EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans Accuses Her Mother Barbara Evans Of “Sending Her Own Kids Away To Mental Hospitals” In Exposed Court Docs

“Well Juh-nelle!”

Jenelle Evans is not happy that her mother, Barbara Evans has allowed Jenelle’s son Jace to received various mental health medications while under her care and, The Ashley can now reveal that, in court documents filed earlier this month, Jenelle blasted Barb for how she handled the mental health of her own three kids!

In the court documents— which The Ashley has exclusively obtained— Jenelle asks for a restraining order against her mom and states that Babs committed “bodily harm” by consenting for Jace to be given an anti-depressant while he was in a facility earlier this month.

In the court docs filed on October 3, Jenelle states that Barbara had no rights to allow Jace to have any medications (which Jenelle claimed he wasn’t prescribed), and that Barbara frequently relied on meds and mental health facility trips when it came to her own three kids.

(As Teen Mom 2 fans know, Jenelle has a sister, Ashleigh, and a brother, Colin, both of whom Jenelle has no relationship with.)

“Barbara Evans has a history of sending her own kids away to mental hospitals and putting them on some sort of medication,” Jenelle wrote in her statement to the court.

She then claimed that Barbara “still has one of her children on medication that is 35 years old.”

(Jenelle is referring to Colin here, although he is currently 34 years old. Unless Colin is under some sort of legal conservatorship, Barbara would not have any say whether or not Colin took any medications, as he is a legal adult.) 

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle also accused Barbara of “expressing Munchausen Syndrome.” (Jenelle got the syndrome wrong; she actually meant to accuse Barb of having “Munchausen Syndrome by proxy,” which is when a caretaker creates symptoms for a kid to make them look sick so that the caretaker can have attention.) 

On Monday, Jenelle continued to accuse her mom of having Munchausen Syndrome by proxy, while also seemingly blasting Barbara for allowing Jace to take medication. (A meme posted by Jenelle to social media states that meth and Adderall are basically the same thing.)

Jenelle added the description of Munchausen by proxy to seemingly further prove her point that her mom has this mental illness.

Over the weekend, Jenelle told her fans on social media that, “It’s crazy because no one has court papers but me. No one has court papers, factually, printed out, on documentation but me.” 

The Ashley has posted part of one of the printed out court papers she obtained below, showing part of the statement Jenelle submitted to the court on October 3. (This request for the restraining order was voluntarily dropped.) 


As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle and Barbara are set to face off again in court next week.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

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  1. People like her are dangerous to society. Your son needs help you MORON. Maybe if you weren’t too busy chugging Natty Ice and smoking weed in your she-shed you’d know that.

  2. Janelle has SOME nerve… She is repulsive and so is her disgusting husband. If she had any respect for herself or her kids, she would leave David and start over and STAY OFF social media and get treatment for her mental illness that clearly is real. While it’s an imaginative idea that Adderall might be meth, it doesn’t work that way. My ex-husband and my older two sons have ADHD. When you have ADHD and you take Adderall, it literally makes you normal. Now, if you did NOT have it, it would give you the effects that meth might. My ex husband was never medicated- he went on to self-medicate… with Meth- in his 20’s. While at the time, it was his go-to, he eventually got off of it as clearly meth is not a long term plan you want to have. He DID say though that he actually felt normal, like he could process things and like he just was at ease. After that, he continued self medicating, but with Alcohol. Luckily, he is now sober but that was a REALLY rough ride for our family and why I essentially left the marriage. As our boys got older, it became clear that therapy and other forms of activity like sports, were not enough. We chose to put them on Adderall and it completely changed our lives for the better- during the school year. At home, I can handle the ADHD and it doesn’t cause many issues. At school, there was no impulse control, concentration was non-existent and they were very disruptive. During the Summers, if they choose, we wean them off and they stay off for the summer. But during school, it’s imperative to them to take it and after initial resistance, they’ve accepted that it does help and it does keep them calmer. Even though they didn’t necessarily WANT to, their behavior was embarrassing to them in that environment. Anyway- Jace likely DOES need to be on Adderall or whatever stimulant he’s on. I personally, have BPD and take Anti-depressants and once I found the right one, my life GREATLY improved- along with being completely sober as well. It can absolutely change your life for the better and GIVE you an actual quality of life you didn’t think was possible. Janelle needs to understand this but she’s clearly ignorant and likely has never even talked to Jace about it and probably is in denial that he has mental health issues. Surprising as it’s NOT surprising that he does with a mother like her. She too could also benefit greatly from medication but ultimately accountability, acceptance, sobriety and intense THERAPY. I’m sure Babs isn’t the perfect mom/grandma but I believe she is FAR better than Janelle and Babs has been on his journey with him since he was a baby. Janelle needs to THANK her mother and leave them alone. It’s truly sad that because of her Ego, she is trying to crucify Babs basically because she looks the way she REALLY is- like a bad mom.

    1. Jenelle is messed up and her husband’s a joke. All her kids need to be removed and placed in someone’s care who truly loves and wants the best for them.

  3. How many times a day do yall visit the Ashley? I’ve visited her page at lwast once a day, almost every day for last sic or so years.

    1. All the old video clips of Jenelle show how resentful she’s always been about Barbra. She always wanted to prove(not neccesarily be) she was better than her.
      She wanted to have nicer home, cars, more money. She has said so many times how when she got Jace back, she will keep him from her for just as long.
      Jenelle goes intn Barbras home and starts how many arguments with her? Then when Barbra raises her voice (after Barbra tells her that on March 5th she’ll be helping her sister and jenelle needed to be available to take Jace to some tournament, but jenelle had spring break plans and pissed) cuz she was hurt by jenelle placing spring break above watching Jace.

      Jenelle only wanted Jace to try and prove something to people and to get at her mom. She only wanted him when it was convenient for her.

  4. Funny how Jace had to go on antidepressants after being in Jenelle and David’s care. That says a lot more about Jenelle and David than it says about Barbara. I hope that both of those neglectful, abusive losers are arrested soon. Their children deserve better.

  5. Has The Ashley EVER been wrong about anything she’s posted? I feel like this is the most reliable news source there is, even if it is just reality trash news. But Jenelle keeps on trying to claim the articles are all lies. Like, why?! Just keep your mouth shut dummy! You KNOW The Ashley always comes with receipts and you’ll just look even more foolish for denying it.

  6. What great timing for her newest business adventure.

    If any one is really interested in mushroom coffee, teas, or hot coca, MYCOBREW, has mushroom coffee and teas. I’ve been buying them from a local nutrition shop. They’re found on Amazon and not affiliated with Jenelle. This company has been around for awhile.
    Lions Mane and Reishi mushrooms have helped me so much with my demylating disease and has given natural energy.

    Just to get the attention off Jaces medical issues at this time that Jenelle keeps putting out there, all while claiming she wants to keep private. LMAO

  7. Babs going complete radio silent has me thinking Jenelle & her pos swamp thing are about to have the rudest awakening ever.

  8. How did the court clerk keep a straight face while reading Jenelle’s 5th grade writing? If anyone is harmful to the kids, it’s Jenelle. She took Jace off his Adderall so her & David could take it to get high. She left Jace to tend to the younger kids while her & David ran off on vacation after vacation for days on end. Then she let David beat up her kids while she sits by watching. I hope Jenelle loses all the kids and never gets them back.

  9. The court records are public record unless they have been sealed. Some records are available on request because they need to be redacted. If you know the county and where to look online (which isn’t difficult to find) anyone can access these records. That isn’t the case everywhere in the country, but it IS the case in Jenelle’s state. For her to believe she is the only one who has the court papers (aka the pleadings) is extremely ignorant. She needs to push this narrative because it allows her to blame Barbara. If she convinces herself that no one besides her and Barbara have the paperwork, then she can in turn believe that Barbara is talking to the tabloids. Then she can make everything that has happened Barbara’s fault. Sorry Jenelle. I pulled the available records in 5 minutes, and they were plentiful.

  10. Jenelle is disgusting. Taking all of this out in her mother, when it’s David and herself that are the problem. She sounds unhinged in the application. Her brother doesn’t even live in the same town as Barbara, how does she have him on meds at age 35?

  11. If Jenelle has no relationship with her brother, (who isn’t a ward) how would she know what medication he’s currently on?

    Also the photo of the court papers ??

  12. Hey Jenelle, Did you know children of women who use marijuana during or soon after pregnancy are twice as likely than other kids to become anxious, aggressive or hyperactive. Study shows new findings of cannibas use during pregnancy to psych problems in child after.

  13. Does this dumb b*tch really think her mother has the time or money to fight her in court after taking care of grandkids and adulting everyday. Jenelle is straight trash.

  14. Someone should’ve sent you Jenelle. Maybe then you wouldn’t have had 3 kids and ruined their lives.

  15. Poor babs, the only one looking out for Jace and her own daughter treats her like shit. Why is Janelle pushing this so much, does she not want Jace to tell all about life on the swamp or is she annoyed she no longer has access to his meds herself?

  16. She is really talking about Colin!?!?!? B*tch, please.

    Colin was sent in childhood to a mental institution after he set fire to Babs house. The fact that he was sent there and put on meds is a GOOD THING. He was showing signs of mental health issues before that but, that was Babs straw. He also has some several developmental delays and has been in and out of group homes and jail in adult life. I think and this might just be a rumor he has schizoaffective disorder.

    Also, we know Jace has been on meds since he was a kid for ADHD. And Jenelle has always fought for Jace to not take them when he’s in her home. Babs has always fought with Jenelle about this. Drugs like Adderall and Ritalin are not drugs you just ad hoc take, they have serious withdrawal symptoms, which is why every doctor talks about tapering them both starting to take them, and going off them.

    And it’s a joke about Jenelle being worried about what drugs are going into Jace’s body, that girl runs a pharmacy inside her house. She has been on every drug legal and illegal known.

  17. I love that she wrote it in pen like that makes it proof. lol.

    okay sis, make claims, it’s not proof of anything.

  18. Well then, if Jenelle actually has papers “Factually and printed out”, then I guess she wins.

    Your moron is showing Jenelle. Go away.

  19. Barb raised 3 kids to adulthood. She wasn’t perfect. Did she ever lose custody? And then she raised a few grandkids to the best of her ability, giving up so many years to do the right thing.

    David is behind this smear campaign 100%. Jenelle is angry but she’s stupid. Perfect pawn.

    1. No parent is perfect, & it seems like Barbara has done her best with what has been available to her. I hope Barbara goes no contact with Jenelle now.

  20. There is nothing wrong with being on medication if you need it. Come on Jenelle you should know that with your medical school background blahahaha. The land has been very quiet for the most part. David has not went on any rages or been posting really. Rumor has it Jenelle unfollowed him. Sitting waiting for cps to do the drug testing. Hopefully the other kiddos will be saved.

  21. Something big is going to happen soon. David is being too quiet. The land is being too quiet altogether. Jenelle is unfollowing David again.

    1. You are the second person to say she unfollowed him. That is quite interesting after her post praising him a few days ago. How stupid of them to unfollow when they are sitting in the same house, or shed! But they do not fight in front of the kids!, Because they are both such responsible parents!
      That alone speaks volumes if it’s true. Can you picture them there together, getting high or drunk, and posting their dirty laundry for the world to read?
      Have either posted anything today? I don’t read there posts, but I am curious.

  22. This all just reeks of David’s abusive influence. Jenelle & Barb have always had issues but he just provokes them so badly. His most recent posts on social media with photos of him & Jace are an obvious attempt at damage control because he’s (hopefully) probably terrified that he’s actually being investigated for physical abuse. But ever since day 1, I don’t doubt that he has been emotionally & financially abusive toward Jenelle. Working hard at isolating her from any sort of support system. It’s really sad & so evil.

  23. Those court papers mean nothing when you’re stripped of custody. His medical care and decisions are no longer hers when he’s in CPS custody.

  24. Too bad Barb wasnt Davids mom. Jenelle right on time playing the sympathy card. Feel sorry for me.
    Quit blaming your parents. Grow up. Jenelle you were NUGGETS mom.

  25. Oh Dr Jenelle, didnt you also suffer from a mental or some condition where you pulled your hair out too etc..?? I think her sister also has that condition and Colin I think may be schizophrenic? This is sad your deflecting and throwing your single mom who was trying her damndest to raise 3 kiddos alone while WORKING A FULL TIME JOB !!

  26. She’s starting to broach into Farrah’s territory with the lack of comprehension and language/literacy skills. Also, where is this poor kid’s right to medical privacy?! I actually feel guilty reading this article just for his sake ?. Could the feud be reported on without including the details of a minor’s medical/mental health info?

    1. Right?! Like does she forget that part? Does she think any of us or the courts have? LOL. Janelle is beyond delusional and just plain stupid at this point.

  27. She’s one of those people who uses big words to try and make her self look smart but what she says doesn’t make no damn sense

    1. It’s the Farrah Syndrome.

      I’m surprised she’s not screaming PER LAW in every badly worded video she puts out, bashing her mum and alienating Jace.

      She has no idea the harm she’s still causing Jace, she’ll never, ever see a different POV than her own ?

    2. Yes, the more she attempts to sound intelligent, her ignorance shines even brighter. Bitch needs to learn when to shut the hell up. She is only digging a bigger hole for them both to be buried in.
      And I ain’t hating it.

  28. Imagine the list someone could make a out trashelle:

    Arrested dozens of times
    All of her kids positive for drugs at birth
    Stolen credit cards from her own family
    Mentally so unstable that she believes she can see molecules
    Called 911 234,353,3000 times
    Visited every ER in the state
    Booted black tar heroin someone smuggled into the country via their butt

  29. Perhaps Colin takes meds for his mental health because it helps him.. like the millions of other people in this world?

    1. well jenelle kept stating over & over “no one has the court papers but me” … well get her Ashley! expose her ass with them!

    2. Wonder if it hurts to constantly pull more bull shit out of your ass? Give it a rest! Nothing she says about her mom can change the fact that her hubs is dangerous. It won’t make the investigation go away either.

  30. I think Jenelle refills Jace’s aderall RX and takes them herself, or perhaps sells them to support David’s gun habit. I also think Jenelle could really benefit an antipsychotic medication.

    1. I wouldn’t doubt it. (Or David takes them)
      She obviously doesn’t understand that adderall doesn’t have the same speedy effect on people with ADD/ADHD who actually benefit from it.

    1. Jenelle’s court life is exhausting.
      And it’s just getting started.

      Jenelle actually needs MORE mental health help.

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