‘Bachelor Pad’ Lovers Kasey & Vienna Call It Quits!

Bad news for you Bachelor Pad fans who were hoping to be invited (via your television) to the future wedding of Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl: the couple has called it quits!

Life & Style broke the news today that Vienna dumped Kasey and has since moved back to Florida to live with her family.

“Vienna broke up with Kasey a few weeks ago,” a former Bachelor contestant and friend of Vienna’s told Life & Style. “They’d been fighting about everything. It just wasn’t working anymore. Kasey is very, very hurt about it. He thought they were going to spend the rest of their lives together.”

The couple lasted eight blissful months. That’s practically like making it to a 50th wedding anniversary in ‘Bachelor’ time. How that man put up with Vienna’s whining and crocodile tears for as long as he did is beyond me.

The Ashley can also reveal that Vienna was so eager to high-tail it out of Los Angeles (and away from Kasey) that she packed up her stuff in a 34-foot trailer trucky and drove across the country to Florida all by herself!

The breakup must have happened the week before the holiday weekend. The week before that, they were seen scuba diving around Cozumel, Mexico, in what looks like a last-ditch effort to save their relationship. However, Kasey seems to have been unable to “guard and protect” it after all. (Sorry, I had to insert that somewhere in this story.)

Now that Vienna’s living in Florida, she has big plans to open a clothing boutique in Orlando. (I guess she wants to give the Florida gals the opportunity to wear fantabulously horrible frocks such as this!)

As for Kasey? He’s moved out of the apartment that he once shared with Vienna and is now living at home, according to the article. (To be honest, I’d rather live in my mom’s basement than live with Vienna. But that’s just me…)

Something tells me that we haven’t seen the last of these two…..


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