Kieffer Delp’s Mom Discusses Jenelle Evans’ MTV Intervention & Fake Pregnancy

“Um…I can explain?”

Obviously, file this under rumor but…it seems awfully convincing, considering the past antics of Jenelle Evans, and the proof provided at the bottom.

The mother of Teen Mom 2 star Kieffer Delp (also known as “Kieffa” or “Mr. Disrespectful”) revealed some interesting gossip last week regarding her son’s ex-girlfriend, Jenelle. According to posts made on Vickie Delp’s Twitter account, Jenelle tried to take MTV for a ride by claiming she was pregnant with Kieffer’s baby, in hopes of getting some extra cash!

First, Vickie revealed that towards the end of Kieffer and Jenelle’s relationship, Jenelle had been trying to get pregnant with Kieffer’s baby.

Next, she revealed that Jenelle attempted to convince MTV that she was, in fact, with child.

But wait! Jenelle had a good reason for trying to swindle them into believing she was pregnant, according to Vickie.

How much were they going to pay her, you ask? The answer will shock you.

OK, I just threw up in my mouth a little. Twenty grand to have another baby?!

Apparently, MTV wasn’t buying into Jenelle’s hi-jinks and demanded proof.

Of course, this could just be a scorned mother talking bad about her son’s ex-girlfriend but….she also seemed to know a lot about a certain “incident” that took place between Jenelle, MTV and (our hero) Barbara Evans.

According to Vickie, MTV is aware of Jenelle’s “alleged” drug use, and asked Babs to stage an intervention at Vickie’s home in New Jersey.

While I was skeptical at first, this story checks out. The Ashley did a little digging and it seems that Babs does, indeed, have a court date scheduled on December 14, for a second-degree trespassing charge filed by a Mr….(wait for it) Kieffer Delp.

If that wasn’t enough proof, this phone call pretty much confirms many of the rumors that have been floating around about Jenelle: that she did, in fact, do heroin with Kieffer while in New Jersey (skip to the 8:55 mark, unless you want to listen to Vickie and Babs argue about Kieffer’s tools) and Babs did have to go to New Jersey and bust into Kieffer’s house to fetch Jenelle.

The Ashley wasn’t going to go down Jenelle’s drug-encrusted rabbit hole, but this was just too crazy not to write about!

Who do you think is lying– Kieffer’s mom or Jenelle?

(Photos: MTV, Twitter)

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  1. Ok lemme say this..janelle isn’t ready to have another baby she can’t even raise her first one. Barbara is an enabler to her despicable behavior..they should have placed jace for an adoption bc all of this is totally dysfunctional and that child is gonna grow up with some serious mental health issues. Babs should have thrown her kieffer out and never to let them return. There’s only so much help you can give to someone before you have to let them get the lesson on their own. The whole damn thing is f%?+ed up. And to top it off she’s pregnant again and these right to lifers are applauding her decision to keep the baby! This is what abortion or adoptions are for..people like her..loser

  2. Jenelle is a looser. Im sorry but he did not force drugs on her. She was headed down the wrong path b4 kieffer. When u have a baby its either u change or not. I hope the best for Jace to have some kind of normal relationship with his mother. He dnt have a mom or a dad. Sad. Shot out to Barbra cus she did her job as a parent n now she is doing her daughters job. N running after jennelle to do right. People dont give her enuf credit. Barbra Evans my blessings n prayers go out to u. Best of wishes…

  3. His mom isn’t mother of the year, either. She raised a homeless felon, and hence, has zero room to judge anyone. I don’t believe any of them!

  4. Wow, poor babs. I feel bad for her that she has to deal with all this crap from Jenelle, kieffer, and then his mother on top of it.

    1. Exactly
      Sounds like where there’s 3 sides to every story this story has about 5 sides,
      and the truth is somewhere out there. Barb is probably close to it but she’s a little biased with her own daughter.

  5. We got a dog and my son named him Jase. So now, whenever I yell at the dog, I hear Barbara’s voice echoing in my head. It’s awful.

  6. Wow I just seen the video of the phone call. I can’t believe Barb said that her daughter was doing heroin. Vicki was pretty smart to tape that phone call. Looks like Jenelle is not being honest and it looks like Barb is on her way to court.

  7. MTV was going to pay her if she got pregnant again? This explains Leah getting pregnant (and married!) so quickly, in addition to Kail. Really though, they are only doing it to help prevent teen pregnancy, so it’s understandable.
    That was my sarcasm font, btw.

      1. I don’t doubt either one of them love or wanted to be married to their spouses. I just find it interesting that this comes to light and both of them did things rather quickly. Pressured by the lure of more money isn’t a foreign concept, it wouldn’t surprise me if that was a contributing factor.

  8. I believe Vicki.Why is this girl even on Teen mom when she is not a ‘mom’?? All she does is run around throwing temper tantrums,drugged up and worried about no one but herself and boys.Babs is the mother of that child..all Jenelle did was give birth and hand him over..She is NOT a teen mom!!

  9. I believe Vicki this show is mess and MTV just keep rewarding jenelle and others for bad behavior. Jenelle should have never been pick for teen mom but all MTV care about are rating

  10. “Who do you think is lying– Kieffer’s mom or Jenelle?”

    Well, since Jenelle seems to be nothing but a pathological liar, and wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped her in the face, I’m going with Vickie on this one.

    1. I think Jenelle and Kiefer are losers! But when I saw Loser Kiefer saying to Jenelle’s Mothers Face how she is 60 years old and is only a Deli worker at Walmart, I was pissed! Kiefer is a loser bum who only hangs with Jenelle to get on MTV and to get A Paycheck! Jenelle’s Mother is raising her child! If MTV continues to pay/talk about/and or put this Homeless loser Kiefer on MTV, I and others will Boycott Him and anything he is on! Hey, remember he was and is Homeless and without any Money! He was a Bum when Jenelle met him! He is using Jenelle and MTV! He is a Loser! Get A Job Kiefer and Stop Mooching of off Jenelle, her Mother( who has a Job) and MTV!

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