Raquel Leviss’ Birth Mom Slams Ariana Madix on Twitter; Claims Raquel Saved ‘Vanderpump Rules’ By Boosting Ratings

“At least someone is still #TeamRaquel!”

Raquel Leviss has gone radio-silent in the days since the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Reunion, reportedly going to a mental health facility to get treatment. While Raquel has stayed quiet, her biological mother has not.

In a series of tweets posted this week, Raquel’s birth mother, Susan, took to Twitter to slam Ariana Madix (whom, as ‘Vanderpump Rules’ fans know, was the woman Tom Sandoval was cheating on with Raquel).

Susan also proclaimed that Raquel (and her Scandoval fornication) “saved” the show.

In a tweet, Susan bashed Ariana for signing on for so many endorsement deals.

“Ariana adding more and more endorsements to her resume. Chaching!” a person tweeted, along with Ariana’s new Duracell battery commercial.

“Main stream endorsements at the expense of Raquel,” Susan wrote in response.

On another tweet— which showed Ariana’s new Glamour magazine cover– Susan implied that Ariana (and the rest of the Pumpers) have Raquel to thank for the show’s boosted ratings.

“Moving on up and Raquel saved the show ratings skyrocketed,” she wrote.

“She’s not wrong about the ratings. My heartfelt thanks go out to Raquel, Sandoval and his 40-year-old cocky cock!”

Although it’s unknown how close Raquel and Susan are currently, Susan has commented on plenty of Raquel’s posts over the years, including several photos Raquel posted in 2019. (The Ashley has verified that the account does, indeed, belong to Raquel’s birth mom.) 

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(Photo: Bravo; Instagram; Twitter)

14 Responses

  1. Raquel ruined her own life , by getting into a relationship with scandoval he’s a pos narricisst and cheater n known??now . You best bet is to stay away n move on

  2. I understand standing up for your kid, and being protective, but mam…your daughter is a diabolical hoe. There is no defending it. To be able to do something so disgusting and go back and smile in everyone’s face is deplorable. It’s not like Rachel didn’t know Ariana existed, or she didnt know what she was doing was wrong…she knew exactly what she was doing, and she didn’t care who got hurt.

  3. So she saved the show by being a sl*t? And Ariana is wrong for having endorsement deals because…?
    Take several seats, birth mom

  4. Ih yeah, poor Rachel, cant make money on being a shitty friend and human overall. Poor Rachel ..

  5. The woman has energy to defend her for this but not to raise her so she wouldn’t turn out like this. ?‍♀️

  6. She may have raised ratings but she’s still a whore. She knew what she was doing and if she really cared, she would have stop all this sooner. It’s obvious by how she was running train through the entire VPR cast. Hell, she even wanted Ariana after she tired of all the boys. She’s only saying what she needs to say to make herself look like the victim here. She’s just grasping for pity. I’m saddened that Ariana and LaLa feel sorry for the way they spoke to her. She deserved every bit and more. They’ll all be back to being BFFs real soon. ??

    1. I think what Raquel did was bad and not great. But she’s human an humans live and learn from our mistakes and in fact it’s OUR ENTIRE PURPOSE ! So for people to take a reality TV show so seriously as if it was their own relationship is kinda like .. don’t you have a life ?? I happen to love Raquel , I’ve never been that into Ariana. I’ve never not liked her and this shouldn’t have happened to her. But her mom is 1000% right. Tom the sleeve he is and Raquel and her adolescent mistakes have made VPR bigger than ever possible. It’s funny nobody wanted to burn Jax at the steak or Kristen!!!! And they lied and cheated. So I think it’s all bs and people need to lay off Raquel she is human and could probably use a strong willed person in her corner. She was adopted I’m sure that in itself has some underlying issues for her mental health. I hope she gets the helps she needs and grows stronger and better out of this. I just wish it wasn’t at another woman’s expense.. because we should stick together.

      1. Adolescent decision?? She’s pushing 30 soon!! And a mistake is when you forget to put the milk away. What Rachel did was absolutely diabolical. How she could be friends with Ariana, talk to her about her and Tom’s relationship, with a straight face, is just evil. This birth “mom” has no right to say the things she’s saying. Rachel herself said they don’t have much of a relationship. How does she not see her “daughter” is a straight up wh*re? So STFU “mom”.

  7. completely forgot that rachel is adopted ~ does she have (or has she ever had) a relationship w/her bio mom?
    if not ~ seems bio mom is the thirsty one, not ariana. ??‍♀️

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