EXCLUSIVE: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Calvert Released from Rehab, Looking for House with New Boyfriend

"I'm fixin' to find a place for me and my youngins to live."
“I’m fixin’ to find a place for me and my youngins to live.”

After spending about a month in rehab,  Leah Calvert is once a free woman! The Teen Mom 2 star was released from the ‘hab last week and is currently looking for a place to live with her three daughters. Before heading to rehab, she was staying at her mom Dawn‘s house (and, as The Ashley told you so was Leah’s much-older boyfriend, T.R. Dues!)

The Ashley hears that Leah and T.R. are looking to rent a place near Charleston together! In fact, a local resident tells The Ashley that T.R. has been busy looking at houses to rent that are big enough for Leah and her girls. The source says that T.R. has mentioned to potential landlords that MTV will be filming at the house should they end up renting to them.

“That has caused some problems, because people have seen the show and don’t want to be involved with all the drama that comes with it,” one source tells The Ashley.

As The Ashley told you in a previous post, a person very close to the situation stated that Leah is relatively broke, so it’s no surprise that she’s looking to get a place with her boyfriend. (The houses, etc. she shared with her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, were all in his name.)

One person that’s not happy with the idea of Leah shacking up with T.R. is T.R.’s ex, Mandy Winnell. The Ashley recently spoke to Mandy, who is the mother of T.R.’s two sons, and she had some less-than-kind things to say about the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star.

“I did tell her tho to keep her distance from my boys and stay the hell out of my house!” Mandy told The Ashley of Leah. “I hope she knows what she’s doing with him because I’m not far behind. I’ll always be around and I’m not really nice…I do not care for her at all.”

Mandy, who repeatedly stated that T.R. is a good guy and a great father to their sons, said that she was surprised to learn that T.R. was dating Leah.

“Leah isn’t really his type in my experience. He’s never dated a country girl,” she said.

At 32, T.R. is much older than 23-year-old Leah. The couple met when T.R. was hired to be Leah’s personal trainer in early May. They are currently still filming ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6, so it’s likely we will get to see Leah’s relationship with T.R. play out on screen. The cast will head to Los Angeles next month to film the Season 6 reunion, but it’s not known yet if  T.R. will accompany Leah.

Click here to watch a just-released trailer for Season 6!



  1. Please, for the love of God… Tell Cory and Jeremy to get custody of those girls! She’s obvs on drugs, hard drugs, and this guy is probably supplying her. Heroin or Meth or Crack. She is a full blown failure and the safety of her kids does not matter to her, save them before they are molested. Please!

  2. Sadly I don’t think Leah was/is only dealing with a pill problem. Just saw the newer teen mom 2 trailer and I think she might have started using meth. Everything in her mannerisms and the way she looks screams meth. Hope she can save herself from that before its really too late

  3. Has anyone on here watched the new Lifetime TV show called “UnReal”? I absolutely love it and imagine what really goes on behind the scenes at Teem Mom…

    1. Look here hammer, we can all agree that Leah is making poor decisions but for God’s sake, keep your racist shit ideals out of it.

    2. That was unnecessary, fhammer. Leah is an idiot, yes but don’t disparage an entire race of people.

  4. Omg I can’t believe this why does she go from man to man its not the men’s fault its hers she’s a total skank get a life and be a mom not a ho bag I hate that girl!!!!

  5. This whole situation is disgusting. She just got out of rehab and now she’s shaking up with a dude she hardly knows with her three little girls?! Corey & Jeremy better team together and get these kids away from this crazy woman.

    1. I realize it was a typo, but ‘shaking up’ is actually really appropriate in this situation. Oh, the mental images I’ll never be rid of.

  6. I just like her less and less every time I read something about her. She seriously needs to get her shit together.

  7. @The Ashley, have you heard anything regarding custody?

    Leah definitely pulled a Jenelle, posting pics of the girls making it look like she has them. But if you go to her fanpage, the chuck e cheese pictures she posted on twitter last week, were posted on facebook October 2014. I doubt she’s even with them.

    1. I saw that too. I was coming to ask the same thing. Some were posted last year and there was one from their cheer banquet that Leah didnt attend and im sure the others were taken while she was in rehab.

      I hope Corey gets them . Leah’s gonna screw them up.

  8. i’ll say it again …. Pregnant and married in 3…….2……..1…….
    Her mother and step father are the biggest enablers!!!!! I cannot believe that her mom was ok with letting a 32 year old man move In to her home with her daughter!!! What kind of ‘man’ does that ?!? Oh right, one that wants his 15 mins of fame and that mtv pay check!!

    1. Is Dawn still with Lee? I remember reading somewhere they separated. Corey vented on one of the reunions Lee was the only one in the family with any sense, so that’s why I’m wondering it he’s out of the picture.

      1. I want to see a panel discussion or something with Lee, Kim (Tyler’s mom), Larry (Ryan’s dad), and that suspiciously normal guy (Josh?) that Jenelle lived with for like two weeks a few seasons back. And as transitions into commercial breaks we get clips of Butch having a parking lot brawl with Keiffer. Make it happen, MTV.

        1. Lol! That would be awesome! I also wouldn’t mind Randy (Chelsea’s dad) in the panel either. I would also love to see some kind of mom cat fight between Barbara and Debra. Barbara would take her ass down!!

          1. Agreed on all counts. Personally I’d love to witness a courtship between Adam and Tori. Adam could move down to NC and become gym/dui buddies with Nathan #ment2b

  9. I have a feeling she’s currently using him until she gets her life back on track since she is currently uneducated with no skill set and broke….

    1. If he had to move in with her mom, he probably doesn’t have any money either. Jeremy will have to pay her child support, and she will get plenty…at least enough for ME to live on. Her..that’s another story

  10. I have never understood the mentality that a woman HAS to have a man. Leah, darling, you have three children. You have been divorced twice. You have been to rehab. And you are only 23 years old. Clearly, the choices you have made are detrimental to your health, life and well-being, including your ability to mother your children, as evident by custody battles. Everything you are doing is wrong. And yes – it is our business. You choose to be on tv, you choose to be judged and scrutinized. You do not need to be with someone to be made to feel worthwhile. You are not ready for this life. Simply put, Do Better.

    1. and you know they harped on her in rehab to not get into a relationship for 1 year. She needs to focus on her recovery..period. She can’t get involved with the drama of another man who has 2 kids with a baby mama, and the drama of custody with Corey, and Jeremy. She will be using again in 3…2…1

  11. I hope Jeremy and Cory go after full custody. I can’t imagine if my child lived under such conditions where momma hopped from one guy to the next. There’s been little negative stuff printed about him, and he may be ok. But what if the next one is a child abuser or molester? Leah would be the type to stand by your man and not believe her children.

    1. I don’t think Jermey can go for full custody right now cause of his job since he travels so much. But I think Corey is for sure.

    2. I agree. I was deeply disturbed to see her post a pic of them all sleeping together. That is too trusting. Believe me..child molesters are very cunning, normal looking..and are very good with kids. Which is how they get in positions of authority over children, and how many single women become targets, because they know they are looking for a father figure for their kids.

  12. Oh Leah. I don’t even really know what to say. She is, sadly, much like amber but I don’t think she has amber’s ability to come back from it.

    1. Amber is still drinking with a loser that is just looking for 15 minutes, it will not end well. Let’s see what happens, when she is through with that creepy loser super teen mom fan! Yuck and gross!

      1. that is a good thing..at least she hasn’t married him yet. Did you see that woman on twitter say he was tweeting her while he has been with Amber? She said he was an MIT graduate, and traveled a lot because he was a professional poker player!!! Maybe that is why they went to Vegas. Isn’t that something, he hasn’t gotten a job yet, and Amber hasn’t paid Gary any child support, but they go to Vegas, and sex hotels for the fun of it. Make this loser get a job Amber!! See what this guy is made of. you don’t have enough money to live off MTV money the rest of your life. He is just going to spend it. I hope she isn’t giving him gambling money. My exboyrfirends’ daughter had a loser boyfriend just like this, and she was always calling him for money even though she made 100k a year.

    2. I don’t trust Amber’s boyfriend either. I think he IS a child molester. That guy got my radar up, and my intuition is very rarely wrong.

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