‘Big Brother’ Couple Jessica Graf & Cody Nickson Are Expecting Fourth Child Together; Cody Thanks Jessica for Being “Pregnant Every Year That We’ve Been Together”

“Back again with our annual pregnancy/birth announcement!”

The Nickson family is growing rapidlyagain.

Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson of Big Brother 19 have announced they are expecting their fourth child together, less than a year after welcoming Baby No. 3.

The couple shared their big news Monday on social media, revealing that their new baby is due to arrive in January 2024.

Cody, pretending this doesn’t happen on a yearly basis in his house.

“New addition coming January 2024,” Jessica wrote. “We’re probably just as surprised as you are! Can’t wait to hold you, little one.” 

In the video posted to Instagram, Jessica shows Cody a positive pregnancy test, letting them know that they’ll soon have four babies under four. 

“I knew it! I told you, and you said it was too soon. And I knew it!” Jessica tells a very shocked Cody. 

The video later cuts to the family seeing the baby in an ultrasound.

As fans may remember, Cody and Jessica met in 2017 on Season 19 of ‘Big Brother’ and the couple went on to win The Amazing Race in 2018. Later that year, they tied the knotand they’ve been busy making babies ever since. 

Cody and Jessica welcomed their first child together, daughter Maverick, in 2019. Their second daughter Carter arrived in 2020, and in June 2022, Cody and Jessica celebrated the birth of their third child, daughter Atlas.

The next Nickson baby will be Jessica’s fourth child and Cody’s fifth, as he also has daughter Paisley from a previous relationship. 

On Tuesday, Cody posted a carousel of photos featuring Jessica, telling followers he wanted to give his wife “the most appreciation” for being pregnant every year the couple has been together. 

“ … She absolutely wants to feel normal again, like she can have her body just to herself, but she is also extremely dedicated to growing our family and making the sacrifices to continue to do so,” he wrote.

“I mean, I’ve made plenty of sacrifices, too…you guys don’t know how hard it was to part with my pickup truck.”

“We love her so much for it, I couldn’t imagine life without her, raising this family without her, God gave me and the kids the perfect wife and mother,” Cody added. “We love you @jessicanickson.”

Umm…you good, girl?

On his Instagram Story, Cody seemed to confirm that he and Jessica are popping out babies on the reg due to their religious beliefs. Cody revealed this while responding to a follower who had congratulated him and Jessica on creating “more Christian conservative babies.” 

“We are the most underserved, ridiculed population, but also the fastest growing,” Cody replied. “I think all of us Christians feel a duty to being fruitful as the Lord puts it, and make sure good people continue to exist in the world.

“Every one of our Believer friends is having kids at a similar rate,” he added. 

“We know that’s right! Keep them blessings coming, guys!”

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(Photos: Instagram) 

29 Responses

  1. as far as je-cody, he has always (going back to their BB season) struck me as the type to think ‘the wimmenfolk’ belong barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. ??‍♀️
    kinda like david eason, except showered and sans beard mites.

  2. ‘rachel’ reminds me of that nut ? that was around last fall that insisted aaron carter was ? sober ~ anyone else recall that whackadoo? ?

    1. Pearl, yes I think we all remember her, lol. I doubt she ever really left.

  3. Jesus Christ.

    Christians have such a fetish for being persecuted. Just grow up already, no one is persecuting you! Now, give me back ROE, ya bastards.

  4. I would also say that “everyone of their believer friends” are also racist, transphobic and homophobic.

  5. So Christians are the most underserved and ridiculed population? In what universe? And his wife wants her body back but she’s “sacrificing” to keep popping more “conservative Christian” babies? That’s the most cultish thing a non Duggar person has said lately.
    I hope each and every one of their kids are raging Democrat atheists lmao

    1. You obviously have no self-awareness because if you did, you would know that everything you just said proves that Christian bigotry is very much a thing and you participate in it.

      Also, here are a few examples:

      1) Chris Pratt can’t even say that he attends a Christian church without getting massive hate from left wing mobs.
      2) To celebrate Pride Month, the LA Dodgers just recently hosted a drag queen group called The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. They openly mock the Catholic religion.
      3) Movies like Sound of Freedom, which is about the horror is child trafficking, is getting negative press simply because it’s a Christian movie. 4) A Christian hater recently went and shot up a bunch of people at a Christian school in Nashville, killing 6 (3 of them were children).

      Pull your head out of your ass and stop pretending like only certain groups of people deal with bigotry and certain groups are completely immune to it. I’m not going to argue which groups of people are the most ridiculed and/or the most undeserving of it but I will say that Christians absolutely deal with bigotry.

        1. Resulting to insults as a response just proves you have nothing to disprove what I said. There is nothing embarrassing about pointing out that hatred comes in all forms and those that claim that Christians are completely immune to bigotry are ignorant and/or complicit in it.

        2. People are obviously misinterpreting my comment or something because nothing I said was unreasonable.

          I’m not saying that only Christians are victims and have never participated in bigotry themselves. Of course they have. They had systematic advantage for a long time in America and oppressed certain groups of people throughout history. They weren’t the only ones but they definitely contributed. I’m not denying that.
          The only thing I’m saying is that in recent years, the country has become a lot more secular and less Christian and as a result, hate for Christians has risen. Maybe some of you ignore it or are just not in the loop but it’s the truth. This shouldn’t be controversial. All forms of bigotry should be condemned. We should all be on the same page with this.

          I have no hate for anyone. I don’t care of you’re gay, straight, white, black or anything else. I judge people by their character, not their identities.

          1. @rachel ~ TL;DR
            (but somehow i have the feeling you’re in the wrong comment section if you’re expecting accolades)

        1. I guess the truth is embarrassing to you because everything I just said is 100% true. If you want to provide me any proof at all that what I said was a lie, then by all means, go ahead.

      1. 1-Chris Pratt doesn’t care what any nutjobs say, and you shouldn’t either. Nutjobs exist everywhere, in every walk of life and their favorite thing is to verbally persecute others of ANY kind for ANY reason (including none at all), they’re nutjobs, it’s what they do.

        2-There are countless organizations called “The Sisters/Brothers of…”, and none of them are necessarily mocking the Catholic (or any) church. You don’t have to like what they chose to do (the drag show) or support it, but you’re making shit up here for funsies.

        3-That’s not why it’s getting negative press from SOME. It actually doesn’t have a generally bad rating, despite what some might think of it. The bad press it’s getting is a direct result of:
        -False claims made by the OUR organization and their role in child trafficking issues (they bolstered themselves, and pat themselves on the back for things they did not do). They, in fact, have prevented many rescue attempts by getting in the way and stopping law enforcement from saving MORE children!

        -Both Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard (the former homeland security agent he plays in the movie) have links and ties with conspiracy theories/theorists and regularly speak at QAnon events. Ballard even made claims that child traffickers are draining children’s blood during one not that long ago and sells it to big movie stars as a “fountain of youth” injection (in other words, a fkn whackadoo). Both have been as problematic for law enforcement agencies and other organizations actively working to slow, prevent and otright stop child trafficking. No one gives a crap about their religion, at all!!
        But again, it STILL has a high rating and has been well accepted despite the fact that its lead actor, the real life person he portrays, and also its creator are constantly showing their whackadoodle asses and proving that not a single on of them is right in the head (religion plays no role in that).

        4-Again, that was a nutjob, and what was done was heinous. Do you see others who are not christians or don’t necessarily support everything christians believe in doing the same constantly? No? I wonder why they is, could it be that the entire world isn’t completely whacked out of their gourd and doesn’t commit heinous atrocities against others as a general rule? Are you aware of the numerous wars and atrocities that were done IN the name of christ, by people claiming christianity? Again, nutjobs, they exist everywhere in all walks of life, period.

        People who openly express their religious beliefs do experience some levels of intolerance, absolutely-ALL people do and some to a larger extent than others. No one deserves it, really, unless they’re just a shitty person. But Christians are absolutely NOT the most underserved or most persecuted people around the globe. In fact, the beginning of christianity caused more atrocities than it ever experienced-as a whole. That doesn’t mean all christians are bad people, but christianity as a whole is an umbrella term that covers so very many people-quite a few of which just aren’t good people for any number of reasons. Their religion doesn’t necessarily make them bad people-but if it’s the basis for why they act that way, well…..what do you want people to do?

        1. I agree with most of what you said except for the qanon thing. Child trafficking is not a conspiracy theory. It’s a real issue that is not political at all. The fact that the film is made by conservative Christians absolutely has to do with that hate it’s receiving by some of the left wing press. The proof is in the pudding but I don’t think I’ll convince you on that. Agree to disagree I guess.

          Also, I never said Christians are the most undeserved or most prosecuted group in the world. All I was saying is that they are not immune from bigotry and hate crimes and I gave examples. I just don’t like this idea that only some groups are targeted and/or receive hate and others don’t because that is not true. Christians get negativity judged and all the time. I don’t think Christians should be stereotyped by their nutjobs any more than secular left wingers should be stereotyped by their nutjobs. I don’t think all left wingers are hateful nutjobs and I never said they all were. Christians should be given the same courtesy. I don’t think that’s asking too much.

          1. I never said child trafficking is a conspiracy theory you idiot. I said the fact that those two are so heavily involved in such-is why that movie is getting bad press. It’s the truth, you can look it up for yourself. It has nothing at all to do with religion but those specific people and the things they do and say.

            You can literally do a 2 second search and find this information out for yourself. Those people are making it difficult for authorities who are combatting, or trying to, child trafficking. They are and have been a HUGE problem! Even the OUR organization was put(and still is) under investigation for it!

          2. 1. Don’t call me an idiot. I haven’t called you any names. I’ve been nothing but respectful to you.
            2. I know all about the accusations the media is making about this movie. The truth is that any questions a right winger asks about government institutions is automatically labeled as a “conspiracy theory” by left wing outlets to discredit them. It’s the game they play.
            3. Why don’t you actually watch the movie before you judge it and not just listen to partisan hacks that make everything political? This movie isn’t political at all. There’s nothing about Q’Anon in the movie. It’s simply addressing the serious problem with child trafficking. And yes, I stand by the claim that it’s being dumped on by the media because it’s made by conservative Christians. They’ve made that very obvious.

            But anyways…I hope in the future you will look at all sides of an argument and not just one side. I try to do that for everything because there are always two sides to every story and different perspectives. Take care.

          3. Also, I just found out the movie was written and produced several years before Q’Anon was even a thing so yeah, that proves that these accusations are bullshit. It’s a true story about something we should all care about. That’s it.

          4. How do you know I haven’t seen the movie? Did you just ASSume that?

            I never said the movie itself was political or had anything to do with QAnon, read what I said again-with your eyes open this time. PEOPLE involved in the movie are involved with QAnon, a proven fact-they themselves admit it all over the place, they are proud of their involvement, quite proud actually.

            The movie sheds light on something heinous-as do countless documentaries and other movies as well. I for one am glad such things are made. However, having people who openly prevent authorities from doing what they can to help combat child trafficking associated with the movie (any movie) will always get it bad press, it just will. Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard are not doing the cause any favors, they do more harm than good.

            Tim Ballard is still under investigation (the OUR organization, specifically, but also him personally). His conspiracy theories, ties with terroristic groups, outright lies and behaviors have put multiple events previously set in motion by authorities to STOP people who are trafficking children at risk. Some of the events were halted indefinitely because if his and his organization’s involvement-including leaking information (since he was former homeland security). There is no other side to that argument, he’s a whackjob with an agenda and you’re defending him. He has literally contributed to child trafficking by preventing authorities from doing their jobs. How can you still not see that when it’s literally at your fingertips?

        2. I also disagree with this idea that Christianity is responsible for all evil throughout in history. Yes, there have been bad people that call themselves Christians but there have always been bad people that follow other religious doctrines or no religious doctrines at all. Secularism has brought out evil in people too. The hundreds of millions that died in the Soviet Union ais proof of that.

          Also, don’t pretend like if the LA Dodgers hosted their Pride Month with a drag queen group that mocked Islam, Judaism or pretty much any other religion, that would’ve been accepted. No way in hell that ever would’ve happened. Not in 2023 America.

          1. Stop being intentionally obtuse just so you can be argumentative. Any possible valid point you might make gets completely negated when you fabricate shit no one said.

            I did not say christianity is responsible for all evil throughout history. What I asked you was whether or not you are aware of all the atrocities that have been committed by christians, in the name of christianity (which also includes various churches under the extremely encompassing umbrella of..christianity). There is plenty of evidence, even right in the bible-it’s not hard to find.

            I also stated that just because SOME christians commit atrocities does not mean they all do of that their religion (christianity or any sect covered under it) is inherently bad.

            They were not mocking the catholic church, quit being butthurt FOR others, it makes you sound like a ridiculous nutjob yourself.

            As for the QAnon stuff, just because YOU hadn’t heard of it or it wasn’t mainstream media, does not mean it didn’t exist. Quit making strawman arguments that have literally no basis in fact. Do a damn search, look up the names I gave you. Even others that helped make the movie and were in it have plenty of negative things to say about those people BECAUSE of the things they have said and done. It’s not some hidden mystery, it’s right out in the open for all to see with one quick little search-you don’t have to take my word for it. It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.

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