Watch a Sneak Peek of the ‘Sister Wives’ Wedding Special: Christine Brown’s Daughters Surprise Her With Sentimental Gifts Before She Marries David Woolley

“Please don’t tell me you girls bought me a Claddagh ring…”

Christine Brown undoubtedly received the best gift of all back in 2021 when she officially ended her marriage to Kody Brown, but the Sister Wives star was fortunate enough to also receive some thoughtful gifts from three of her daughters on the morning of her wedding to husband David Woolley. 

As The Ashley previously told you, Christine and David tied the knot in October in a ceremony held in Moab, Utah. Fans of ‘Sister Wives’ will get to watch the couple’s big day– and the events leading up to it– on Christine & David’s Wedding Special, premiering January 7 on TLC. 

In a sneak peek of the upcoming special obtained by People, Christine shares a moment with three of her daughters, Aspyn, Ysabel and Mykelti, who surprise her with a series of meaningful gifts while getting ready for her and David’s big day. 

“There’s a tradition, something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new,” Aspyn tells viewers. “Mykelti, Ysabel and I all wanted to give mom stuff and we decided to base it around that tradition.” 

For Ysabel’s gift, she explains to her mom that she has stuck a penny to the bottom of her sparkly wedding shoes as part of a German tradition that is supposed to bring prosperity to a marriage. Ysabel presents two different shoes to her mom-– both with a penny attached the bottom-– one pair presumably for the wedding ceremony and the second for the reception. 

“Since you no longer have to put up with dad’s body-flailing dance moves, I didn’t bother making these steel-toe.”

“We wanted to give you something that will send you into this marriage on a good step, or a good foot,” Ysabel tells her mom. 

Next in the clip we see Aspyn present her mom with a “little giftie” of a gold bracelet engraved with Christine and David’s initials on one side and the couple’s wedding date on the other. 

My Sister Wife’s Closet could never.

“Oh my gosh, yes!” Christine says. “I love it!” 

Aspyn then presents her mom with the earrings she wore for her wedding to husband Mitch Thompson as an option for Christine to wear on her own wedding day. 

“Yes, that would be my greatest honor!” Christine enthusiastically tells Aspyn. 

Mykelti is the last to reveal her gift, which unfortunately isn’t an offer to perform her own rendition of “Let Me Call You Sweetheart,” as Christine memorably did at Mykelti’s wedding to Tony Padron.  


Instead, Mykelti presents her mom with the same knife and server set she and Tony used to cut their wedding cake. 

“Dad and his kidneys thought you’d appreciate this particular gift.”

In the clip, Aspyn notes that she and her sisters wanted their mom to have the “biggest and most special wedding” and “wanted to make sure that [she] got everything.” 

Christine goes on to reveal that while she knew her daughters were excited for her and David to get married, she “didn’t expect them to be this excited.” 

“They’re having a good time with me getting married,” she adds. 

We hope this scene caused at least 10 more strands of Kody’s tendrils to jump ship…

Part 1 of ‘Christine & David’s Wedding Special’ airs Sunday on TLC. Click here to watch the preview clip.

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 


  1. God I WISH Mykelti’s gift would have been to sing Let me call you sweetheart!

    I didn’t realize how much her daughters look like her mom!

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