Mama June Shannon Gives Heartbreaking Update on Daughter Anna Cardwell’s Cancer: “We Are Going Through This Transition”

Anna in November…

UPDATE! On Sunday, Anna’s family announced that Anna passed away late Saturday night. Click here for latest update.

Anna Cardwell‘s terminal cancer has apparently taken a turn for the worse, and her family is asking their fans for prayers.

Mama June Shannon took to Instagram Stories on Saturday to inform fans of the family’s WEtv show, Mama June: Road to Redemption, that Anna is still alive, but is moving into a new stage in her cancer battle. (June and other family members— including Alana Thompson and Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon— had asked for prayers for their family on Friday but did not go into detail as to what was going on.)

June addressed fans who were worried that Anna had passed away after the family’s cryptic postings on Friday.


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“I just want to let y’all know that some things have changed in our life over the last few weeks that are totally out of our control,” she said. “God has all the faith [and] has all the cards, but Anna is still with us.

“As we are going through this transition, we are asking for continued prayers for Anna, continued prayers for the family, continued thoughts and appreciation,” June continued. “We see all your messages, even though we’re not responding back to y’all.”

June stated that she will be staying off social media for the time being.

“When that time comes [and Anna passes away], we will also as a family come to y’all on social media, because Anna would not have it any f**king other way,” June said. “But we love you guys, and continue to pray for us as a family.” 


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Anna’s sister Pumpkin was the first to reveal that Anna’s condition has recently worsened. On November 28, she alerted followers on the Facebook page for her business that she and her family would be going on a “last trip” with Anna.

“Sadly [Anna’s condition has] gotten worse over the last couple of months and her wish is to go to Gatlinburg with all of us,” Pumpkin wrote. “So we are making that happen & making the best out of this.”

On Friday, Pumpkin wrote another update on her personal Facebook page.

“Todays been a really tough day,” she wrote. “& with the holidays approaching this s**t just ain’t fair.”

Anna– who is only 29 years old— was diagnosed with Stage 4 adrenal carcinoma, a rare cancer that had already spread to her liver, kidney and lung by the time it was discovered in January. She has undergone chemotherapy and radiation throughout the year and has posted about it on her social media accounts.

Anna last gave a update on November 10.

“I want to give y’all a little update on myself,” she said in a TikTok video. “I’ve been doing pretty good. I just went through radiation not too long ago. That went great, honestly, it went better than I honestly expected it. I thought I was going to be in a lot of pain and I wasn’t. But I am going through this thing called autoimmune therapy. It’s a pain, but it’s going great.”

@annamariecardwe39 Life update!!!#cancersucks? #roadtosuperstars ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

In May, June talked about the grim prognosis they were given for Anna.

“As her mom, I’ve had to have those talks that you don’t want to have with your child,” she said in an interview with ET. “We’ve had those talks as a family, too. But we all know what the end-game is and we all are prepared for that. I mean, you’re never prepared for that, but we know what could happen, and her children know that, which is sad because she has a 10- and a seven-year-old.

(Anna— who was known as Chickadee on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo— is the mom of daughters Kaitlyn and Kylee.)

“We don’t know what the life expectancy is,” June said in an interview with Page Six in May. “Her cancer is very rare. Only one in 1 million people get it. There [are] only a few doctors that treat it. And the couple of doctors here in the United States that treat it, I feel like — I’m not trying to be mean — are experimental doctors.”

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13 Responses

  1. I really hope her girls are getting as much time with her as they possibly can and they have at least as many good days as rough ones. They have been through so much as it is already. They are going to need as many good memories as they can gather, I do hope they get them!

    I have nothing good to say about the rest of her family, honestly, because they are capitalizing on her and her children’s grief and it pisses me off to no end. No matter how sad it is for them (whether they’re pretending at times or not, because none of them have been close with her for years), it’s monumentally worse for her and her kids and they seem to forget that every time they sell their story to another source or post on sm despite her saying she didn’t want it all out there. It is 100% about them and I can’t stand people like that.

  2. As a mother; I cannot imagine what Anna is going through knowing that, barring a miracle, she’ll be leaving her girls soon. I’m praying she gets her miracle.

    This poor girl has been dealt the worst hand in life but she seems to have always tried to make the best of things. I hope she finds some peace in her final days with her girls.

  3. My heart breaks for her kids too. I know that is probably the hardest part of all of this is the fact that she knows she has to say goodbye to her kids. No mother wants to do that. Ironically I saw the previews for next season and saw Anna. For about 15 seconds I got excited and hoped her cancer had went in remission despite it being terminal. Then I remembered that the show was taped in advance.?

  4. Ah, man.. those 2 little girls.. it’s just sad all around..

    On another note, I LOVE Gatlinburg. I hope they had a good trip bc TN is such a great vacation spot. She deserves one last really cool trip.

  5. This is so sad. She’s so young and with two young kids… I just hope she’s not in a lot of pain and that her kids will be properly taken care of

  6. I was just wondering how she was doing today. My heart is so sad. This hits home. My child battled cancer. This is so sad…

  7. Wow, what a horrible situation. I don’t understand why things like this happen. I feel so awful for her kids.

    1. It’s real life. This stuff happens. Good people, bad people, public people, private people.

      I hope things are peaceful for her family. This won’t be easy.

    2. That’s why there is a famous book called “When Bad Things Happen to Good People”…it’s to help people heal and try and “make sense” of the tragedies in life.

      1. Agreed J-Dawg!!

        And Jenn, “It’s real life. This stuff happens”…duh!!! People who go through it KNOW THAT!! That was a REALLY heartless thing to say!!!

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