Amber Portwood Expresses Regret Over Filming New ‘Teen Mom’ Special So Soon After Prison Release

Teen Mom fans are going to get their first in-depth glimpse into Amber Portwood‘s post-prison life this Sunday when her hour-long special, Being Amber, premieres. The MTV cameras started rolling right as Amber was released from an Indiana women’s prison back in November, and, in a new sneak preview clip, the reality star confesses that it may have been a bad decision to film so soon.

“It’s a lot to handle,” she tells a family member in the clip. “I think I should have gotten used to being home a little bit before I started filming.”

Amber, who spent 17 months behind bars for violating her probation for domestic abuse and drug charges, mentions that, while she was in prison, she tried to forget about all of the craziness her reality TV show fame brought her.

“When I was in there I tried not to think about anything out here. It was out of sight, out of mine in there,” she said.

When Amber starts talking about her daughter Leah’s confusion about her release, she gets so emotional that she shoos the MTV cameras away.

amber portwood being amber“I can’t do this right now,” she says as she flees to another room. After an MTV producer goes in to comfort (and/or pull her out of the room so that they can continue to capture her breakdown on camera), Amber says that she feels so bad about leaving Leah for so long while she was in prison.

“She’s afraid that I’m gonna f**king leave her again,” Amber says of Leah, who is standing outside the door.

Some fans of the show have argued that, judging from the clip, Amber has not changed much since we last saw her, something her brother Shawn says could not be farther from the truth.

“Ahhhh..don’t judge a book by its cover. That is what MTV wants you to see. You will be surprised if you have that mentality,” he tweeted after the clip was released.

The “Being Amber” special airs this Sunday. To learn more about the specials click here!


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  1. Amber don’t stress ur a good mother maybe its time to make the right choice for you and ur daughter who ever talk shit let them girl haters are haters I think it was to early for u to go back on but u got it I have faith in you

  2. I’m sitting here watching Amber’s special, ok she has done her stint in jail. I understand she did not see her daughter but for only three times. First and fire mist count your blessing you did get to see her. Some Karens don’t even get that chance. Secondly if she received couseling during her stint it shows that it has gone down the drain. Third is she going to NA meetings. Isn’t that part of her sobriety. Then Gary shows no respect to his girlfriend at Leah birthday party, by talking about Amber like he dud. Somewhat disrespectful and not right. But hopefully what is not being seen , I’m hoping she get her act together. But she has to understand there are things she is going to have to deal with.

  3. She won’t completely stay away from MTV because she obviously likes easy money. Working the grind for 8 bucks an hour gets old really fast, especially for an addict, she will always have addict mentality. Sadly I don’t see any big changes with Amber. Did she actually enroll in college? Is she going? I bet she’s not, even though she said she would. she got out in November, what is she doing exactly? Gary has primary custody of Leah, she spends the bulk of her time with him. So what is Amber doing, besides, looking for more fame and money from MTV???

  4. So when does she stop feeling sorry for herself and start raising that little girl? I get that addiction is real and Amber is a “survivor” and her life was so hard and all that jazz…but this is your time to shine, be a mother, forget about the frickin cameras and RAISE YOUR CHILD!!!

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