More Plastic Farrahs! All the Details of ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s New Blow-up Dolls

At least the Farrah on the left is easier to get rid of!
At least the Farrah on the left is easier to get rid of!

We finally have our chance to blow up Farrah Abraham. Literally.

That’s right, kiddies. You will soon be able to do whatever you want to the former Teen Mom-turned-p0rn-star. Of course, this Farrah is plastic but…oh, wait…so is the real one.

Anyway, Farrah debuted her Farrah blow up doll (er…”love doll”) at the AVN Adult Expo in Las Vegas over the weekend. The doll (which, in case you didn’t pick up on it before is used for um, “sexy time”), features a hole in Farrah’s mouth, as well as her actual face imprinted on it. It also has 3-D breasts, naturally. It also has a cyber skin “stroker’ with a hole downstairs and a hole in Farrah’s famous “backdoor.”


A PR agent for Topco Sales, the company behind the blow-up doll, tells The Ashley that the doll will officially be released this spring, and that it will cost you $49 to buy yourself a plastic Farrah! (How can you even put a price on this masterpiece, though?!)

Of course, this is not the first plasticized Farrah body part that’s been released to the mass market. Last year, Farrah proudly debuted her line of molded private parts, as you do. (Click here to read The Ashley’s experience attending Farrah’s launch party for her plastic vaginas.)

But…she’s not a p0rn star, y’all! It was a private tape!

According to Topco Sales Marketing Director Lynda Mort, Farrah is a mega-money-making-machine for the company.

“We are overjoyed to have Farrah here at the AVN show,” she said in a press release. “She is a controversial figure in pop culture, but the adult industry loves her. People are fascinated by her, and the Farrah Abraham business is very good business. She sells very well.”

Anyway, Farrah has been dragging her blow up doll all over Vegas this weekend. It (as well as Farrah’s new boyfriend, Simon Saran) has joined Farrah at club appearances all over the city. As The Ashley told you earlier this week, Farrah and Simon may be making their romance so public because they may be appearing on the next season of Couples Therapy!

Pray to the reality TV gods that she brings the blow-up doll with them to the therapy house!

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  1. she is just a lost cause. whatever happened to her “fresh frozen” restaurant or her christian book trilogy? if she would have just been open and honest about doing the porn and not tried to spin a story about it being a home video with a boyfriend (who happens to be a porn star she didn’t know) and maybe left her daughter at home instead of bringing her to the negotiations of the porn tape then maybe she would get a half a percent of respect. oh, and maybe if she didn’t claim she was drugged and raped multiple times over the course of a few days at a porn convention maybe she wouldn’t be such a scumbag of a joke. if she was really drugged and raped she would have left, not party it up the next day to somehow have it happen yet again a few days later. I mean c’mon, how much more of a disgrace can she be for her daughter?

  2. I love how she’s happily posing right in front of a wall full of dils. If we can count on Farrah for one thing, it’s class, right? 😉

  3. good for her she’s making money, interesting that she has an Arabic boyfriend, her father is Arabic, he looks nice, but the relationship won’t last, 99.9% of the time relationships do not last until one person passes away! I could care less about the porn, or the doll. Every little mindless droan is going to get on here, and hate, but what about the people that watch the porn with their junk in their hands?

    1. what about them? there’s nothing wrong with enjoying porn; most people take issue that she can’t even begin to comprehend why anyone would think what she’s doing is wrong on some level and also how much she lied about her staged porn video being private and stolen. she has a young daughter to think about, the same daughter she brought to the negotiations for her “back door teen mom” porn video, she had her vag casted for sale, she is a fixture at porn conventions .. all while capitalizing on being a teen mom.

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