Jenelle Evans Responds After Her Sister Ashleigh Accuses Her Of Being “Out of Control,” a Neglectful Parent & Drug User

“Well, I see my daughtas are bickerin’ again!”

Jenelle Evans‘ life seems to be in turmoil— and now another person from the fired Teen Mom 2 star’s life is coming out of the woodwork to comment on Jenelle’s behavior and parenting— and Jenelle is not happy about it!

On Thursday, Jenelle’s sister Ashleigh Evans Wilson left a comment on a video about Jenelle posted by YouTuber @ElleBee. In her comment, Ashleigh claimed that Jenelle neglects her kids, uses drugs and can’t handle it when the “truth” about her life is revealed.

(Ashleigh and Jenelle have been estranged for year, but she did appear on ‘Teen Mom 2’ over the years.)

“I try really hard not to comment on these videos about my family. However, I will say that my sister has not changed, she is still the same person she was years ago,” Ashleigh wrote in a comment that remains posted as of press time. “She still neglects her children, has a lot of mental health issues, starts trouble with my mother all the time, doing drugs and does the most.

“She’s only upset because the truth is coming out,” Ashleigh continued. “Not by my mother [but] by her own actions and being a neglectful parent. That’s why she got a restraining order. It’s most likely going to be dropped.

“If only everybody seen what goes on behind closed doors everyone would be shocked. My sister is out of control. Unfortunately, she will never change.”

Jenelle after reading Ashleigh’s comment…probably.

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle recently filed for a restraining order against her mother, Barbara Evans, claiming that she fears Barb poses the threat of “danger of serious and immediate injury” to her and her kids. In addition, Jenelle has been struggling to parent her 14-year-old son, Jace, whom she regained custody of earlier this year. In the last month, Jace has run away from twice. 

Jenelle eventually became aware of the comment Ashleigh made, and then responded online. In a message posted to Instagram Stories on Friday, Jenelle told her followers not to believe what Ashleigh said.

“Here we go again…I do not associate with my sister or brother [Colin] for years now,” Jenelle wrote. “My sister has no idea about my family or personal life. She doesn’t associate with my children either.”

Next, Jenelle threw a jab at Ashleigh’s own parenting. (She has two sons, Gabriel— who was featured on ‘Teen Mom 2’ frequently— and Atlas.) 

“Girl, I would be focusing on the child you don’t have before pointing fingers at anyone,” Jenelle told her sister. (The Ashley can’t confirm or deny if Ashleigh has custody of both of her sons.) 


Jenelle and Ashleigh have been at odds for years. Back in 2021, Jenelle discussed her poor relationship with Ashleigh in a TikTok Q&A session, stating that she believes Ashleigh is envious of her.

“Me and her didn’t have the best relationship growing up…We definitely didn’t get along then because it seemed like she was jealous over me,” Jenelle stated in her signature “Jenelle Speak” way.

“Later on in life I ended up on this show, and then things only got worse from there. She has mental health issues. She sold me out to the tabloids, making up stories that aren’t even true,” Jenelle stated, referencing a 2012 interview Ashleigh did with Star magazine in which Ashleigh called Jenelle “evil,” among other things.

@jenellelevans Answer to @queenbtxh Wow, yeah if you didn’t know… I do have a sister. ?? #Childhood #Siblings #Sisters ♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

“When something goes bad in my life, that’s the only time that she will comment on my life. So, I hope she’s doing well, but it’s better if I cut her off,” Jenelle stated.

In 2019, the sisters were once again sparring online after Ashleigh revealed that Jenelle had lost custody of her then-two-year-old daughter, Ensley. Jenelle denied Ashleigh’s claim (which actually turned out to be true), and told her followers not to believe what Ashleigh was saying.

 “My sister is psycho y’all. Don’t believe her. She doesn’t know anything about my situation. I don’t speak to her,” Jenelle tweeted.

In return, Ashleigh took to Facebook to let the public know she does not want to be associated with Jenelle or the rest of their family. (To The Ashley’s knowledge, Barbara and Ashleigh currently get along and have a good relationship.) 

“I am Ashleigh Evans Wilson. I’m nothing like my family,’ Ashleigh wrote in 2019. “I have a BA in Political Science and English. I graduated pre-law school… I own a house and I’m a single mom and have my s**t together. I’m not trailer trash like the rest of my family.”

“I know ya not talkin’ about me, Ashleigh!”

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21 Responses

  1. Well jennlle has came along way from where she was and she has her son back with her and her other kids if they didn’t think she had her shit together the courts wouldn’t of gave her son back to good luck jennlle to you and your family

  2. I think I’ll believe Ashley and my own lying eyes before I’ll ever believe the other one.

  3. I mean I don’t have a personal relationship with Jenelle but I know she is an abusive, neglectful parent who doesn’t put her kids first. I don’t know much about Ashleigh but I do wonder if she graduated from the same pre-law school that Farrah did, lol.

  4. I think the situation with Jace running away getting pinned on jenelle and her parenting isn’t right. Jace obviously has issues and had these issues while being in Barbara’s care. But no one would ever really say anything about her parenting but when it happens in jenelle’s care, it’s automatically her parenting. Just hypocritical to me. Jace has been brought up in chaos and with awful parenting. I mean, Barbara did raise 3 kids and none of them are really that great. Wasn’t Ashley on drugs too and Barbara had custody of her son Gabriel? She says she has a BA in political science AND English? Double major? And graduated a “pre law school”. That doesn’t make any sense. People usually go to a university and their major is “pre Law”. Just doesn’t sound right. I think Ashley and Barbara both need to stop talking to the press or social media about jenelle. If jenelle is doing all the things they are saying she is, it will all come out without their help.

  5. Doesn’t one of Ashleigh’s kids live with Barbra too? So she’s not one to judge Jenelle…
    That whole family has issues. I hope Jace gets the help he needs, poor kid has had such a hard life.

  6. We already knew Jenelle is a neglectful parent and a dug user, that’s hardly news.
    Also Jenelle,you only have custody of your son because your mother can’t handle him anymore, not because you’ve proven you are a capable mother. Also your husband isn’t allowed near his son so don’t go around pointing fingers xD

  7. We all know Jenelle is trash without her sister butting in. Jenelle can bring up her sister’s custody situation if she wants, but who’s the one with a child they can’t even have visitation with??? David (which says a lot more to me).

    1. Dumbnelle is a worthless pos…always has been…we don’t need anyone to tell us that…she has shown us herself

  8. “I’m not trailer trash like rest of my fanily” and then that photo of Barb has me rolling.

    I’m really curious to know what Ashleigh does for a living with those degrees. I’m not trying to discredit her in any way, but just cuz you own your house and have college degrees doesn’t mean she’s any better than anyone.
    We know Jenells trash and she owns her home?

    This is just typical drama between that unhinged fanily. I do believe Ashlee that they’re on something. Jenelle has a kystery illness, guys! Lmao
    She probably gets prescriptions. I definitely could see them as alcoholics cuz how accessible it is. I know a lot of alcoholics who think they’re better than drug users cuz they’re not doing drugs..

    I was one of them. My mom did drugs and I thought I was better than her cuz I was an alcoholic lolol
    I’m just laughing at my own self cyz how much better I thought I was than her( I had a pill addiction as a teen but didn’t recognize it as an addiction cuz they were prescribed until I went into recovery in mid twenties).
    David seems like the “righteous ” type to think that

      1. As a recovering alcoholic,
        That’s horse crap!! Lol
        There’s nothing wrong with drinking, as long as you don’t have a problem..which many people do.

        Most alcoholics say that because it sounds so much better than saying you’re a drug addict.
        Same with being a wine-o.
        I was one. I was proud of not being a drug addict, all while I was burning my life down with my drinking.

        Guys, im.not judging in any way. There are different levels of addiction, and some people can even keep it in control.
        Shoot, in the back of the AA book, there are personal stories. One is of a surgeon who had kept it together for many, many years and never went to meetings and stayed in denial because he didn’t look like the other alcoholics.
        It was when he couldn’t do a four hour surgery without taking a drink just to keep hands steady while doing brain surgery that he realized it was a definite problem.

  9. “If only everybody seen what goes on behind closed doors.. ”

    This lends credibility to the story that Jace was trying to go live and show something at the house before they took his phone and he ran away, the second time.

    Something really effed up is happening there

    As Jenelle says “the truth will come out”

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