EXCLUSIVE! Meet the First Confirmed ’16 and Pregnant’ Season 5 Girl, Karley!

Season 5
Karley (left) is shown with her sister during her baby shower on October 5.

A few months back, The Ashley reported that MTV was currently casting for the fifth season of its controversial reality show, 16 and Pregnant. The show had taken a long hiatus and it was rumored that the fourth season, which aired in 2012 and was used to cast Teen Mom 3, would be the show’s last.

The Ashley can officially confirm that this is not the case at all. A fifth set of girls has, indeed, been cast for the show and have already started to film the new season!

season 5
Karley on her wedding day this spring. She is only a few months pregnant here.

The Ashley is also happy to be the first to introduce you to one of the new girls that will appear on ’16 and Pregnant’ Season 5!

Meet Karley (The Ashley is withholding her last name to protect her privacy a little longer), a teen from Utah who The Ashley can confirm will be on next season!

Karley has a great storyline– she is currently 17, recently married and pregnant with twin girls. MTV arrived in her hometown last week to begin filming, and has already shot her baby shower. She has also been filmed around her hometown.

This spring, Karley married the father of her unborn twins, a guy named Tony. They are living together near Karley’s family. From what The Ashley can tell, Tony wasn’t thrilled that Karley was having two girls, but has recently warmed up to the idea.

Season 5
MTV filming Karley for Season 5.

As for the babies, Karley and Tony plan to name them Amaya and Amariah and they are due on December 18 but, because twins often come early, Karley is expecting them to come in November. Naturally, MTV will be there to capture it all.

There is a slight chance that MTV may make casting changes between now and when the season airs. (In the past, girls were test-shot by MTV for the show and didn’t end up making the final cut.)

However, given how much of Karley’s life has already been filmed, and the potential she has to deliver a great storyline, it is very unlikely she will get cut.  She could be the next Leah Messer!

To read about Maddy, another girl that will be on ’16 and Pregnant’ Season 5, click here!

The Ashley will be posting more girls from Season 5 soon!

UPDATE: MTV has finally confirmed the fifth season, and has given it an air date of Tuesday, April 29! Click here to see a sneak peek of one of the episodes!


  1. Karley…. get out now!I watched your episode this morning while getting ready for church,,,It brought me back 27 years ago when I was pregnant as a young mom and my 19 year old husband …..IT DOES NOT GET BETTER 27 years I am still living in hell when he puts his mind to something he wants he gets it… And the getting only gets more expensive as you grow in career…..for the man…..you will always remain on the back burner and told to get a job. Hell I have a job and take care of most of the household need while daily fricking car parts are coming to the house for a 68 Charger and 78 Lil red Express…and he jokes with his friends how I need a 2nd a job. I have Parkinson’s and work full time for the city…. I have 4 daughters and 7 grandchildren and wish I had me time….. It will not change. U have a chance of being a better mom without him. I am telling you I know what it is like to be a married single mom…. Much love and prayers to you sweet girl… You touched me today and I just hope you get this and put some thought into what i say… Love from Wyoming

  2. I must say, I went to school with Karley my freshman-Junior year until October. I had a few classes with her boyfriend as well. Karley was always so disrespectful to others and always turned other girls away from their ‘group’
    Her boyfriend used(might still) smoke pot, and he was always VERY disrespectful to other girls, and always mentioning sexual favors.
    Earlier in 2013 when a close friend told me that Karley was pregnant, I also learned that Tony wanted her to have an abortion. That was early on though, and only heard through one of Karley’s “Best Friends”
    I believe that The Deatherage family is LDS, but I don’t believe Karley and Tony follow in that religion. Our small town of Tooele is already known so so well for teenage pregnancy, and this just shows that it’s a problem. I don’t know Karley personally, and I am unsure of her reasons to broadcast her life on TV. Her daughters seem healthy, and are pretty cute if you ask me. She seems to be doing a great job so far, and while teen pregnancy is hard, I wish the best of luck to her, Tony, and the girls.

  3. Yeah…that one chick from that one site totally stole this uncredited. We all know who I’m talking about! 🙂

    And this poor girl looks just like Mare Winningham. A tough face to pull off even for an adult!

    1. Yes! I’ll bet she is related to Christine from Sister Wives. It’s the muppet-y down turned eyes. Most of her kids have them, even the pretty daughter. It’s an Allred family trait.

  4. It’s not that I don’t support marriage at a young age, bc my husband I got married 1 month after our son was born and have now been married almost 5 yrs and going strong but, couples who marry at a young age is a statistic when it comes to lasting. Sometimes I wish these girls would wait and see what their relationship is like after the babies are born, babies can change a relationship FAST! And then they face divorce on top of it all!

  5. This girl looks like she hates her life. Lets hope she doesn’t always look so sad, I can’t stand people like that.

  6. She looks miserable in both pictures, like she is about to burst into tears and trying to muster a half smile. Sad.

    Maybe by releasing the names early and seeing how people react she will change her mind? Both names are awful, but together they are horrible.

    I think she seems like a wise choice for MTV. She will be the first girl to have gotten married before the birth (right?). Perhaps she is Mormon (Utah) and that could be an interesting perspective as well.

    1. Cody & Brooke from season 2 got married before their son, Brody, was born. I agree that this girl looks miserable.

      1. Julia, you are right! I vaguely remember them. It’s sad how you don’t really remember the lower drama stories.

        Marriage and having a baby are two very separate commitments. Hopefully they did it for the right reasons and can make it last!

    2. Aubrey and Brandon (?) got married before the birth of their son as well. They are the ones that got married on the courthouse steps.

  7. Ughh if your gonna “match” twin names at least try to make it sound as if they have their own separate name instead of naming both kids basically the same name! Just as bad as Aliannah and Aleeah lol why cant you just stick with the same letter.

    1. I agree. I feel like she isn’t thinking of the future when she needs to tell one of them to stop what they’re doing and she’s going to get very confused!

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