EXCLUSIVE! What Caused the Physical Attack of ‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Mackenzie Douthit

Mackenzie Douthit Teen Mom 3Last weekend, The Ashley broke the story that Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit was physically attacked by a large woman. Mackenzie, who is currently pregnant with her second child, was dragged across a concrete porch on her stomach, leaving large scrapes on her stomach and legs, and had her hair pulled by a woman that’s about three times her size. The woman was later arrested for her crimes.

While The Ashley was able to dig up most of the details of the incident (click here to read the whole story), the one missing piece of the puzzle was “Why?” What caused this woman to beat up a pregnant woman?

Over the last few days, The Ashley has been in touch with a few of people who were able to reveal what really happened that day, and what caused the whole incident. The Ashley will do her best to make this very strange story as easy to understand as possible.

According to The Ashley’s sources the whole story begins a few months ago when Mackenzie and her friend called out one of Josh‘s friends (we’ll call him Fernando because I like that name) for cheating on his girlfriend by going to strip clubs with Josh’s brother, Caleb. (Hey, maybe they were just going to say hi to Farrah Abraham?)

Anyway, Mackenzie is friends with Fernando’s girlfriend, so she felt that it was only right to let this girl know that her boyfriend had a passion for going to “gentlemen’s clubs.” (Dear God, I can only imagine how awful the strip clubs in rural Oklahoma would be.)

Fernando, of course, denied it. The whole thing backfired on Mackenzie when Fernando’s girlfriend believed him over Mackenzie. The incident caused Fernando, his girlfriend and Josh’s brother Caleb to disown Mackenzie from their group and made everyone dislike her for sticking her nose where it didn’t belong.

Are y’all with me so far? OK, let’s continue…

Anyway, fast forward to last weekend. Josh and his brother Caleb were hanging out at Fernando’s house, along with some other friends, including Dez, the woman who attacked Mackenzie. Mackenzie had been trying to get a hold of Josh but he wasn’t answering his phone so she and her friend decide to head over there to fetch Josh, even though she is unwelcome due to the above-mentioned incident.

Of course, Fernando and Co. didn’t exactly roll out the welcome mat for Mackenzie. They told her to leave but she refused. Fernando then called the police to report Mackenzie and her friend for trespassing but the police took their sweet time in getting there. (It must have been a busy day in Mayberry that day!)

Meanwhile, according to one of The Ashley’s sources, Fernando decided take matters into his own hands.

“[Fernando] put Dez up to jumping on Mackenzie,” the source said.

That’s when Dez grabbed Mackenzie by the hair and dragged her across the front porch of the house and told her to leave.

“Josh was inside, and had no idea Kenzie was even outside,” the source said. “However, Caleb was outside watching it all, but did nothing to stop it. Once Josh realized she was out there along with what was going on, he went out to stop Dez but it was too late.”

The cops finally arrived, and after Mackenzie and her friend told them what Dez did, they arrested Dez, but she was bailed out within the hour.

Mackenzie husband
“I reckon I should have taken time out from ridin’ and tobacco spittin’ to protect my wife.”

The whole incident has caused quite the family feud, however.

“Kenzie and Josh are not getting along with his brother, Caleb,” the source said. “Josh has told Caleb that if he would let something like that happen to his pregnant wife, and do nothing to stop it that it shows he has no respect for her which means he has no respect for Gannon, himself or their unborn daughter. Caleb is still saying that if the girls would have just left, it never would have happened.  He says he has no plans on ever seeing Josh and Mackenzie’s unborn daughter, and that it was Mackenzie’s fault Dez did what she did all because she did not leave without talking to her husband.”

Wanna see screenshots of Josh’s brother Caleb fighting with Mackenzie over Facebook? Of course you do! Click here and here !

Good Lord, I can barely concentrate with all these backwoods banjos playing in the background. Hopefully they will all do the hillbilly jig together and make up very soon.

To those that will inevitably ask: The Ashley is not, in any way, condoning what Dez did to Mackenzie. It’s ridiculous to beat up a pregnant person, obviously. The Ashley is just reporting the facts of what went down.

(Photos: MTV)


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  1. Josh is the one at fault here all he had to do was answer the call the brother should have gotten arrested too he was an accomplice he stood their and did nothing where is the justice dragging a pregnant girl should be considered child abuse that is rediculous!!!!

  2. Definitely Josh to blame but also her parents. They are spoiling her rotten out of fear and she rules the house. She lets Josh rule her so he is boss. I do not understand why MTV hid the fact that she cheated, what else did they hide. Now the behaviour of Josh is more understandable but not now. I would see him not doing a thing to help her when she is being beaten more than him helping her. She is still a child and acts like one too. Grow up, live with Josh see how you like it.

  3. I don’t understand why she wouldn’t leave, the girl may have taken it too far but what do u do when someone’s outside screaming and won’t leave ur property, not to mention how ignorant she is to go over there knowing it would start a fight and enticing one by not leaving WHILE PREGNANT! Grow up and be a responsible mother !!!!

  4. ✌ Justine ‏@JustineEnyart 4 Oct
    What kind of man lets their wife get beat up and then helps do it. And what type of person beats up a pregnant girl, a terrible one. #Growup
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    Sadie Morris ‏@sllmorris 4 Oct
    @JustineEnyart there’s something terribly wrong with you, you heartless pig! Grow up or get out!!!
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    Sadie Morris ‏@sllmorris 4 Oct
    @JustineEnyart Yeah. Thanks for showing all of us how NOT to raise our sons!! Someone has hit their head 1 too many times. #moron
    Reply Retweet Favorite More Expand
    ✌ Justine ‏@JustineEnyart 4 Oct
    @sllmorris all these young boys…sure make me want to try 110% to the best of my ability to never let my boy act like that
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    FAVORITE Sadie Morris
    8:13 AM – 4 Oct 13 · Details
    Sadie Morris ‏@sllmorris 4 Oct
    @JustineEnyart Yup!! Exactly!!
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    Definitely referencing Josh here…I have a feeling a lot more people will come out of the woodwork with stories of how things really are with these two once TM3 picks up speed.

  5. Wow… Some of these comments are sick! Do y’all know this girl personally? If not then I suppose your comments mean jack sh!t! And to anyone saying she deserved it… No pregnant woman deserves to have a hand laid on them I don’t care WHAT they did… Oh we asked you to leave so you deserve to get your ass beat… Really?? That’s all it takes now? Someone wanting to speak with their husband? If you wanted to be an ADULT like you said you all are you would have got her husband to come out and take care of the situation… Your sick pieces of crap

  6. Ashley, you need to dig deeper into this story..did Josh really help Dez beat up Kenzie? Read tweets from Justine and SAdie Morris’s Twitter on the date this happened. It sure sounds like he did…

    1. Josh did NOT help beat up his wife. He didn’t even know she was there until after the fact. Caleb, however stood there and watched.

      Mackenzie did not deserve this, and those who say so are heartless.

      1. ok, I think maybe you need to pay attention to Josh’s behavior around mackenzie. He shows no emotion and from what I gather he was by the window watching. He is envious of her and doesn’t like her. He uses her for money and sex. This marriage isn’t going to last.

  7. They’re all wrong. Mackenzie should have left when told to. Period. It wasn’t her house and she was asked to leave. Dez shouldn’t have touched her. Caleb should have stopped it. Josh shouldn’t be ignoring Mackenzie all of the time; if he wants to do that, he should end it and seek joint custody.
    Mackenzie also shouldn’t have gotten into their business in the first place. Had it been her friend only without all of these other people involved, then yes, go tell her her man is cheating. But with everyone involved, it seems as though if anyone were to say anything, it would be Josh to Fernando. Otherwise, shut up.
    She’s an idiot, if Caleb and Fernando are going to these clubs,she really thinks Josh isn’t? I’m sure it’s one of the many times he’s ignoring her calls. I can’t stand the girl. She meddles, she’s not too bright, and she just keeps piling more and more drama onto herself. The girl said she was eating sour punch straws on her porch after the incident. She has diabetes and I have not seen her eat anything healthy on that show once. She doesn’t even talk about anything healthy. It’s all crap. I just can’t stand her.

  8. Um what? Goodness this girl needs to get away from these people and find new friends also maybe a new boyfriend. The second baby probably killed her cheerleading dreams but she can still teach or coach at her local gym. From what I have seen and read he does not treat her well.

  9. Thanks for getting us the details, Ash. Love your reporting as usual!

    As a currently pregnant wife, I can say I’d be flipping out too if my husband wasn’t answering my calls. Of course, I married someone who would never treat me like that, but I digress. I would go crazy if I couldn’t reach him after several attemps. I’m hormonal and vulnerable!

  10. If she wasn’t pregnant, I wouldn’t bat a single eyelash at this. Sounds like she deserved it. You shouldn’t have to chase your husband (that you have a child & baby on the way with) all over town because he’s not answering his phone. & they’re STILL not living together? Plus, why is josh even hanging out with people who hate his wife & called her a liar?
    Like I’ve said before, a ring does not make them adults or ready to have a second child. They are KIDS, married or not.

    1. Again with the she “deserves” it. ?? Are you people for real? They are married. She has every right to go find her hubby if she feels the need. They could have avoided the whole altercation if they would have just let her speak to him? She is his wife and the PREGNANT mother of his children. Have you had kids? DO you know what kind of hormones are running through your body?!? He signed up to be there for her and vice versa. Sounds to me like the bags who wouldn’t allow her to speak to her HUSBAND are the ones at fault and hopefully will NEVER have children of their own if they think pulling a tiny prego girl by her hair because she wants to talk to her hubby is at all ok.

      1. please tell me how she deserved it she went to find her old man she never went into the home and she spoke up to her so called friend about an issue that should’ve been addressed im sry but if my husband and his friends went to a strip club without my knowledge id wanna know too im married to my husband and been staying with my grandma b.c she had heart surgery doesn’t mean I don’t love him u guys sicken me that keep saying she deserved it se was pregnant NO PREGNANT WOMAN DESERVES TO BE FOUGHT PERIOD!!

      2. The ones who is at fault for all of this following your reasonnement is Josh for not answering her calls. Yess you are right he signed up to be there for her but he isn’t. Why the hell does she have to go to the house of someone that hates her to find him. Honestly Josh treats Mackenzie like a piece of garbage, and i can for the love of god understand why she allows him to walk over her all the time and ultimely treat her like a dog

    1. Exactly what I was thinking! I think he only married her because she has money from the show. She needs to realize this guy is not in love with her. He wanted her because she was a hot teenager, then when she got pregnant everything changed.

  11. He needed to be damn high to not understand their was an altercation outside the house. That or highly stupid.

    And honestly, really ?, They are married and have 1 toddler and a kid on the way and the dude still blocks her call, they still don’t live together, and she has to go on a town rampage to find him. Really kids ? Just prepare the divorce papers already.

    1. Wow what a peice of shit you are. It doesn’t matter what she did. She was pregnant, if the fight was bad enough she could’ve lost her baby…would she have deserved that too?? If you truly feel that way then you better watch out cause karma comes back to ppl like you!!!

  12. i think its all funny..she deserved what she got( glad the baby is ok though) she is a unfit mom and a skank

    1. Something is severly wrong with you if you think someone “deserves” what they get because you personally don’t like them. People like YOU are what is wrong with this world. This is like me saying that you deserve your a$$ beat because I don’t like what you just wrote above. Get real, get a conscience and get a grip on reality.

    2. u r a complete dumbass u r just as immature as the ppl in this incident okay so the girl tried to warn a friend who doesn’t but in sometimes okay so she showed up at there house to find her man BIG WHOOP not like she entered the house she didn’t say nothing to them other than she wanted her man so what right does that give anyone to fight let alone a pregnant woman I mean r u serious yall couldn’t wait until after she had the baby and u commerce girl r a sick individual if u think its okay to fight a pregnant woman and shows how immature and skanky u r!

    3. Wow! Commmerce girl must hav a stalker crush on josh. Mackenzie is one of the 2 respectable mom this season. She’s always with her son u goin. Let me guess …….Ur one of those …..and u probably feel that katie is mistreated and too good for joey too, huh? Grow up and look at the situ…….

    4. She was in the right telling her friend that her nd was playing with strippers. The girl just got embarassed cuz her man was creepin. I’m sure he pulled the “no way baby I only have “$ones$” for u” and she was like oh baby I know. But if she woulda gotten the clap and found out mackenzie knew she would be pissed too. That’s how u seperate friends from foe. Girls r manipulative botched. Mackenzie deserves better. Josh shouldntve been where mackenzie is under fire for no reason. Fact is……the people who r mad r actually just jealous. Very proud of mackenzie and feel she tried her hardest to b optimistic about everyone’s negativity. Keep up being u forlorn. U r beautiful on th inside & out.

    5. Wow what a peice of shit you are. It doesn’t matter what she did. She was pregnant. If it was worse she could’ve lost her baby. Would she have deserved that too?? If you truly feel that way you better watch your back, cause karmas comes strong on ppl like you!!!! AND YOU WILL DESERVE IT!!

  13. I can’t picture Josh saying any of that. He’s never said more than a noncommittal grunt on the show. Maybe he’s just camera shy though.

    1. josh can do alot better than her..i feel sorry for him…i cant stand her and u never see her with her son her mom always has him

  14. The disrespectful tone towards Oklahoma citizens that is used in this article is disgusting and makes who ever wrote this look even more like a ‘hillbilly’ than what you are trying to make others look like. I am from Oklahoma and I take offense to the way this article refers to the people of Oklahoma. It’s unfair to classify an entire group, or state in this case, based on the actions of a couple of people from here. You are ridiculous and need to educate yourself a little bit on how to write an article without sounding like an asshole.

    1. @Shelton– I certainly don’t judge the entire state of Oklahoma by these people! That would be like judging the entire city of Los Angeles by our worst specimens, the Kardashians. In no part of the article do I say that they act like this because they are from Oklahoma, or that other folks from Oklahoma are like this! -The Ashley

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