Kail Lowry Says Her Boyfriend Elijah Scott Has Proposed to Her “So Many Times” But She Refuses to Set a Wedding Date

“At least we know we won’t have any lack of ring bearers if we do get hitched!”

Wedding bells could be ringing for Kail Lowry and her live-in lover Elijah Scottif the mom of seven gets past her hesitation to try marriage again. 

On this week’s episode of her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast, Kail told her co-host Vee Torres that Elijah– with whom Kail shares three kids with— wants to get married, but she is reluctant to say “I do” again. Kail pointed to her failed marriage to Javi Marroquin as the reason she’s hesitant to get hitched again. 

“What is the point of getting married if divorce is an option? And I’m saying that as someone who’s divorced,” Kail said. “What business do I have getting remarried if Javi and I got divorced? …why do we think we can go remarry? If we can just marry and divorce, why are we getting married? Why are we making those commitments of ’til death do us part’ if death do not do us part?”

“Don’t mention WaWa…don’t mention WaWa!”

Kail— who was married to Javi from 2012-2016— said she shouldn’t have gotten married to Javi at such a young age. Despite this, Kail said she does want to marry Elijah.

“I go back and forth with divorce and remarrying all the time. It’s something that I really struggle with,” she said. “On some days, I’m like, ‘Yes, Elijah and I are gonna get married…I want to, but I also have this internal conflict about the fact that I was married before and I made those commitments, and I made those vows, and I did not follow through.”

Vee asked how Elijah feels about marrying Kail, and Kail revealed that Elijah has asked her to marry him “so many times.” 

“I say yes, and I want to marry him, but I also…he was married and divorced too,” she said. “We both got divorced. We didn’t fulfill our commitments before, so what makes us think that each [of us] is any different now?”

Kail said that she refuses to set a wedding date.

“I’ll just be standing over here in my tux if anyone needs me to impregnate them…”

“I say yes, and then he’ll be like, ‘OK, let’s set a date, let’s do this.’ And that’s where I’m struggling because he wants to set a date and he wants the whole ceremony and everything,” Kail said. “I say yes but then I don’t actually go forward with setting a date. I don’t actually go forward with planning. I don’t actually do any of those things.”

Kail then made it clear that her reluctance to marry Elijah is not due to her wanting to get back with Javi, and that no “Kavi” Reunion will ever happen again. 

“Not even…

“Please don’t twist what I’m saying into me wanting to be with Javi. That’s not the case,” she said. (As The Ashley previously reported, Javi is currently dating and expecting his second child with Lauren Comeau.) 

“I’m thankful [for that marriage], but I’m not a quitter. That’s the other thing, is that I’m not a f**king quitter!” Kail said.

“The only thing that works harder than me is my uterus!”

Kail stated that she felt that she and Javi could have worked out their issues. 

“To me, looking back, there was nothing so extreme [that either of us did] that would have warranted a divorce, so I look back and I’m like, ‘I failed this.’ I am mad at myself for doing it in the first place because divorce was an option,” Kail said.

Kail said that her ex, Malik Montgomery, also wanted to marry her while they were together

“Even when I was with Malik and he wanted to marry me, he was sending pictures of [engagement] rings and asking [my assistant] Kristen my ring size and things like that,” she said. “I definitely wasn’t prepared then [to get married], but now, I don’t see Elijah and I going anywhere [or breaking up]. I just don’t.”

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV)


  1. It’s just funny how she keeps having more and more kids with each guy… Joe she had one, Javi almost 2 (miscarriage and they were trying), Chris 3, and now this guy 3. Wtf is she trying to prove? And her saying she doesn’t r want to marry Elijah just….time. What the hell has become of her? Just a man hopping, baby shooting, erratic chaotic mess of a woman. Sad.

  2. Yeah… This guy wants to be married so fast to this great catch of a woman he barely knows with multiple children and several baby daddies.
    IT MU$T BE FOR HER KNOCK OUT LOOK$ AND PER$ONALITY. I wonder what he does for a living….

  3. ??????? Having children together is way more of a commitment than getting married…. I don’t understand this woman.

    1. Normal people would agree with you. But to kailyn that clearly doesn’t make sense, she gets pregnant by anyone she barely knows as longs the that person has a d***.

  4. I’ve had a soft spot for Kail but it makes zero sense to be hung up on a commitment you didn’t fulfill just because there’s paperwork. Obviously that’s what seems to be the big hurdle here…you’ve already had kids and live together. If you’re willing to do all that, what’s the difference in making sure there’s legal protection for you and your family? Kail isn’t religious. Who is she disappointing that she broke the commitment?

  5. Hopefully if they get married he doesn’t have to make up his own vows. whenever he speaks he seems to struggle to mumble out a coherent sentence!

  6. Not hung up on Javi?

    Yeah, no one ever thought that.

    Chris, though? Absolutely.

    I don’t think she likes this guy. He was available and she settled, basically.
    I don’t feel like she loves him or even really cares too much about him.

    “He isn’t going anywhere”.

    1. “I don’t see Elijah and I going anywhere. I just don’t”

      That’s a giant Freduian-slip if ever there was one! I honestly think her subconscious just leaked-out and she accidentally told the truth for once. Like, yeah, your relationship isn’t going anwyhere!

      He strikes me as nice but dim. I think she’s only kept him around cos he’s pretty and does as he’s told. She likes him but she’s not in-love with him. He’s nice and everything but he doesn’t set her on fire (metaphorically)!

      I think If Chris ever get’s married then she will within a year.

  7. I understand completely. I’m separated, divorced soon and I agree with her. I have no interest in getting married again. It was one and done for me.

    1. SAME! My first marriage was horrible! We’ve been divorced for almost a decade and he still lies to people about why I left him. I NEVER want to do that again. It doesn’t help that literally every single one of our friends that are married seem miserable too!

  8. Perhaps she doesn’t want Javi back but it’s really weird how she sees this. Yes, you DO want marriage to be forever and that also happens but if it doesn’t and you get a divorce…it’s just not a big deal to remarry? You have 3 kids with this guy, that’s an even bigger commitment imo. I just don’t think she actually wants to marry him, esp if he is asking her so many times. Being hung up on “I didn’t fullfill my commitments!” is a ridiculous statement. Like get married or don’t, I don’t care but just stop talking about it as if you are doing Javi a disservice or sth, that’s not the case.

  9. Correct me if I’m wrong but when she first married Javi, everyone was saying how he was such a catch and they were having insecurity issues and she hugged and puffed about how “divorce is not an option, point blank”… Over and over again, so now she’s saying, divorce actually was an option and that their divorce was not warranted? … It’s like she forgets her whole life has been on the Internet for us to see forever. Kinda like when she got pregnant with Lux and made this whole ordeal about how they were “just friends who agreed to have a child just because they both wanted a child, but not in a romantic relationship” and then after he was born, she said they were in a relationship…

  10. I wonder if this one actually has a job? Or if he is hoping to live off of all the child support she rakes in from the multiple fathers.

    1. Or an offer for someone or something else to pay for the wedding. One free wedding wasn’t enough. Funny that she has such strong, moral commitment to marriage and ZERO morals about collecting kids and baby daddies. Other than Kody Brown, I find her one of the most disingenuous people out there. I wish she would stop pushing herself on us and fade quickly and quietly into the mist.

      1. Totally agree- Like let’s not act like you actually have morals, Kail. Not to mention… You have THREE kids with this dude… that’s a life-long commitment you can NOT get out of (unless you lose your kids or something), unlike divorce. It’s insane to me that she’s all hung up on the idea of marriage but finds zero roadblocks when it comes to procreating with all these dudes. Not only multiple dudes, but she had two children with a man that apparently got physical with her and wouldn’t commit to her… That’s what she should really be concerned about.

  11. She’s being ridiculous. They live together and have already 3 kids together and that’s the ultimate commitment. Weddings are for celebrating love and there are also some legal issues that are easier to married couples.

    1. She is saying she is not hung up on Javi but she is obv still hung up on that marriage. People get remarried ALL THE TIME! It’s no big deal! Does Javi have to remarry again in order for her to do it too? I just don’t get it.

    2. I never thought I’d get married again after my divorce, but it was because I just knew I wouldn’t settle again & didn’t think the perfect person for me existed. I was wrong & found that person & there was no hesitation when I said yes or planning our wedding. Divorce doesn’t mean that anyone failed. Stuff happens in life & you just have to roll with it. I don’t know why she is so hesitant on marriage, but will keep having kids with different men which is a much bigger commitment.

      1. Same. My first marriage was AWFUL and he gave me no choice but to divorce him. I still felt like I failed, though, and hated that I’d chosen somebody so wrong. I decided to just 100% focus on my kids and bettering myself and not even try to find anybody because I was terrified of making the same mistake twice. Spent three years single and then my now-husband came along and I knew before we even actually got together that we’d end up married. It was a whole different feeling.

        I also can’t imagine creating life with somebody I don’t even want to marry. It’s an odd way of thinking.

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