Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Couple Jenelle Evans & David Eason Hit Up Local Gun Show; Try Out New Guns & Weapons

“Anything to keep my hunk-a-man happy!”

Jenelle Evans and David Eason spent the weekend trying out new guns and weapons.

The fired Teen Mom 2 couple— who are currently under investigation by CPS and other agencies— have made it clear in recent days they’re not worried about the possibility of one or both of them being charged for a variety of alleged crimes. In fact, according to photos posted by TMZ on Sunday, the swamp-dwelling duo were seen frolicking through a local gun show, looking for more weapons. 

Jenelle, David and Jenelle’s son Kaiser were photographed at a gun show, but according to TMZ, Ensley was there as well.

(It was likely the Wilmington Gun & Knife Show, which was held this weekend in Wilmington, North Carolina, which is just a short distance from the couple’s home on The Land.) 

The photos— which were taken by an unknown spectator— must have been taken either Saturday or Sunday, proving that, as The Ashley has previously stated, the kids (other than Jenelle’s son Jace) are still in the couple’s custody. 

“As far as what they actually picked up — we’re told David appear to purchase a bulletproof vest for himself, and a wooden battle ax for Kaiser,” the site reported.

In the photos, David is seen trying on some sort of tactical vest, browsing a sword booth and handling a gun. Jenelle is pictured looking bored while David shopped.

As The Ashley previously reported, earlier this month, Jenelle filed a request for a restraining order against her mom Barbara Evans, requesting that authorities bar Babs from buying or owning guns or ammunition. Jenelle also asked that Barbara be required to surrender any guns she might have and be required to attend an “abuser treatment program,” in addition to having no contact with Jenelle and her family. (The restraining order request was voluntarily dropped days later.)

“I wish there was a Juh-nelle proof vest I could wear to keep her and her constant drama away from me!”

David and Jenelle currently have no restrictions on buying or owning guns or weapons, as neither has been convicted of a felony. 

After TMZ broke the news that “it appears that charges will be filed for both [child] neglect and assault” against one or both of the swamp-dwellers, Jenelle and David made it clear (via social media) that they are not concerned. In a video posted to social media on Saturday, Jenelle stated that her and David are good parents and have nothing to fear. She also made it clear that she’s standing my her man, telling her followers that she feels bad for David.

“I feel really bad for him because my kids adore that man. My kids love that man so much,” Jenelle said. “And no matter what you guys say, it’s not going to change how my children are treated at home, which are treated [no, that’s not a typo] with the most love and passionate care that they could ever get. So don’t come at me for my parenting, because, let me tell you, my kids are fine.”

David, meanwhile, has continued to rant on Facebook in the comment section of his various posts.

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(Photos: Instagram; Twitter; MTV)

63 Responses

  1. Guns are great. Knowing that if someone was to break down my door I will literally kill them to stop them from hurting me or my children is an amazing feeling of safety. In these times it’s better safe than sorry. The world could easily go crazy in no time considering everything happening now.. being able to not be a victim is important. That’s all I want to say.

  2. What shall we bet that as soon as Jenelle sees what a dumb mistake she made by posting pictures of them at a gun and knife show while under investigation, she will claim “Oh, David bought that bullet proof vest because we need protection from my crazy mom and my mentally disturbed son.”

  3. The she monster said she wants all guns and weapons taken off barb, then you see the he monster buying a bullet proof vest.
    I’m starting to worry about barb and Jace and think they’re gonna need 24hrs protection.

    Or he’s planning a shoot out if the CPS try and take the kids off him. He monster in not in the right mind to own weapons.

  4. Does anyone know how Jenelle and David continue to have money? I mean, both have been unemployed (allegedly) since 2019 yet they are constantly going on trips, buying toys (weapons, boats, bikes, etc..) and seem to have an endless supply of money.
    Also, I just have this feeling that David knows some higher-up and that’s why they never ever suffer any real legal consequences for their bad behavior.
    What do y’all think?

    1. You can buy a large menu at McDonald’s and pay more than you would for crotch shots from them on Only Fans. Does that answer your questions about their financial status?
      Jenelle has also been representing herself in court.

  5. Has anyone seen Jenelle’s latest Instagram story? It is a cartoon that equates adderall to meth, along with the definition of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Seems that she has decided Barbara is making up Jace’s ADHD and has been feeding him meth because she is mentally ill. As opposed to receiving a diagnosis from a professional when Jace was still in grade school and medicating him appropriately under a doctor’s supervision. SMH. Jenelle stopped giving Jace his medication and look at what happened. If I was Barbara, I would take Jenelle to court and sue her for defamation for this shit. It’s notoriously difficult to prove/win a defamation case, but, in this context, I think it’s doable. To suggest that your own mother, who has lovingly raised your son because you were incapable of doing so, is feeding him controlled substances to intentionally harm him, when in actuality he has a legitimate diagnosis and need for the medicine and she is doing as advised by Jace’s doctor, is beyond me. That is NOT Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

    1. That’s insane to compare Adderall and meth, since she’s reaching that far she might as well throw caffeine in there because that’s a stimulant too. Meth is addictive for everyone but Adderall is only a potential problem for people who don’t actually have ADHD. I tried doing Adderall recreationally as teen and quickly found out it had a different effect for me than everyone else because I have ADHD. Since it’s all the same to her Jenelle should stop drinking coffee because it’s an addictive stimulant and basically the same thing as meth but I don’t see that happening lol.

  6. I saw the earlier article where Jenelle admitted an incident occurred but claimed we don’t know the circumstances. I just want to say that, if the incident was indeed caught on video, it won’t matter. Jenelle previously swore up and down that no video existed. I don’t remember if she specifically said David never got violent with Jace, but she heavily implied it. I’m so glad it was all caught on tape because she can no longer lie her way out of this one. I doubt we will ever get to see the video, but I’m sure at some point we will hear more about it. She is a POS for implying that Jace was removed for HER safety. When, last week, it was that Jace was in her custody. She will say anything to paint herself in a positive light. I suppose it’s easier to change your story constantly than to admit that you are suffering the consequences of your own actions.

  7. That man doesn’t know how to love. I just pray she walks away before it’s too late. He’s a narcissistic a**hole. Jenelle grow up and leave you did once before.

  8. My ex is a lot like David and I didn’t see it, and when I did, it took me YEARS to leave because of the control he had over me. She isn’t going through the same thing, she’s just dumb and easily led. She absorbs her partners personalities. Remember when she was with Nathan? She was obsessed with working out. Clearly not obsessed with that anymore, now on to that redneck life. Stocking up for the apocalypse. What a moron.

    1. That’s why I think she may have BPD because she shows several signs of it including – no real sense of self, so she becomes whatever her partner is into like drugs (Keifer & Courtland) fitness (Nathan) and now weapons and survivalist mentality (David). Also fear of abandonment (we all can think of examples of this when exs try to leave her) and mood swings at a seconds notice. It’s possible it comes from childhood trauma, which is why I used to emphasize with her.
      Not anymore, though.

  9. He does not need a bullet proof vest for any reason other than a shootout. I feel sorry for Babs in all of this, she must be worried for the children and own safety.
    David knows what he did to Jace and probably doesn’t want to go down for it.

    1. If he’s anything like my ex (he seems a whole like like him), he has all these things just in case the government targets him specifically and all mental health professionals are quacks, so he won’t go seek the help he obviously needs. This dude acts like a 12 year old.

  10. Did anyone ever watch the movie Bitter Blood that was based on a true story. This whole scenario makes me think of that movie. And now I worry for the kids, Jenelle may be too far gone in the brainwashing department but I pray those kids get help.

    1. OMG, I live here and that shootout was within 5 miles of my house, I remember it clearly. He acts just like Fritz Klenner. And remember, those weren’t his kids he blew up.

  11. Imagine how scary it must be for Kaiser and Ensley to watch him buy a bulletproof vest. Are they imagining the scenarios in which he would need it? Are they scared for him? Are they wondering why they don’t need them too? Why would he need one and not them? Did they ask if they could get one too? Are they scared, nervous, or paranoid about what situation is coming that he feels the need for a bulletproof vest?

    But those 2 keep posting videos screaming about what good parents they are.

  12. Unemployed with multiple children but have money for Starbucks and guns? Seems like great decision making yet again from these two clowns

  13. I truly hope CPS removes the remaining three kids before they return home from school. I do not trust Jenelle and UBT to surrender them willingly and without a *literal* fight. David needs to be locked away and he should never be allowed to own any kind of weapon. I would never under normal circumstances hope for children to be taken away from their parents permanently…but those poor babies don’t have anyone in their lives who can take them. It’s heartbreaking.

  14. This is the one time where I hope they keep doing stupid stuff like going to a gun show. Making ridiculous videos based on complete lies. Including the lie that Jenelle told saying that she called CPS and they told her Barb made the complaint. Jace had visible injuries from David, Jace ran away 3 times to save himself. I want the Judge and CPS to pay very close attention to what these 2 psychotic hillbillies are doing.

  15. I have a sick feeling that one day he’s gonna try to have a shootout with police. What else would he possibly need a bulletproof vest for? I gladly welcome anyone to correct me because this is something I’m terrified to be right about.

    1. I do too. I hope that the police take the right precautions and they use SWAT to go on their property. David has openly threatened the police before and for some reason they let him get away with it.

    2. Yes, yes and yes. My husband has been an avid hunter his whole life. My son has been hunting since he was in elementary school and was on the shooting team in high school. (I think that means I’m too old to be posting here.) We own guns, we donate our deer meat to hunters for the hungry so nothing is wasted. We however do not own bulletproof vests, because those are for the police, military and people who wear tin foil hats. UBT is crazier than a box of frogs and somebody should be concerned he’s buying bulletproof vests.

    3. Yes, but guess who will win? The police wont let this guy go easily.

      It’s one nutter against several trained men.

      The kids won’t be part of it. Just him and her.

    4. I think you are 100% right. I wonder if there is any chance that the judge in this case or CPS people are aware of this latest purchase of Davids? I would think a detail like this, with Davids history of gun violence would be important.

  16. So CPS is building a case against you and you post videos of yourself going out, getting high and purchasing weapons?
    AND WHY TF DOES HE NEED A BULLETPROOF VEST?? That’s a red flag if there ever was one!

    1. To be fair TMZ posted them buying weapons. I’m waiting for the “that wasn’t even me and David dude!” Video because “silence is golden”

  17. Technically, them going to a gun show is perfectly legal. I know plenty of MTV viewers get shaken up at even the though of a firearm though.

    1. ? No one said it was illegal. What we’re saying is it’s incredibly stupid given his circumstances at the moment. It’s also disturbing that he bought a bulletproof vest given the news that he’s likely to be arrested soon and has already threatened to shoot CPS once this month. Were you trying to turn this political? Start a Democrat vs Republican conversation? Newsflash, mate, we’re not all American here. We DON’T CARE. We care about innocent children. But I’ve seen your screen name here before. You’re the person that tried to downplay Josh Duggar’s crimes by saying all he did was “touch” his sisters, right? We know you don’t have empathy for children. Run along and troll elsewhere.

      1. I’m not a fan of Janelle. But there is a court of law here in the U.S.. Maybe watch some British or Australian reality TV? You should respect our gun laws. And no, I never once commented on Josh Duggar.

        1. American gun laws are loose as hell. They let damn near anyone buy almost any kind of gun. Why in the chicken fried fuck does a civilian need an assault rifle?? Saying anyone “should respect gun laws” is ignorant as hell. I’m not respecting a god dammed thing ??people who beat kids do not need to own weapons PERIOD

  18. I don’t have any faith in any law enforcement agency or CPS organization down in Hillbilly Holler. Those kids were removed before and then given right back. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make Jace go back. Poor kids.

  19. I hope law enforcement is aware of his purchase and realize that he’s preparing for a shootout when they come for him. He’s probably watching Waco and Ruby Ridge documentaries while he smokes meth to psych himself up.

  20. So he is preparing for when the police come knocking.
    Why else does he need a bulletproof vest?
    This shit isn’t gonna end well. Hopefully the kids will be at school
    When the shit hits the fan. Hope the snipers have a clean shot.

    1. This is EXACTLY what I was thinking.

      Not that this situation hasn’t been scary the entire time UBT has been involved with Jenelle, but this is beyond urgent and dire now that they’re clearly preparing for an altercation with law enforcement.

      Maryssa, Kaiser, and Ensley deserve to be safe. All of the response posts in the world about how much the kids allegedly love David aren’t a substitute for protecting them. Jenelle has done NOTHING to help them or herself.

      1. Hopefully the police are monitoring their posts and are aware of his preparations. I hope tomorrow is the day those kids are taken while they are at school. It’s definitely gonna escalate after his latest purchase. I can’t help thinking he did this publicly as a warning to law enforcement. Arrogant bastard.

        1. They don’t need to, necessarily.

          They know he has weapons. They know he has registered weapons.

          If we know he has an arsenal and we’re talking about it on the internet, folks who know him IRL, his bestie the sheriff, etc. know.

          They arent going in there with a social worker. It would be a SWAT team. I have faith that they’re well prepared to take down a known violent drug abuser.

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