basis, there’s one person who has the complete opposite reaction to The Masked Singer host’s actions with his bevy of baby mamas– Abby De La Rosa, one of the six women Nick has had kids with.

On the April 24 episode of Nick’s new morning show, The Daily Cannon–- on which Abby serves as the show’s DJ–- Abby spoke about Nick’s other baby mamas, while also revealing a very unexpected take on how she feels when she sees Nick interacting with the five other women.

“I got love for all the women,” Abby said, before going on to deny having any feelings of jealously towards Nick’s other baby mamas. “For me, I think at times because I am so calm and chill, what it’ll do for me is kinda turn me on a little bit.”

“What can I say? I’m irresponsible irresistible!”

Abby did go on to admit that she is “a little jealous” at times, but doesn’t let it change how she feels about Nick.

” … it’s just kinda like, you know, this is my baby daddy,” she said. 

As you know, Nick is currently a father of 12, with five of his children arriving in 2022 alone. Abby contributed to Nick’s five-kid year, giving birth to their daughter, Beautiful Zeppelin in November 2022. The pair already shared twin sons Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, born in 2021. 

Nick’ also welcomed in son Legendary Love with Bre Tiesi in July 2022. Two months later, LaNisha Cole gave birth to daughter Onyx Ice and one week after that, Rise Messiah was born to Nick and Brittany Bell. (Brittany is also the mother of two more of Nick’s children, son Golden, born in 2017, and daughter Powerful Queen, born in 2020.)

In December 2022, just a year after their son Zen passed away at the age of 5 months, Nick and Alyssa Scott welcomed daughter Halo Marie. Nick is also a father to 11-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe, whom he shares with ex-wife Mariah Carey.  

Despite the fact that it now takes multiple paragraphs to list all of his children, Nick hasn’t yet written off the idea of bringing more offspring into the world. 

The Wild ‘n Out star revealed last week on the Howie Mandel Does Stuff podcast that, while he’s “good with [his] dozen” children at the moment, there’s still a possibility he’ll create more Cannon children down the road. 

“There’s no way to answer that question correctly because everyone has a problem with however I answer it, so I just say, as of now, I have 12 and I’m very happy, but who knows,” Nick told Howie Mandel. “I don’t know what’s in store in the future.”  

“I do know, however, that I am basically single-handedly keeping Pampers in business.”

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14 Responses

  1. Gross!??

    Neither think about how it will affect all of his TWELVE children as they grow up. He is clearly not going to stop and apparently there are at least five women who don’t possess the intelligence to actually think before laying down with this loser.

    Let’s see how much she is “turned on” when all of them are being treated for STD’s.

  2. Wonder if she would feel the same if Nick Cannon wasn’t famous, rich and Mariah Careys babydaddy ..

    However, those awfull names are really the one that pisses me off ?

  3. I mean is this just the verbal confirmation that we knew that all the women who had babies with him in the last couple of years are mentally ill?

    Like yeah anyone who is like, yeah he already has 5 kids, that he can’t take care of, so like he should cum in me next, had to be ill.

  4. Bitch is crazy. Like seriously, I believe they have mental health issues. So selfish, Nick can’t possibly be a thoroughly involved father. He can’t even remember all his children’s names, and I thought he didn’t have a child support setup, he just takes care unofficial financial support instead. Hopefully he will continue to have steady sources of income.

    Masked Singer and Wild’N’Out aren’t really fallback careers, and I can see much from syndication.

  5. She only likes him bc she has 3 monthly payment tickets.

    If this arrangement wasnt primarily financial.. she wouldnt be on here cheering

  6. Two selfish POS, right there!! She doesn’t give two ?? about how her KIDS might feel about this Circus of Parental Neglect!!! I would love to know the TRUE breakdown of how much time ol’ Nick REALLY spends with each child! I’m betting occasional drive-by Insta moments, AT MOST! I bet the baby mamas farm out a lot of the help, too! Because what kind of woman would agree to be involved with this debauchery?? Pray for all of these parentless little kids!!

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