Taylor Selfridge Says “Clock is Ticking” for Boyfriend & Baby Daddy Cory Wharton to Propose: “He’s Had Enough Time”

“Tick tock, Cory.”

The pressure is on for Cory Wharton to pop the question. 

The Challenge and Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star’s girlfriend Taylor Selfridge recently told In Touch Weekly that she’s more than ready for an engagement. 

“The clock is ticking,” Taylor told the outlet. “He’s only got so much time.

“He’s had enough time,” Taylor added.

Cory and Taylor met in 2017 on Ex on the Beach. The couple are parents to daughters Mila– whom they welcomed in 2020– and Maya, who was born in 2022. (Cory also shares daughter Ryder with ‘Teen Mom’ star Cheyenne Floyd.)

According to Taylor, stress from Maya’s health issues have had an impact on the couple’s relationship. (As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Maya was born with a congenital heart condition, resulting in the little one undergoing two open-heart surgeries.)

“I think a lot of our issues stem from trauma with our daughter and just not having a very romantic connection as much as we used to,” she said. “Just because we were going through so much stress with her that it’s hard to come back to each other.” 


As The Ashley previously told you, Cory and Taylor will appear on the upcoming season of Teen Mom Family Reunion, premiering Wednesday on MTV. Taylor said appearing on the show allowed her and Cory some much-needed time together. 

” … We wanted to have more alone time because we don’t really get that and we just wanted to have time without the kids around us, time without a lot of stress, and just get back to us,” she said. “Because we really haven’t felt like that in a while. So it was nice to get time by ourselves.” 

Back in June, Cory spoke out about the harassment he receives from fans, asking him when he’s going to marry Taylor. After Cory posted photos and videos from a hot air balloon tour he and Taylor took, many of Cory’s Instagram followers thought that the post was actually an engagement announcement. Cory denied that he had proposed to Taylor on the balloon, prompting fans to leave comments on the post, urging him to finally make Taylor his wife.

“Cory, it’s time to propose! You got me all excited!” one person commented. 

Others commented that Taylor was probably expecting a proposal on the romantic balloon ride.

“She probably lowkey crying because she thought it was going to be a proposal,” someone  wrote.

“Why do we need to change that title to ‘husband?'”

Cory was not happy with his followers’ engagement suggestions. In a video posted to Instagram Stories that same day, Cory yelled at those who peppered him with questions about getting engaged.

“Oh propose, propose!” Cory said, mocking the comments. “Where’s the ring?”

“Shut up! This ain’t your life,” he said. “Let me live my life!” 

The ‘Teen Mom OG’ couple has been questioned about their marriage plans before. During a June 2020 interview, Cory told Hollywood Life, “Marriage, if it happens down the road, it happens…We don’t really talk about it all that much.” 

While Taylor is still waiting for an engagement ring four years after that interview, she and Cory did recently finish building their first home together, conveniently located about five minutes from where Cheyenne and husband Zach Davis reside. 

“It was a very long process,” she said. “We’re still dealing with things. But it’s been really good. We love the house. It’s literally amazing … .” 

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(Photos: Instagram) 



  1. That last thing he said “we don’t really talk about it that much”…. He’s not going to propose ever. He’s comfortable how it is and doesn’t think he needs to change anything. She looks stupid waiting around and now having built a house, it’s probably not happening because she just did everything a married couple does without the title so why do they need to? Yikes.

    1. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Giving this bf/bd husband privileges will keep you in the same spot. And he is not as cute and fabulous as he thinks he is.

  2. Can we in 2024, realize that women CAN propose and that it’s not a big deal? Like if you want a ring SO BADLY, you can propose yourself. Considering all he did that’s probably not a good idea though, I don’t understand why she thinks this guy is the best for her.

  3. Yet you let him sleep with you and you gave birth to his children. Why would he propose when you have shown him that he does not have to?

  4. I have a medically fragile child. She was eligible for disability Medicaid and they didn’t take income into consideration.

  5. I wonder if there are financial reasons to not get married. Especially with a medically fragile child, those bills add up. A single mom with 2 kids is eligible for more aid than one with a husband who pulls in a decent living from mtv, who likely doesn’t provide insurance.

  6. Two kids and a house together and he still doesn’t want to get married?!? My husband wouldn’t put my name on the house he already owned until we got married. I guess we’re old school. And the kid came way after we were married. Do Cory’s MTV gigs really pay enough for that nice house?!? And what will she do if he doesn’t stick around? Will she have to vacate that nice house if she can’t afford it on her own?

    I almost shed a tear looking at the pictures of the little one going through so much and she was still smiling. Step up for your kids and commit. I get it that marriage isn’t for everyone, but she wants it and they have already built a life together. Makes Taylor look like a chump.

  7. WOW, these comments are brutal! I adore Taylor. I do agree that Corey needs to step up his game. I don’t know what keeps him from putting a ring on it, but I do know that Taylor is beautiful and that she seems like a really good mom. I don’t feel like she should have to continue to wait for Corey to realize he needs to put a ring on it. I do think she wants to be married. I do think Corey is still somewhat immature and unable to make that commitment. I also think if he believed he would lose Taylor, he would wife her. But I don’t feel like she should have to give that ultimatum for Corey to make her his wife.

  8. Taylor get a hint. He doesn’t want to marry you. It’s pathetic for a woman to keep waiting year after year for an engagement ring. If you really want to marry him, YOU propose to him and see what’s his answer. If you are adamant that’s the man that needs to propose then dump him because he doesn’t want to marry you.

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