EXCLUSIVE: Vivid Entertainment Comments on Mackenzie McKee & Jenelle Evans Sex Tape Offers

Vivid has their eye on the 'Teen Mom' girls...
Vivid has their eye on the ‘Teen Mom’ girls…

Last week, news broke that Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee has reportedly made a sex tape that Vivid Entertainment currently has possession of. TMZ reported that Mackenzie is currently “fighting” Vivid in hopes of keeping the tape private. (Click here to read what The Ashley found out about this situation.) There’s still no word on how the tape “magically” landed in the adult entertainment company’s offices.

Anyway, after news of Mackenzie’s tape broke, The Ashley revealed that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans had also been offered the opportunity to make an adult film for Vivid. Jenelle told The Ashley that the company had offered her $1.5 million to make a sex tape, but that she turned it down.

In statements made to The Ashley, Vivid Entertainment discussed both its offers to Mackenzie and Jenelle! Some of Jenelle’s critics were skeptical that Vivid had ever actually offered Jenelle the opportunity to make a sex tape, but Vivid has confirmed that they did, indeed, give Jenelle the offer.

“Yes we approached Jenelle as we believe a sex tape with her would be a huge success,” Steven Hirsch, founder and co-chairman of Vivid told The Ashley. “She’s currently not interested but we’ll see what the future brings…”

Steven also commented on the status of Mackenzie’s tape.

“We would love to work with Mackenzie,” he told The Ashley. “Ultimately the decision is hers and I look forward to meeting with her to discuss.”

So far, Mackenzie has kept quiet on the topic of her sex tape since the news broke on July 2. She did, however, tweet that July 2 “may or may not have been the longest day of my life.”

The Ashley can also reveal that another ’16 and Pregnant’ franchise girl was also recently offered the chance to make p0rn. Jordan Cashmyer, who starred on the fifth and most-recent season of ’16 and Pregnant,’ was recently approached by an adult entertainment company (that was not Vivid, her manager, Howie Wood, tells The Ashley) to do an adult movie. Jordan’s manager tells The Ashley that Jordan was offered more than the $1.5 million that Jenelle says she was offered.  Jordan turned the offer down, though.

“She is not interested in anything other than staying on the right path,” Howie told The Ashley of Jordan. “She is growing up and trying to be more a part of her kid’s life.”

While a Jordan or Jenelle sex tape may not be happening, we will have to stay tuned to see what happens with Mackenzie’s tape. The original TMZ story stated that Mackenzie’s lawyer gave Vivid 10 days to “state their intention” for the tape. That 10-day period will end on Friday.

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  1. Hmm if janelle actually doesn’t do it, I have to give her props. Although I know I would also say no, I think 1.5 million would be a very difficult number to refuse. Good for her.

    1. I thought that this sex tape involved both Mackenzie and Josh. So why wouldn’t they still be married? I believe the saying goes, “the couple that does porn together, stays together.”

    1. She’s already naked all over the internet. Her porn would have to be used with a condom because of all the STDs she carries

      1. she’s got some pics in bikinis out there but not naked. and she just had a very healthy baby and looks great too, hardly an aids carrier. just cuz u don’t like her doesn’t mean she has stds smh

        1. she absolutely has naked pictures out – they are from 2 or maybe 3 years ago. her ‘manager’, i think, released them.

        2. she absolutely has naked pics out there. both before & after her boob job & a few spread eagle shots. I think she did everyone a favor turning down doing porn, unless of course Arby’s was sponsoring it.

        3. she has nude pics from three different sources- an ex boss (james duffy) ex bf (kieffer) and ex husband (courtland)

          1. But that was Her choice,likes it’s her choice to say no to Vivid.She is boss over her own body and she’s the one who decides if she want to do it or not.Posting her boobs on the internet is a lot different then making porn.

    1. This was exactly what I thought. She is still working as a stripper but refused to do porn in order to “stay on the right path”. Seems like that would be the next step in the path she’s on.

  2. Steve Hirsch is full of sh*t.
    Jordan still strips, so what “right path” is she on?
    Jenelle can try again once she gets that syph/clap/scabies cleared up.
    Mackenzies tape is definitely coming out. She’ll do anything for a dollar and to stay in the news.

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