‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Star Maci Bookout Reveals Son Bentley’s Anger Over His Dad Ryan Edwards’ Drug Overdose in April

On this week’s episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, viewers saw big developments in the Ryan Edwards legal/substance abuse storyline, with Ryan ultimately overdosing and being sent back to jail, leaving his eldest son Bentley in a state of anger.   

The episode began with Ryan deciding to leave rehab before completing his 30-day (court-ordered) stint, which he received after pleading guilty to harassing wife, Mackenzie Edwards. Ryan’s trip to rehab–- and subsequent early exit-– came at a time when Maci Bookout claimed Ryan’s relationship with their son was the best it had been in years.

“Hell, me and, um…Benji is like peas and carrots.” 

Maci voiced her concerns about Ryan leaving rehab before he was scheduled to do so, admitting she didn’t think it was a good decision “considering [Ryan’s] long history with substance abuse.” Maci’s concerns were unfortunately validated just days later when Ryan was found unresponsive in his vehicle by police after overdosing. 

(As The Ashley previously told you, Ryan allegedly snorted a substance and passed out in his pickup truck back in April. Emergency responders had to administer Narcan–- a medicine that rapidly reverses an opioid overdose–- on the scene and were luckily able to revive Ryan before rushing him to the hospital.) 

Maci claimed Ryan’s overdose marked the first time she was “genuinely scared” for her ex, adding that she was also concerned for Bentley

The first time? Really?!

“Having to have that conversation with Bentley and just seeing that, I know how I felt hearing it, but Ryan’s not my dad,” Maci told cameras. “All of it is so hard. Bentley feels all of that times a million, and he’s a kid. I think the biggest thing is making sure that Bentley is priority. But as a mom, you can’t just get a Band-Aid. It’s so hard.” 

Maci, finally realizing that this storyline wasn’t such a good idea after all.

Maci–- who spoke to Bentley after Ryan was sent back to jail following his overdose–- revealed that Bentley was initially concerned about Ryan going to rehab and having to deal with his addiction issues alone; however, she said collectively, the family felt more at ease while Ryan was in treatment. After learning his father was leaving rehab early, Bentley began to worry that Ryan would end up behind bars again, though Maci said their son’s fear had since turned to anger. 

“Would you say you’re angry enough to write a tell-all? Just askin’!”

“Now he’s just angry,” she said. “The way things had been going the last four to five months and how good things were going, even in the midst of all this crap with his soon-to-be-ex-wife [Mackenzie], I think Bentley is angry because he’s like how I used to be, like, ‘Don’t you realize how much potential you have?'” 

As The Ashley previously told you, the judge ruled during a July court hearing that Ryan would be allowed to leave jail– where he had been since April, serving a one-year sentence– in order to give rehab another shot. Ryan completed his 28-day treatment program in August and is now staying at the rehab’s halfway house. 

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10 Responses

  1. I wish she would have left well enough alone and let Ryan continue to be a very small part of Bentley’s life instead of pushing them back together when we all knew this was coming. He probably wouldn’t be hurting as much right now if Ryan was still just some guy he saw in passing at Jen and Larry’s.

    Bentley has a great dad: Taylor. The same dad that told Maci over and over again that he didn’t think it was a good idea to push Bentley to have a relationship with a mentally unstable drug addict.

  2. Yeah, sure. He is angry because his dad is “losing his potential.” No, you moron, he is angry because he has a selfish, drug adict, irresponsible twat for a father! And he actually does have a REAL father Maci…his name is Taylor, you know, your husband you so like to push aside for this storyline who you have TWO KIDS with! I’m pretty sure Taylor is the sense of reason in this marriage and she somehow doesn’t want to listen to him.

  3. Ryan is a POS and Maci is unhinged. Ryan is a loser addict but I don’t understand her at all. For years she refused to coparent with him, wouldn’t speak to him unless MTV cameras were there and would only deal with Jen and Larry. But since he’s become an addict, now she wants to foster a relationship between Ryan and Bentley?!?! Why now? Why was she so against a relationship with Bentley when Ryan was working, paying child support, and living by himself? But she’s making an effort now? After he started doing drugs? Is she doing this for storyline purposes or what? I am in no way saying that she is to blame for Ryan’s addiction because she’s not. I do think her and Ryan’s actions are incredibly harmful to Bentleys mental wellbeing.

  4. Not Maci still blaming Mack for all this.

    Great storyline btw. Secured you a steady paycheck for the season and didn’t have to talk about yourself one time!!

  5. The Sun are reporting that Ryan has a new girlfriend that he met in rehab and they live at the same half way house. I guess they’ll either pull each other up or drag each other down! If he’s with her,
    though, (given what the article said) I don’t see how he can be clean. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

  6. So Bentley is angry because his father is a selfish addict who threw his life away? Go figure.
    Also Maci, if you were truly concerned about Bentley, you should have left TM years ago. Going through what he’s been going through is hard. Being a teen is hard. Being a teen with an addicted POS father on TV is even worse.

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