Flashback to the Best ‘Teen Mom’ Easter Moment Ever: Watch Gary Shirley Become the Easter Bunny

This is all The Ashley needs to see in order to have a happy Easter!
This is all The Ashley needs to see in order to have a happy Easter!

Warning: What you are about to see will either warm your heart or haunt your nightmares….

In honor of Easter, The Ashley wanted to give her readers a special treat. While Cadbury cream eggs or marshmallow Peeps are tasty, The Ashley knows that what everyone really wants this Easter is to see Gary Shirley dressed up as a giant white Easter Bunny.

Oh, wait…maybe that’s just The Ashley…

Anyway, to celebrate Easter, let’s flash things back to 2010, when Gary zipped himself into an Easter Bunny costume and hopped over to his then-infant daughter, Leah, to spread some Easter cheer. While Leah didn’t seem to appreciate her father’s sweet gesture, ‘Teen Mom’ fans sure did! (You can’t help but smile as you hear Gary use his Easter Bunny voice to talk to Leah!)

Watch the classic Season 2 moment below: 

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  1. And this is why I think Amber needs to give Gary the credit he deserves. Right from the start, he was all about his little girl, and not a day has gone by that Leah doesn’t realize that. Gary is an awesome dad, who the hell is ‘Mom’?

  2. “Bunny, you’re lazy. Suck it up and get up, for Leah.”

    ??? Fuck you, amber. Gary is such a good dad, even back then. Definitely a top Gary moment.

  3. Happy easter everyone!!! Gary as the easterbunny is everything. Hes the best mom and dad ever! Thank u @ the ashley for always making me smile.

  4. I am sick, cold and hungry.
    I watch Gary as the Easter Bunny, hanging on the couch, then driving the car.
    I am happy, I feel fuzzy, I giggle.

    Thanks, The Ashley, this really made my Easter!

  5. I thought this was incredibly cute. He went out of his way to make his little girl have an enjoyable Easter, and she can look back on it forever. He didn’t make it seem like it was such an embarrassing thing to do. Amber has NEVER done anything like this for her child, except for trying to buy her love.

  6. I though Tyler would have been Avery hands on dad!!!!! He’s selfish he puts Caitlin down a lot comes across as a smarmy smart mouthed know it all

  7. Loved that he did this
    Garry can be an ass at times, but he loves his daughter and this was so sweet to do,back in the days where Amber beat and treated him like dirt, and Amber still has anger issues, Leah shouldn’t be around that freak Witt Matt something is very very off about him and if I were Garry id be pissed off

  8. I thought it was super sweet. Gary can be a shitty husband at times…but hands down he is one of the best dads!! I would say in ranking Corey is the best, Jo is 2nd Gary is 3rd,

    1. I think Gary is probably better than Jo. Jo is great sometimes but he can also kind of half-ass it sometimes, like when he was late bringing Isaac to soccer and didn’t bother apologising, and he should be paying more child support. Gary has Leah day in and day out, that should count for a lot. He is older than the other Dads though so maybe more mature or something.

      1. Tyler’s child is a year and 3 months old, and from what has been shown, he was a pretty selfish parent. seems like all the work was left to Catelynn and others, so not the best maybe one of the worst! Since he was a lot older than the others when he started to parent, what 23/24 versus the others at 16!

      2. Tyler loses his shit every time his daughter has a moderate melt down. He and Cate put a lot of the responsibility on their mothers.

    2. My dad order (of the originals) would be Corey, Gary, Jo, Tyler, Ryan, Adam, then Andrew. If anyone puts on this God awful facade of being a good dad its Adam…but at least Aubree knows who he is…I don’t think Jace would know who Andrew was if he passed him on the street.

      1. Although I think I’d put Ryan before Tyler. Tyler doesn’t seem like he likes the idea of being a father, but not the work of actually being a father.

        1. gotta agree with you on that…Tyler seems like he thought Nova was going to come out 5 years old, playing Superman vs Batman with him…he didn’t realize she would come out an infant and he would have to change her diapers, wake up with her, and watch her 24/7…Although he is active in Nova’s life, he just seems to expect Caitlyn to do EVERYTHING. Could you imagine if Caitlyn were as incompetent as Leah and Tyler would have to take sole custody? Yikes!

        2. We do have to take into account what a terrible example of a father Tyler had and how much trauma he experienced in his past. He’s doing a phenomenal job as a father considering his history.

          1. That’s really no excuse. He should want to be a better father to his child than his father was to him. He seems to think just being there is enough and not putting in the actual work that being a parent requires. Plus he’s disrespectful as hell to his daughter’s mother. What a shitty example he’s setting for her.

          2. He lays all that trauma at Butch’s feet and then turns around a leaves his baby daughter with Butch for a week so he can go on vacation. That alone makes him a shitty dad. He left his baby with a barely sober lifelong addict for a whole week.

      2. I think Andrew is a better father to Jace than Adam is to Aubree. Andrew knew he didn’t want to be a dad and left. Adam just toys with Aubree and that to me is worse. I’d rather someone not be there at all.

        1. Hm, it’s a tough call. But still deep down I think Adam wants to be a dad, just doesn’t know how. If that makes sense.

    3. I’d say Gary is way ahead of Jo. Jo is a good dad, but doesn’t seem to pay much child support and can be lazy at parenting at times. He has only recently, within the past few years, stepped up to the plate. He’s turned into a good dad, but definitely had a some rough moments.

      Gary had to step up when Leah was a baby because it was obvious that Amber was a shit mom. He had to take on a lot more than Jo ever has.

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