It’s Over! ‘Teen Mom’ Star Bar Smith Posts— Then Deletes— Announcement That He & Wife Ashley Jones Have Separated

“I hope we can get our deposit back on that wedding…”

It appears Ashley Jones and Bar Smith have called it quits, just months before they were set to walk down the aisle at their dream wedding.

On Thursday, Bar posted that he and Ashley— who have technically been married since 2021 — have separated. Although Bar deleted his announcement soon after he posted it to Instagram, the message stated that he and Ashley are over. 

“So we want to clear the air,” the statement— which was online for about 40 minutes before it was deleted—reads. “I have had amazing times and learned so many things from Ashley. I will forever be grateful for everything but unfortunately we have come to unforeseen issues, and people grow apart.

“There is no specific blame being placed on either but we had both respectfully agreed to part ways and continue with life unfortunately without each other,” Bar continued. “I will always be there when I’m needed and so will she, but the time to separate has come.” 



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This is certainly not the first time Ashley and Bar have split. (However, this does mark the first time that either of them released an actual “statement” about their breakup.)

As fans of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant may recall, Ashley and Bar got engaged the first time during Season 1, though they later called off their engagement after a public (and quite messy) breakup in May 2019. 

In October 2020, Ashley took to Instagram for a Q&A with fans, during which she confirmed she was once again engaged to Bar. (‘Teen Mom 2’ viewers got to see the proposal happen on the show.) Bar and Ashley went on to secretly get married in 2021, with Ashley publicly confirming their marriage in December 2021.

Bar and Ashley– who have appeared on Teen Mom Family Reunion and Teen Mom: The Next Chapter— share one child: five-year-old daughter Holly. 

Although they got secretly married in 2021, the couple had been planning a big wedding celebration, which was scheduled to take place on September 30. Ashley was filmed for ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Season 1B while shopping for her dress and wedding planning.

“I am very excited,” Ashley told People in March of the wedding. “I think us waiting this long to have a wedding has really given me the chance to go through a few phases of what I want my wedding to look like.

“At first, I wanted a super gigantic wedding. Invite the whole town. Invite the whole world,” Ashley told the magazine. “Now, I want something that is very intimate. Just family and friends who have poured into us over the years and have really seen our growth as a couple. I really want to share this moment with them and [let] them know that all their headaches and phone calls weren’t in vain.”

After Ashley was accused of shading her ‘Next Chapter’ co-star, Cheyenne Floyd (who had a huge wedding celebration when she married Zach Davis in September 2022), she and Cheyenne got into a social media spat, with Ashley eventually bragging on Twitter that she was able to wed her “first choice” mate— Bar— while indicating that she felt Zach was not Chey’s first choice.

“I MARRIED MY FIRST CHOICE BABES and I am over you and this freaking storyline,” Ashley wrote in January.

Cheyenne after reading that Bar and Ashley have split up…probably…

It appears that Ashley and Bar may have been having issues for a while. Both parties  deleted most of the photos featuring their spouse off of their social media a while back. Ashley has been living in Las Vegas and going to nursing school, while Bar has been spending most of his time in Northern California, where he had been battling some past legal issues. 

Ashley has yet to speak out about Bar releasing— then deleting— the statement about their breakup.

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available…

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  1. You may want to look on both Bar & Ashley & baby Holly Instagrams as they have recent posts with Bar & Ashley together in pics.. u all should look up real info instead of being a bag of gossip that isn’t necessarily truth.

    1. @Cocoloso– Reminder, you are commenting on a story that is several months old. Also, I would like to make a shirt that says “Bag of Gossip”. Thank you for the idea. -The Ashley

  2. Always cracks me up when Ashley brags about “I MARRIED MY FIRST CHOICE”

    One, neither one of y’all is a prize so take several seats.

    Two, I can guarantee Bar can’t say the same

  3. NO WONDER she’s been talking even more crap than she normally does. She must be really hard to live with.

  4. Good. The less we have to hear of him the better. I kept confusing his name with Jenelles mom. Nobody cares about them anyway lol so no big loss.

  5. She has always talked to him and about him as if he is beneath her. She has a real elitist complex going on that is only getting worse. He’s still a wanna be gangsta who still needs to grow up. Who could have foreseen that this was not a forever relationship?

  6. I think it’s pretty obvious that they wouldn’t work long term. She’s way more driven than he is. It took him how long just to get his GED?? Both of them, and their moms, are honestly kinda messy. 5yrs later and it still feels like Holly is an afterthought.

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