‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Mackenzie Douthit Gives Update on Troubled Marriage to Josh McKee

"Ding-dangit! Marriage is hard...and stuff."
“Ding-dangit! Marriage is hard…and stuff.”

A few months ago, Mackenzie Douthit‘s “friend” (otherwise known as Mackenzie or her manager) leaked a story to TMZ that stated that the Teen Mom 3 star’s nearly-two-year marriage to Josh McKee was down the toilet– literally!

The story claimed that Josh had flushed Mackenzie’s wedding ring down the commode and had left her. However, just a few weeks later, Mackenzie and Josh were posing together for photos on her Instagram account, leaving fans to wonder what the hell was going on.

Mackenzie recently opened up to WetPaint about her marriage, letting them know that Josh did, indeed, leave her.

“It got pretty bad and he did leave for a while, and we decided that we were going to get a divorce and separate,” Mackenzie told the site.

The couple, who has been on-and-off-again for years (even calling off their August 2013 wedding twice), decided to give their relationship another try, however.

“He went and stayed somewhere else, and we just decided that we don’t want to live without each other, and he came back, and he said, ‘I’m sorry,'” Mackenzie said. “But I can’t put all the blame on him or all the blame on me because we just could not get along for the life of us.”

While Mackenzie claims things are better now between her and Josh, it sounds like he still has some anger issues to work out, judging by this quote.

“Marriage is always a work in progress and sometimes it will get perfect, and then a door will slam in my face and it will get bad again, and we won’t agree on stuff, or whatever,” she said. “But I don’t know, I don’t feel like I could ever live without him. If he leaves it’s really going to hurt me.”

As The Ashley told you, Mackenzie and Josh appeared to be in the running to appear on an upcoming season of Couples Therapy; however they did not make the cut (yet). They are not listed as part of the Season 6 cast.

If anyone needs ‘Couples Therapy,’ it’s these two! Paging Dr. Jenn!



  1. I think it’s apparent to everyone watching the show that Josh doesn’t care much about anything, certainly not Mack.

  2. Marriage is Very hard work..especially being so young w/kids . Hope they stay together, and work out there problems, at least for the kids sake.

    1. I always hear the term “for the kid’s sake” used in reference to parents staying together.

      Granted I don’t know much about this couple’s relationship, but it’s much more damaging to a child’s well being to grow up in a two parent home with constant fighting and volatile relationships versus grow up in two single-parent homes with stability and love.

      Of course I hope the best for them (and any couple having problems) and hope they get help if needed, and do what truly needs to be done “for the kids sake” even if that means splitting up to provide a normal home environment. The statistics are not on their side being so young with multiple children, and that will require extra work and devotion, something many turn a blind eye to or don’t want to admit.

  3. I never understood why she was so in love with him. He’s like another Ryan Edwards. A man of few words that doesn’t give a s*it.

    1. I’d love to see him and Ryan in a room together for a few hours and take bets on who falls asleep first, how many empty Gatorade bottles they fill with chewing tobacco spit, etc. I assume there would be very little actual conversing, maybe a quip here and there about “crazy” baby momma’s, and lots of grunts.

  4. wow that picture makes me sad. ive said this before but her twitter is like an ode to her eating disorder. everyone applauds her for it because she’s ‘working out’ but she works out for hours everyday and restricts like crazy. her pics show her sooooooo gaunt (her eyes especially) and her hair and skin look terrible. in the pic above she looks so much better

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