EXCLUSIVE! Collin Gosselin Hit With Back-to-Back Lawsuits Over Two Car Crashes; Jon Sued as Co-Defendant For Collin’s 2021 Car Accident

“Hey, Hot Wheels Gosselin, let’s think about getting you a bus pass…”

Jon and Collin Gosselin are currently dealing with drama with the rest of the Gosselin family, due to their recent interviews for Dark Side of the 2000s, but The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the father/son duo are also dealing with drama inside the courtroom, thanks to Collin’s dangerous driving! 

Collin was hit with back-to-back lawsuits in May for two car accidents he caused over the past few years, with Jon being added to one lawsuit as a co-defendant. 

Court documents uncovered by The Ashley reveal that, on May 19, Collin (and Jon) were sued in Pennsylvania civil court for an accident Collin allegedly caused on July 1, 2021.


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The driver of the other car survived, but has filed a lawsuit against Collin (and Jon, who owned the car Collin was driving), stating that she now has serious— and possibly permanent— injuries, due to Collin “carelessly and negligently” operating the vehicle. 

The Plaintiff in the case (whom The Ashley is not naming) states that, because of the accident, she suffered a sprain to the ligaments of her cervical spine; a sprained knee, a sprained shoulder joint and other injuries that have caused her “great pain and suffering,” according to the legal docs. She also states that she incurred a great deal of expenses because of the accident, and that she has had a “severe loss of earning and [an] impairment of earning power and capacity.” 

In addition, she claims to have suffered (and continues to suffer) “mental anguish and humiliation.” 

In that accident, the Plaintiff claims that Collin–who was 17 at the time– was excessively speeding, went into the wrong lane, failed to stop, among other things.

Jon is being sued because the Plaintiff claims he, “negligently consented and entrusted his vehicle” to Collin, whom “he knew or should have known would operate the vehicle in a negligent and careless manner…”

“Sorry, Pops!”

(Interestingly, it appears that Collin and Jon weren’t living at the same residence when the legal docs were drafted in May. Their addresses are given as two different places— with Collin’s being a one-bedroom apartment about 10 minutes away from Jon’s residence.) 

On July 5, a judge ordered a pre-arbitration/settlement conference, which has been scheduled for September 26. (Collin is reportedly away at boot camp, as he is joining the U.S. Marine Corps. Jon and Collin’s shared lawyer appeared in court on their behalf on July 6.) 

Unfortunately (for Collin), this is not the only lawsuit that’s currently pending against him due to his alleged reckless driving. 

“Well, crap…”

Just 12 days after the first lawsuit was filed , a Pennsylvania grocery store— as well as the insurance company that represents the grocery store— filed a lawsuit against Collin on May 31. In those legal docs— also obtained by The Ashley— the grocery store and its insurance company (the Plaintiffs) claim that Collin caused a car accident in November 2022 that allegedly caused “substantial damage” to the grocery store’s tractor trailer.

The accident was nearly fatal for Collin but he survived. (He revealed on ‘Dark Side of the 2000s’ that he fell asleep at the wheel.) 

The Plaintiffs claim that, on November 4, 2022, the Camaro that Collin was driving crossed the center lane and struck the grocery store’s tractor trailer. They claim the accident was due to Collin not paying attention, not observing surrounding traffic conditions, failing to stop, and failing to maintain proper control of his vehicle, among other things. 

Collin with his car before his November 2022 accident…

The Plaintiffs claim that the accident resulted in $24,325 in damages to the tractor and trailer, which the grocery store’s insurance had to pay. 

Now, the Plaintiffs want Collin to cough up the $24,325 in damages— plus interest and legal fees for the lawsuit.

Collin posing with his wrecked car…

This lawsuit is pending, as Collin has yet to be served, despite a Sherriff going to his residence three different times in June to try to serve him. 

Collin recently graduated from high school and, in photos of the graduation posted by Jon to Instagram in June, Collin and his sister Hannah are seen sitting in what is reportedly “Collin’s new convertible.” 

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26 Responses

  1. Both of my teenagers were involved in horrific accidents. Insurance rates for teenagers are high because of their driving skills. They all think it won’t happen to me and take chances they shouldn’t. That doesn’t mean they are mentally unstable or indicative of their futures. It simply means they made poor choices in the moment. This seems more like a money grab (sprains cause permanent damage and humiliation? Seriously?). The insurance would have covered damages, correct? If his insurance is refusing to pay, that’s a separate issue. Let’s hope, for Collin’s sake that he learned from these accidents and can these issues can be resolved quickly.

    1. No, he was 17 when the accident occurred. He was living in his own apartment when they tried to serve him in June.

  2. It is NEVER a good idea to give a young person that is a new driver a fast car. He should have been given a good old Civic or Sentra. Something safe, reliable and not too fast/flashy.

    I am sure the kid has a ton of issues as a result of growing up with Kate and dealing with whatever went on during/after his parents marriage. I absolutely do not believe he should have been locked away and relegated to the side like an old piece of furniture. No matter what his alleged mental issues were, she should not have locked him away and left him with no contact or familial support. He had to have been frightened and also feel so unwanted since it was so easy for her to throw him away like that. Kids make mistakes, they can drive you crazy, but that is what you signed on for. It is your job to make sure you are there to help them, especially when they are that young.

    I am not excusing the physical altercations that he has had with John, but a lot of that can also stem from him resenting being left behind by his father to live it up as a single guy. The kid(s) all have issues from their family situation. He just doesn’t know how to handle his emotions.

    Hoping that the marines gives him all the tools and discipline he needs to grow and become a good person. He’s young and not a lost cause. I am very disappointed that his sister has taken this hard line and is so pissy about things he did/said at the age of 12. I am sure he had periods of lashing out because of the way that Kate singled him out and isolated him from the rest of the kids to punish him. I hope that his sister can truly mature and maybe realize that he was young and the things he did/said then shouldn’t be held against him. As young adults, maybe she should try to wipe the slate clean and get to know him as a young adult and then make a judgment from there.

    Wishing those kids the best. Growing up in the spotlight, having the world see their family crash and burn, and watching their parents air their dirty laundry in the media for so long had to have been brutal.

  3. No one remembers Collin as a toddler on Jon & Kate Plus 8? I’ll never forget this one scene during which Kate is talking about him and states that Collin is oppositional—he’ll see kids sliding and go sit on the slide to block them; she said something along those lines and it made me feel like she’s always had it out for him but I wouldn’t rule out an actual issue with him. How did he get placed in a facility and treated for some psychiatric condition? Doctors don’t just take you for no reason indefinitely. I’m not doubting his stories but I bet they’re just his side, Kate’s side and then the truth.

  4. The one woman is trying a money grab. All three injuries were sprains. That doesn’t cause permanent disability nor should it cause mental anguish and humiliation. I’d love to hear how she’s been humiliated. It’s not surprising a 16 year old in a fast car wrecked. Not seeing how that lends credibility to Kate’s claims as some has said. Colin very likely could have issues after being abused and abandoned for 3 years but the fact he graduated from a regular high school and is in the marines, I think says more that Kate is a liar.

    1. Yeah I said it. So what.

      He doesnt seem remorseful. He doesn’t understand the gravity if these situations, sprain or not.

      I defended him but am now seeing a bigger picture.

  5. If the company’s insurance paid the claim, why are they suing him? I get suing him for the deductible possibly but I highly doubt they had to pay $25,000 to their insurance company just for the insurance to cover the claim….

    1. It looks like it went through in the grocery stores insurance, which probably made his rates rise. Not to mention to Jessica but you’re right why he’s in Jon’s insurance company pay??? Something way off …why does he have a separate apartment at 17?

  6. Well, this lends credibility to things Kate has alluded to, essentially.

    Should he have access to high speed vehicles? No.
    I imagine this is a Jon thing to appease years of neglect.

    1. tons of teenage boys drive like morons, this isn’t evidence that he’s severely disturbed. what a weird thing to say

        1. It sounds like that’s the accident that he nearly died in. He’s probably proud to have survived, not to have totaled his car.

  7. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I get bad/strange vibes from Colin. Don’t get me wrong, Kate is an awful human being, but something feels off with him. I could totally be wrong, though

    1. Well being abused most of his childhood and being abandoned for 3 years in a facility probably doesn’t set him up for the best future but he graduated from a regular high school and is in the marines so he seems to be doing fine

      1. He is absolutely not doing fine. Jon has had to physically restrain and assault him “for his own safety” multiple times. Or, fight back?
        He has threatened his mom and siblings recently. Hate speech, discrimination, weird ideas. And now there are at least two incidents of reckless driving. Those are the ones that resulted in damage.
        Oh and he doesn’t live with Jon anymore, why? Why was there no proud announcement he was moving out on his own?

  8. Stupid kid, in a stupid fast car. What could possibly go wrong? Maybe a 4 banger Kia would have been more appropriate.

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