‘Jill & Jessa: Counting On’ Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: Buying Cars & Babysitting Your Own Kid

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Raise your hand if you think this show is getting more boring by the episode…

By Holly & The Ashley

It’s time for another mind-numbing episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On. What will this episode’s exciting adventure be? Unfortunately, we won’t get to watch the Duggars shop for corn or install lighting this week but we will get to watch a few of the Duggar girls drink coffee. So there’s that….

In order for Jessa to join in the coffee-drinking festivities, however, she will have to leave baby Spurgeon with her goober husband, Ben.

“I’ve been informed that wives don’t like you to call it babysitting when you’re watching your own kid,” Ben says, while staring vacantly into the camera.

That face you make when someone suggests you leave your baby with your husband...and your husband is Ben...
That face you make when someone suggests you leave your baby with your husband…and your husband is Ben…

Jessa, are you sure you want to leave your kid with this simpleton? Honestly, leaving The Spruge in the care of Ben is like dropping your baby off with a rodeo clown and hoping for the best.

Since Jessa’s getting all of the attention, Anna has to make sure to throw out a dig that makes everyone feel bad.

“My husband isn’t available to babysit, so I have to bring my baby along,” she says. All of the other Duggar girls look sad, almost like they’re embarrassed to be sharing DNA with Anna’s crapgoblin of a husband.

Meanwhile, Jinger and some of the boys (who all basically look the same, except for varying hairlines and levels of facial acne) are going to a car auction to find some cars to flip. Apparently buying crappy cars, fixing them up and reselling them is a favorite pastime of some of the Duggar boys, and Jinger wants in on the act.

"I love living in small town Arkansas and can't wait to get married and have 10 kids...honest..."
“I love living in small town Arkansas and can’t wait to get married and have 10 kids…honest…”

For some reason, the producers are making all of them talk about one person per episode. On the last episode, we learned all about Jana. On this episode, they seem to be focusing on Jinger. The family talks about how passionate Jinger is about everything, and how she loves big cities. Unfortunately for Jing, though, she will be stuck in Duggarville until her father finds her a goober to marry and make 100 babies with…

The boys in the family keep talking about how savvy Jinger is when it comes to buying cars. It’s as if they’re surprised that a woman could possibly have any kind of business sense. Jinger buys her junker car for $3,400 and is ready to get it ready to flip it.

Luckily, Joy Anna has just completed a class on car detailing so she agrees to help Jinger. (Does anyone else think it’s odd that Joy Anna has randomly developed a passion for vacuuming crud out of cars?)

At this point, Spurgeon surely has a higher IQ than his father...
At this point, Spurgeon surely has a higher IQ than his father…

Back at Jessa and Ben’s mold castle, Ben seems to be hemorrhaging brain cells by the moment. He is acting as if he’s never changed a diaper before.

“What kind of contraption is this?” he asks while trying to get the kid dressed.

Meanwhile, at the coffee house, Jessa’s getting all kinds of crazy. She’s decided to have coffee included in her smoothie. She’s basically one step away from Girls Gone Wild!

She eventually makes it back home and is relieved to find out that Ben hasn’t burned down the house or traded their son for a “really nifty baseball card” or something.

That face you make when your sister says she wants to do something other than get married and have babies...
That face you make when your sister says she wants to do something other than get married and have babies…

Meanwhile, Jinger and a few of the brothers head out to sell the car that Jinger bought. The boys tell us that they have to go with their sister because if it were up to her she might just give the car away. You know how those silly women are!

This is supposed to be Jinger’s sale but her brother’s take over and start negotiating with the buyer while Jinger just stands there.

Justin tells us that Jinger is a “good talker and good at learning.”

Yes, you all are so “good at learning.” Sigh.

"We've got to give these kids something to do! Mama Jana needs her peace!"
“We’ve got to give these kids something to do! Mama Jana needs her peace!”

Meanwhile back at the Duggar compound, Jana-rella is trying to figure out how to build something “to get the kids outside in the summer to get their energy out.” Basically, she’s sick of minding these brats and is ready to plop them outside.

Also…why is Jana, a 25-year-old woman, worried about getting her siblings outside? Isn’t that what the kids’ mother should be doing? Jana should be out establishing her career, going to school, enjoying a social life, etc. It would be nice to see ol’ Michelle doing this instead of Jana.

That moment Jana realizes that she may get some time to herself if the kids are out in the treehouse...
That moment Jana realizes that she may get some time to herself if the kids are out in the treehouse…

Because the Duggars have nothing to do, a bunch of the older boys join in to help her build a treehouse to stuff the little ones in so they can finally have some peace.

John David tells us that he’s had the girls knocking his door down and he’s “checked them out” but he hasn’t found anyone that he’s really interested in.

Finally, we cut over to Central America to catch up with Jill and Izzy and try to figure out what is going on with Derick’s face.

The Dillards have been in Central America for a while now, and Derick tells us that Israel has actually spent more time in Central America than he has the United States. Meanwhile, the poor baby is clinging to a fan for dear life because they don’t have air conditioning and it’s 100 degrees.

To fill time (because, I mean, no one needs glasses this week apparently), Jill and Derick decide to give Israel his first pickle.

“The Duggars love pickles,” Jessa tells us. “I think it started because when my mom is pregnant she craves pickles.”

The face you make when you realize we're only on Episode 3...
The face you make when you realize we’re only on Episode 3…

Well, they must be going through a lot of pickles in that household.

“Anytime a Duggar tries a pickle for the first time, we always take pictures and videos and everyone gathers around to watch their facial expression,” Joy Anna says.

These people really need more to do.

On the next episode, there’s another baby shower. It’s a surprise shower for some random friend we have never heard of. It appears that they’re going to once again wheel out Sierra to throw the shower, even though she’s got babies hanging off her, front, back and side!

To read our recap of the previous episode of ‘Jill & Jessa: Counting On,’ click here.

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  1. I can’t even watch this freak show family. Jinger, please run away and take Anna with you!

  2. So the whole Jinger segment was about her “learning” to flip cars, i.e. Jinger stares with a vacant smile while her siblings do everything. Also Anna’s involvement was just awkward. Thanks for bringing up that whole I’m alone because my husband is a pervert, as if anyone would forget! I think her advice to Jessa about checking Ben’s social media accounts shed a light on Anna’s unhappy future.

    1. Agreed, I’m sure Anna will have major trust issues (who could blame her?) in the future. She reminds me of a robot now, poor dear.

  3. The two best parts of the episode were when Anna said her husband “wasn’t available to baby-sit” (what about Mckenzie? on Planet Duggar she is old enough to babysit)

    when it was revealed that the awesome reliable SUB that Jinger bought had 220 thousand miles on it! Big lol there.

  4. So, this episode is mainly about Jinger wanting to learn how to flip cars. The boys are doing the buying, Joy the cleaning, Justin is reparing the car and the boys are doing the selling …

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