Ranking the Storylines for ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Season 1B: From Most-Interesting to Snooze-Inducing

Sounds about right…

The next season of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is upon us, with Season 1B scheduled to begin airing later this month. Before MTV‘s now-thirty-something “teen moms” can trash up our TV screens, though, the network has given us a sneak peek—via the show’s webpage— at the storylines each of the girls will be dealing with this season.

Naturally, The Ashley has decided to rank the storylines in order of most-interesting to “why the hell is this person still on the show?”

The newly posted storylines do provide a few surprises, as well as plenty of trips to assorted rehabs (because…is it even a season of ‘Teen Mom’ if someone isn’t in rehab?) 

All eight ‘Next Chapter’ girls— Maci BookoutLeah Messer, Cheyenne Floyd, Amber PortwoodCatelynn Lowell, Jade Cline, Ashley Jones and Briana DeJesus— will be back for Season 1B (in addition to Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant girl Kayla Sessler, who will “guest star” via another girl’s segments this season).

How the girls reacted when they were told to quit milking their teen pregnancies from over a decade ago…probably.

As with Season 1, not all of the girls will be featured in every episode. 

Based on the storylines provided by MTV (and what The Ashley has told you over the last few months), here’s what the new season will cover.

The Ashley has ranked the storylines in order of most-interesting to most-boring, in her opinion.

Most-Interesting: Maci Bookout

“I owe ya one, Ry!”

Maci’s storylines seem like they’ll be the most-interesting this season. (That’s something The Ashley never thought she’d type!) 

Up until this season, Maci has had the most-snooze-inducing storylines (that almost always include PTSD/PCOS and/or poor Bentley’s private life). For Season 1B, however, she was given a “gift” in that her baby daddy, Ryan Edwards, has majorly screwed up his life in recent months and now those screw-ups will be covered in Maci’s storylines.

As The Ashley previously told you, Maci and Ryan were filming together up until Ryan went to jail. Ryan got arrested multiple times earlier this year, is in the middle of a divorce from his wife Mackenzie, and is currently in jail

MTV bills this as a “slip in his sobriety.” (UM?) 

“Maci and Ryan rekindle their friendship and put the past behind them to co-parent their son Bentley, but things get more difficult with Ryan’s divorce and a slip in his sobriety,” Maci’s storyline reads.

It’s revealed that Maci has started going to Al-Anon (an organization that helps people who have loved ones who are addicts.) She will also be “busy dealing with a medical crisis,” although The Ashley has not heard more details about what this “medical crisis” is. 

“UM HELLO! If you wanted someone with a medical crisis, you should have called me, MTV! That’s my thing!”

Interesting: Briana DeJesus

Wake me up when she’s back to boning Javi #1…

As per usual, Bri can be counted on to bring the drama (not to mention the DeJesus Coven). In the recently released season trailer, Briana is shown giving a sexy lap dance to her first baby daddy, Devoin Austin. According to her storyline breakdown, the lap dance was not just a one time thing. 

In fact, Devoin asks Bri on a date. (The Ashley sources tell her that Devoin and Briana actually did give their relationship another try, but things didn’t work out.) 

Devoin apparently began pining for Briana after he was released from rehab in December, where he was battling a gambling addiction.

“Briana is surprised when Devoin goes to rehab for his gambling addiction — only to return and ask her on a date,” the storyline reads.

Apparently, though, Bri’s fam is not thrilled with Bri’s regurgitated romance.

Briana’s backin’ that Dr.-Miami-created ass all the way up…into Devoin’s loins!

“Although he steps up to co-parent, Briana’s friends and family warn her to exercise caution in this renewed romance,” the storyline reads.

As The Ashley previously told you, Briana’s other baby daddy, Luis Hernandez, was M.I.A. for most of the time this season was filmed. He did resurface in May, though, when he got arrested. It’s unclear if Luis’ legal trouble will be part of the new season, though.

Interesting: Jade Cline

Better “plan” on Christy coming in to mess it all up…

Jade is busy planning her wedding to screwup-turned-soulmate, Sean Austin, but she will also apparently be dealing with drama from— you guessed it!— her mother Christy. When we last saw Jade and Christy, they were getting along swimmingly (for them, anyway) during ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion.’ 

However, Christy (and Jade’s stepdad Corey) apparently went downhill after that season was filmed.

“Jade is in full-on wedding planning mode, but her mom Christy and dad Corey hit rock bottom and decide to go to rehab,” Jade’s storyline reads.

Well….I mean…yeah…

And– because it wouldn’t be ‘Teen Mom’ without everyone taking about traumas and triggers and whatnot– Jade attempts to move past her old issues.

“To work through past trauma, Jade starts attending Al-Anon meetings to find more emotional support and understanding.”

While ‘Teen Mom’ wedding storylines are typically the television show equivalent of Ambien, adding chaotic Christy to the mix should make for some must-see TV. 

Interesting: Ashley Jones

“Oh, he’s making it down the aisle. I don’t care if I have to drag him, his court-ordered ankle monitor AND his probation officer down there too!”

Ashley will bring the other wedding-based storyline this season. However, according to what MTV is telling us, things between Ashley and her groom, Bar Smith, are not picture-perfect. (As The Ashley previously told you, Bar announced back in May that he and Ashley had split. He later deleted the post and it appears that he and Ashley— who are already legally married— are back together.)

Bar’s legal issues will continue to cause obstacles for him and Ashley, as they are forced to live in different states. 

“Ashley starts planning her wedding to Bar, but he needs to complete community service hours, or he could face jail time,” the storyline reads. “When Bar returns to California, Ashley stays in Nevada to finish her nursing program but finds things challenging as a single parent.”

Semi-Interesting: Leah Messer

“Eat yer dern hearts out, Jaylan, Jeremy and Corey Tyler!”

Leah is fresh off her breakup with Jaylan Mobley and is apparently adjusting to life without him (not to mention his bi-weekly couples photoshoots). In the trailer, we see Leah swinging around the stripper pole (although we can assume she’s taking one of those “You Don’t Need No Man” pole-dancing classes and not working the swing shift at Hillbilly Harry’s House of Hotties). 

“Leah has been navigating her new reality since she ended her engagement. As she finds time for herself again, she wavers on whether she’s ready to date after the breakup,” the storyline reads.

While that’s not very interesting, the last line is.

“Amid the fallout, she attempts to mend her complicated relationship with her dad.”

As The Ashley has previously reported, Leah pointed the finger at her biological dad, Gary Messer, for escalating her addiction years ago. (Gary has struggled with addiction over the years, and was in and out of Leah’s life when she was younger.)

Leah has stated that she reconnected with her father around 2012, and that the reconnection played a part in her own downward spiral and addiction, with Leah and Gary allegedly using drugs together.

Let’s also hope that Leah doesn’t also “reconnect” with the two-tone hair mess she was rocking in 2012…

Yawn: Cheyenne Floyd

“Same old Cheyenne.”

It sounds like Cheyenne’s episodes this season will focus on her new life as Zach Davis‘ wife, living in their new huge house and going on exotic vacations and whatnot.

Cheyenne’s baby daddy, Cory Wharton, will provide the other major storyline for Cheyenne, given that Cory’s baby daughter had to undergo a major heart surgery earlier this year.

“Cheyenne moves into her house with Zach, and they both support her ex Cory and his family as he prepares for his youngest daughter’s open-heart surgery for tricuspid atresia,” Cheyenne’s storyline reads. “They discuss how this terrifying experience impacts parenting and their children’s mental health.”

Big Yawn: Catelynn Lowell

“I’ll stay on this show until I’m 50 if they’ll have me!”

Catelynn’s storyline this season sounds like more of the same, with Cate and Ty talking about their various therapies and traumas.

“Catelynn seeks advice on how to talk to her girls about body safety. Tyler begins ketamine therapy treatments to help him work through trauma related to childhood sexual abuse,” the storyline reads.

Cate and Ty did film their recent visit with their oldest daughter Carly and her parents, so that will likely be included in Season 1B. (Hopefully some of the family feud that followed that visit will also be included.)

Snooze-Inducing: Amber Portwood

“Well…here I am on the couch again…”

At the bottom of the list is Amber. Although Amber is currently in the middle of a nasty custody battle with her baby daddy Andrew Glennon, it’s unlikely that much of it will be included in the show, given that Amber’s son James and Andrew don’t film, and Amber has limitations on what she can discuss on the show in relation to James.

With that taken out, Amby’s storyline sounds incredibly boring, with the most-interesting thing being that Amber is considering moving back into her Indianapolis home, which Andrew and James had been living in until they moved to California. (As fans will remember from a horrifying scene last season, Andrew allegedly turned Amber’s abode into Casa de Urine, trashing the place and leaving a putrid pee smell.)

“Amber and Gary are peacefully co-parenting their teenage daughter Leah, and Amber returns to her old house with hopes of moving back in,” her storyline reads.

‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Season 1B premieres July 19 on MTV.

You can watch the Season 1B trailer below!

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. Maci comparing herself to ryan* is how I meant that comment. Not other people co paring maci and Ryan.

    Maci doesn’t see a problem with herself because she sees the issues Ryan has. So of course, she doesn’t need it for herself..

  2. Devoin takes care of his kid and helps Brianna with her other child. Her family needs to take a seat because Brianna would be lucky to be with someone like that.

    On a side note, I feel like this show is only relatable to rich people who have kids early. Because these people have had hundreds of thousands of dollars thrown at them since they were teenagers with babies. Nothing about this show is realistic to the majority of society. Even people who have kids as adults struggle more than these women. It’s frustrating because a lot of teen moms have to deal with the same issues that theses people do but also have to navigate money issues and have to work reallly really hard just to make it. That’s why I hate it when Maci says that she is helping other people by sharing her life and her sons life. But maybe she just doesn’t understand how privileged she is and that most people have it a whole lot harder than she does and she isn’t actually helping anyone.

    1. Maci saying that she is helping people by sharing her story is just something she tells herself so that she can pretend there’s some sort of net benefit (other than in her bank account) by exploiting her family for decades.

  3. Jade is in full-on wedding planning mode, but her mom Christy and dad Corey hit rock bottom and decide to go to rehab,”. For these two we have no idea what rock bottom is but I think they are not even close.

    If this is one of the better storylines, this season promises to be a snooze fest.

  4. MTV should start running 16 & Pregnant again, and then pick the most interesting ones and restart Teen Mom.

    The drama on the show now is contrived and ridiculous, and the kids are at an age where they deserve privacy.

    C’Mon MTV, do a little hard work and find some pregnant teens, it can’t be that hard!

    1. And also kick the mom’s off when the kid turns five and pay them the minimum amount for their salary. Also put in their contract that they can’t be friends until filming ends for good with them. It’s weird( to me at least) that they are all friends with each other.

      1. It kind of reminds me of how ex-presidents (or present and past, apparently there was a period where Clinton was calling and writing Nixon regarding foreign affairs, there’s a pair for you) are usually friendly with each other.

        It’s a very specific situation that not a lot of people relate to and it makes sense that close bonds would form between some of the girls.

  5. AA is for alcoholics and addicts, Al Anon is for their loved ones, to gain help and insight for themselves on dealing with the addict.

  6. “Catelynn seeks advice on how to talk to her girls about body safety. Tyler begins ketamine therapy treatments to help him work through trauma related to childhood sexual abuse,”
    Didn’t this EXACT thing already happen? I swear I just watched in on the season just released on paramount+

    And the line about Maci going to AA is kind of misleading. “It’s revealed that Maci has started going to Al-Anon (an organization that helps people who have loved ones who are addicts.)” AA is a program for those wanting help with their alcohol addiction but meetings don’t typically have support people there. I went with an ex a few times while he was in recovery, but I was the only support person there. It’s not really the norm, so I’d be interested to know who she’s going for. It also need to be clarified that AA is specifically for alcohol, but other similar programs exist for things like drugs or gambling.

    1. I accidentally down voted when I meant to upvote. Agreed!!

      Hopefully she gets comfortable there being there for support for someone else, so that she can find the help SHE needs for her drinking…
      It’s so easy to think you don’t have issues when you compare them to someone else (i.e. maci compared to ryan) , but hopefully one day she will be able to accept the first step and admit. That’s when she’ll finally be able to go to meeti gs for herself.

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