More Info On Maci Bookout’s “Health Crisis” That Will Be Revealed on ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’

“Look at me coming in with MULTIPLE storylines this season that don’t include PCOS-PTSD!”

Maci Bookout was apparently in the middle of a “health crisis” while filming the currently-airing season of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. Although the storylines previously released by MTV disclosed that Maci had been “busy dealing with a medical crisis,” the storylines did not provide more details about what was going on.

Now, it’s been revealed that Maci’s “health crisis” is due to medical problems she believes are due to her breast implants. (The topic will be brought up on Wednesday’s episode.) 

This marks the first time that Maci has admitted to getting plastic surgery. Way back in March 2011, Maci turned up at Spring Break with her pals— and a noticeably larger bosom. When compared with her infamous “Beer Bonging Spring Break” photos from 2010, it was obvious that the ‘Teen Mom’ star got a boob job with her new ‘Teen Mom’ earnings, but Maci never admitted it.


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In July of 2011, Maci’s then-‘Teen Mom’ co-star Farrah Abraham admitted to getting a boob job, and even filmed about it for Teen Mom. (Who could forget The Big F throwing a bag of frozen peas at her caretaker father Michael post-surgery?) Farrah discussed her surgery in a joint interview with Maci and Catelynn Lowell, but Maci stayed mum on her own boob job during the interview.

Later that year, Maci’s friend reportedly confirmed Maci’s surgery to a tabloid, stating that the then-19-year-old Maci went from an A-cup to a C-cup, but Maci never confirmed or denied her plastic surgery.

Back in 2012, The Ashley broke the news that the MTV higher-ups were getting increasingly upset after more and more girls from the ‘Teen Mom’ shows were using their MTV earnings to get boob jobs. After Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans went under the knife in 2012, producers asked the girls to refrain from getting any more plastic surgery for a set period of time. 

Most of the ‘Teen Mom’ girls would go on to get their breast size enhanced, with some— like Kail LowryCheyenne Floyd and Briana DeJesus— being open about it and having their procedures filmed. Maci has always declined to discuss her surgery, which makes this ‘Next Chapter’ storyline even more surprising.


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It is unknown at this time if Maci’s health issues are stemming from her now 12-year-old breast implants.

‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ airs Wednesdays on MTV. 

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19 Responses

  1. Oh, no. I hope she’s doing okay now.

    On another note….I don’t get the breast implants thing. People can do what they want to do but I think natural is the better way to go. You don’t need big boobs to be beautiful.

    Also, Maci looks so pretty in the picture with the orange top.

    1. I would love to get implants. Not because I want bigger boobs but because I had 3 kids and these bags are saggin lol. They’re not cute anymore and for my own self confidence I would love to see them fuller. Okay bye lol.

      1. I’m sorry our culture is so obsessed with vanity and youth that you feel badly about your body. Your body is amazing and powerful for having created and nurtured those kids. I hate that it’s become so commonplace that women need to “fix” their bodies after children. I also hate that the cultural message that self-confidence comes from having an ideal body.

  2. Wow, she really is scraping the barrel for a storyline now! Maybe next season, if they get one, she might even address her drinking.

  3. Breast implants aren’t permanent. They are supposed to be changed out every 10 years. Those bags don’t hold up forever. I know several woman (my Mom and friends) that had lots of complications after they don’t change them from leaks and complete ruptures.

  4. I wish she’d talk about real stuff…like her marriage. At least the she does seem to be talking a little more openly about Rhine…
    For someone we’ve watched for 10+ years, we really know nothing about Macy.

    1. This is the main reason I’m not a fan of Maci and think she should have left the show a long time ago. Her storyline has always been 90% about Ryan and/or Bentley and just a little bit about her. She has made so much money not showing her life on tv. Her segments are incredibly fake and always have been. They should have replaced her on the show in the beginning. They never showed or talked about Macis underage drinking or the excessive traveling that she did up
      Until she got married. They never show her parents or brother. She gets paid to put her life on tv but doesn’t actually have to put her life on tv. She doesn’t put out any personal information about anyone except Bentley and Ryan.

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