UPDATED! Luis Hernandez— Baby Daddy of ‘Teen Mom’ Star Briana DeJesus— Arrested on Outstanding Warrants; Asks the Court to Declare Him “Needy”

“Hey Bri, any chance you’d be interested in paying the registration on a lovely mobile home? I’d be willing to give you 50% off the next time you need a DJ for a lawsuit-win party!” 

This story has been updated as of May 9, 2023. Scroll to the bottom of the post for the latest info!

Just weeks after Briana DeJesus told her fans on Instagram Live that she hadn’t seen her second baby daddy, Luis Hernandez, in a while, he’s been located: in jail.

Luis— who is the father of Briana’s younger daughter Stella— was arrested at (or near)  the Sanford Airport in Florida early Saturday. He received three charges: driving with a revoked license; knowingly driving with a revoked license; and operating a vehicle that has a registration that’s been expired for six months or more. 

According to Starcasm, the sometimes-Dj-and-never-father also had two outstanding warrants from Orange County, Florida, for failure to appear. The first OC warrant– from January 6 and obtained by The Ashley— states that Luis failed to appear for an arraignment he had for a previous charge of driving with a revoked license.

The second warrant— also from January— stems from Luis’ failure to appear for an arraignment for a previous charge of operating a motor vehicle with its registration expired by more than six months.

Ol’ Lu delivered his best “tough guy” mugshot for the cameras before eventually bonding out of jail. He is due in court on June 5 to answer for the Driving on a Revoked License charge. 

“If I can get out of the clink, I’ll still be available to DJ at parties this weekend, so if you’re celebrating your baby daddy’s parole, or that the DNA test determined you are NOT the father, hit me up!” 

Luis has always been mostly Missing In [Non] Action in his daughter Stella’s life, much to Briana’s dismay. Bri’s other baby daddy Devoin Austin (who is the father of Briana’s older daughter Nova) has become a somewhat-surrogate father to Stella because of this. 

In December 2022, it appeared that Luis was at least attempting to turn his life around when he graduated from the Aviation Institute of Maintenance. He posted a photo of himself holding his diploma, as well as a message on Instagram Stories announcing that he had completed his schooling to become an airplane mechanic. It’s unknown if Luis is currently working in that field…or working at all, actually.

Briana has yet to speak out about Luis’ run-in with the law. However, on Sunday her tweets seemed to indicate that she is frustrated by at least one of her baby daddies.

“Any guesses which one?”

Briana posted, “Girl I think about this daily” on another person’s tweet about how dads can escape parental responsibility but moms can’t.

“Baby Daddies be kíllin me sittin there acting like they got real problems & can’t get their kids bc they are ‘tryna get this money’ or ‘they not on their feet.’ Ok so what’s the difference when a mom has to figure out daycare, work, dinner, clothes, shelter, car expenses & etc.”

She also tweeted, “I don’t understand how parents can just go about their life and have 0 regards to their kids…”

“I mean…at least I’m good at something, right?!”

UPDATE! Starcasm got its mitts on Luis’ police report, which gives more details on how the capture of Big Lu went down. 

Briana’s baby daddy was reportedly observed by a cop around 3 a.m. “travelling at a high rate of speed in an attempt to avoid being stopped by the traffic light” at an intersection in Sanford, Florida. 

(Despite the previous report mentioning a “mobile home,” the vehicle listed in the police report is a 2014 Honda four-door vehicle, so Luis was not barreling down the street driving some sort of mobile home.)

An officer for the Sanford Airport Police Department saw Lu floor it to avoid the light and ran his vehicle’s license plate, only to discover that the vehicle’s registration had expired…in August 2020! 

“Between my DJ gigs, avoiding Briana and doing ‘the trucking,’ who has time to pay their registration?!”

“It was also discovered the registered owner’s driving privileges had been suspended…and possible active warrants existed for his arrest,” the police report reads.

To his credit, Luis didn’t even try to lie when he presented his driver’s license to the cop. He openly admitted that his license had been suspended. 

From there, Big Lu was placed under arrest and hauled off to The Big House. 

It’s worth a chuckle to note that Luis listed his profession as a “DJ” on the police report. 

“You can’t blame me for trying to drum up some new business!”

Luis has been officially charged with two 1st degree misdemeanors— according to court records obtained by The Ashley. He is required to appear at his arraignment, which has now been scheduled for June 1. 

As of Tuesday, he has no attorney, but he has requested that he be appointed a public defender, stating on his request form that he makes only about $1600 a month and that he has no savings, bank accounts or other benefits to pull from to pay for a lawyer. 

(Interestingly, Luis does not note any child support obligations he has, and lists himself as having “no dependents.”)

Luis was approved and declared “indigent” (aka poor or needy).

Briana right now…probably.

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(Photos: MTV; Sanford Airport Police) 


  1. In low income communities, the court usually automatically gives the defendants a public defender on light charges.

  2. She has no right to talk bad about Stella’s dad about saying he is not there bc she is the exact same way!!! This psychopath is never with her daughters, she uses them as props and buys them extravagant gifts and lavish vacations while not having a regular job. She should have used protection for both instead of opening her STD legs if she didn’t want them!!

  3. Didn’t he have a CDL at one point? So he’s so dense that he can’t keep the license for his livelihood without screwing himself over?

  4. THAT’S why you don’t have a child with someone you just met in a club…or at least use protection so that he doesn’t impregnate you. The fact that he is a deadbeat doesn’t surprise me at all.

    1. So you’re saying I shouldn’t raw dog the DJ at the shitty club in the bathroom?

      Damn. There goes my Saturday night! 😭 /s

  5. A revoked license will not be handled by a court appearance, especially since he missed another court appearance for a revoked lic. and is still driving. He could lose the right to drive for years.

    1. In Florida he could very well lose his right to drive for YEARS. And if you are a repeat offender in certain cities/towns you forfeit your right to bond out if you are continuously charged for the same crime.

  6. I mean Briana isnt wrong. It’s unbelievable that anyone can get away with not seeing their kids.

    1. My ex husband moved 2 hrs away after fighting me when I wanted to move 45 min away. So he left and sees his kids every other 3 weeks, and when he finally has time off, of those 3 weeks he sees them 9 days out of those 21. The guy has no idea what it takes to be a full time parent. AND he expects me to meet him half way for pick ups and drops offs! Sir, you moved, I’m sure you did not think I was going to accommodate your a$$ after leaving your kids. Pff. He never takes the kids for hair cuts, school shopping, never met their teachers, missed every first day of school, all doctor appts (and my son had cancer at one point), missed every single awards assembly, never has bought them a pair of shoes… wow typing this out made me angry. I’m done.

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