‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: All the ‘Teen Mom’-Related News You’ve Missed So Far This Week

“Dude, leave me alone! I’m trying to catch up on my ‘Teen Mom’ news!”

The casts of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 were quite busy this week, with plenty of the franchise’s stars taking advantage of their fame, while others were causing controversy!

Since you probably didn’t get to be on a TV show for getting knocked up, you may have to go to work, which may make it hard for you to keep up with the ‘Teen Mom’ casts’ activities. In an effort to bring you up-to-date on all of the recent ‘Teen Mom’ happenings, The Ashley brings you the “Teen Mom News Pile!”

Here are all the major (and minor but interesting) Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2-related things that happened over the last few days…

The Newest ‘OG’ Cast Member Cheyenne Floyd Is Already Causing Controversy

That moment you realize that the Internet is forever…

Last week, The Ashley broke the exclusive news that former ‘Are You The One?’ and ‘The Challenge’ star Cheyenne Floyd has snagged Farrah Abraham’s vacant spot on ‘Teen Mom OG.’ Fans seemed to have a mixed reaction to the news that Cheyenne (and her baby daddy Cory Wharton) are joining the show.

However, with ‘Teen Mom’ fame comes intense scrutiny, which Cheyenne found out a few days ago when some sleuthy Redditers discovered a series of racist tweets that Cheyenne posted years ago.

In 2011, Cheyenne tweeted, “My mom said I can’t see [the movie] ‘The Help,’ she knows I already have a problem with white people.”

She later posted, “Last night I saw [‘The Help’] and I wanted to kill every white person I saw.”


That same year, Cheyenne retweeted a tweet, assumingly sent to her by a friend, that was pretty shocking.

“[Cheyenne] and [redacted] are the only Nazi-loving, black power-having, ‘kill-a-white-baby-if-I-could’ people I can accept & adore.”

After the old tweets went public, Cheyenne deleted her Twitter account.

You can see screenshots of some of Cheyenne’s tweets here.

The ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Girls Are Cashing in On Their New Fame

“Wait…they’ll pay me HOW MUCH to sell junk on Instagram!? Where do I sign?”

It was only a matter of time before the newest stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise—the ‘Young & Pregnant’ girls—realized how much cold-hard cash their teenage pregnancy can make them!

Ashley Smith joined the ranks of Farrah Abraham, Jenelle Evans, Kail Lowry and other ‘Teen Mom’ stars who are hawking crap on Instagram. While Ashley has been peddling diet tea products on social media for the last month or so, this week she upgraded to selling Flat Tummy Tea’s new weight loss lollipop. (Who would have guessed that, all this time that we were eating well and exercising to lose weight, we were doing it wrong?! We should have been gnawing on lollipops!)

It doesn’t appear that the rest of the ‘Young & Pregnant’ crew has ventured too far into the lucrative (and The Ashley can confirm it is very lucrative) world of selling weird stuff on social media, but we can surely expect them to be pretending to drink weight loss tea and wearing corsets on The ‘Gram very soon…

“16 and Pregnant” Star Nikkole Paulun Tried to Be Relevant Again by Tweeting About Jenelle Evans

“‘Member me?!”

Nicole Paulun starred on the same season of “16 and Pregnant” as the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls and, while she wasn’t chosen for the spin-off, she has managed to keep herself in the news for the last seven years via an “alleged” fake pregnancy, bad tattoos and other shenanigans.

This week, she put herself back into the spotlight but posting about her friend-turned-rival Jenelle Evans. Nikkole tweeted how angry she was after watching recent episodes of ‘Teen Mom 2’ that show Jenelle and her husband David Eason’s um, “interesting” parenting style.

“MTV is lucky they didn’t put me on ‘Teen Mom,'” Nikkole tweeted on Tuesday. “After seeing the way Jenelle & David treat their kids, they would’ve needed security to keep me from coming at them. Pieces of s**t.”

“Her man & herself talk to her second son [Kaiser] like he’s worthless,” she added. “Like they’re completely annoyed that he even exists. It’s soooo sad.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Nikkole isn’t the only person who was concerned for Kaiser and the Easons’ other children after the most-recent episodes of ‘Teen Mom 2’ aired.

Jenelle has yet to respond to Nikkole’s comments.

Someone Has Been Leaking Jenelle Evans’ Private Documents On Instagram

“Moles are not tolerated on The Land! David, get the rake!”

It looks like there’s a mole on The Land!

While there are probably plenty of the rodent-type of mole on Jenelle Evans’ property, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star has been dealing with a different type of mole lately. Someone who is (or was?) in Jenelle’s inner circle has been posting private documents and photos to Instagram using an anonymous account.

Over the past week or so, photos of the water damage underneath Jenelle’s mansion on The Land were posted, as were photos of private CPS documents that provided details about Jenelle and her daughter, Ensley, testing positive for THC at Ensley’s birth. (The Ashley gave you all the details about this when it happened. You can check that out here!)

The posts have all been deleted shortly after they were posted, and Jenelle has yet to comment publicly on the leaked info and pics.

Be sure to catch up on all of The Ashley’s latest ‘Teen Mom’ stories by clicking here!

(Photos: MTV)


35 Responses

    1. You mean the picture where she doesn’t have all of the stage makeup on covering up her meth pox? Maybe that’s why her cosmetic brand never hit the market.

  1. Oh wow, wish I could have seen those documents about Jenelle’s house and stuff ??!

    Cheyenne wtf were you thinking?! Pretty sure almost all poc were affected by The Help when it came out. It made us all feel some type of way. But you saying you wanted to kill all white people is going too far. You gots to be careful about the things that you post and say no matter what age you are. I’m assuming she was a teen when those tweets were posted? Hopefully she has been working on the issue she has with white prior. Ryder may end up marrying someone white. It’s really sad that anyone in this world has to fear that somebody doesn’t like them bc of the color of their skin.

  2. Is the mole the MTV crew? No wonder they are scared to go to the land. Guns, dv, drugs, child abuse, child neglect, screaming, holes in the walls, road rage, and the house sinking. OMG what a mess.

  3. Hard to believe that the average person who knows their way around the Internet could find those outrageously bigoted Cheyenne Floyd tweets — but MTV obviously couldn’t. Not even with a staff full of salaried employees.

    Clearly, after this bombshell if MTV still decides to keep this Cheyenne deal in place, there’s no way in hell they can expect viewers to welcome her.

    Wanting to kill all white people, supposedly spurred on by a movie she saw? A movie that was produced in Hollywood by white people (Chris Columbus/DreamWorks) and based on a novel written by a white woman (Kathryn Stockett) — with a clear message to EVERYONE that racism actually SUCKS?

    Yep, we can already see SO much about TMOG’s new cast member, Cheyenne.

    Her overall “maturity” level, first and foremost.


    1. whats worse she wasnt a naive 16 yr old when she made those tweets. I thought i read on here a few days ago she was 23 when she had her child? not making excuses but she was old enuf to know better.

      1. While I 100% believe she was old enough to know better, the tweets in question are from 2011 I believe. She would’ve been 16/17- definitely old enough to know better.

  4. So, was it the mole digging the hole beneath Jenelle’s house? I wonder why they even bother to ‘leak’ stuff, when Jenelle is shown on TV with about a dozen of poll bottles on her kitchen counter. Like, why ‘leak’ things everybody already seems to know anyways? Plus, Jenelle isn’t even making an effort to cover up anymore. She just lives in her own little world where everything’s fine and she’s got a perfectly fine reason to do whatever she (David) wants.

  5. I want to se the new girl Cheyanne and Jenelle in some kind of WWE wrestling situation. It would be awesome.

  6. The Nikkole chic is a hot mess. She’d be perfect to add on to Teen Mom OG. Her life is always all over the place. I do agree with what she said about how Kaiser is treated like they wish he didn’t exist. I wish Nathan would get his sh** together and at least try and get 50/50 custody of his son.

    Were there never any charges pressed against Jenelle for the road rage incident and her pulling a gun on a guy in his driveway WITH HER KIDS IN THE CAR?? That seems like it would be a pretty big deal. No?

  7. Lol at Jenelle’s “mansion”. It’s a ranch style prefab. Basically a double size double wide.

    1. it looked very nice when it was new but they are such a bunch of hillbillies and slobs it wasnt going to,last regardless. we call them modular homes, glorified mobile homes and yes prefab homes. i always lol’d when i read in a tabloid it was a “mansion”. please, give me a break.

    1. I’ve seen it and yeah, there are racist white people in the movie but that doesn’t make it ok for her to say she wants to kill white people. There have been racist blacks in movies but I’m not sitting on twitter saying I want to kill black people because I know that’s wrong and bad characters in movies don’t represent a whole group of people. Plus, she said she didn’t want to see the movie because she already didn’t like white people and she proudly retweeted that tweet that she she is a ‘kill-a-white-baby-if-I-could’ person. So that excuse about The Help does not work. Sorry.

    2. If you think The Help somehow justifies talking about killing white babies, I hope you never see Roots, Amistad, or Twelve Years A Slave.

  8. I know Cheyenne tweeted those things a long time ago but saying you want to inflict physical harm on people because of their race is the worst hate speech there is. If MTV keeps her, I will be pissed off. That is just not okay. And I know for sure if she were white and said that about black people, there would be no question about her staying on the show. MTV would get another replacement in a flash. Let’s hold the same standard for everyone. Do the right thing MTV.

      1. Correction. Racism SHOULD be a 2 way street, but we all know damn well that if you’re black, you get away with it. If you’re white, you’re done. Just look at David (not sticking up for him, ijs), and Roseanne Barr. She wasnt even being racist!!! She got fired real quick!

      2. @Tanya Well, Roseanne said a black woman looked like a monkey. It’s common knowledge that comparing black people to monkeys is a racist insult and that is definitely not acceptable. But on the other hand, Valerie Jarrett is a very light skinned black woman so there is a possibility that Roseanne is telling the truth when she said she wasn’t aware that Valerie was black. To be honest, looking at Valerie, I didn’t know she was black either.

        I do kinda agree with you though, when it comes to double standards with racism. I think white people are held more accountable for racism than non-white people are because of history (the Holocaust and black American slavery). There are even people out there that think whites can never be the victims of racism no matter what is done or said towards them. Those people are just flat out crazy because they don’t even realize that claim is racist in itself or they just don’t understand the definition of racism. Racism is prejudice and hostility towards another race, not about power and privilege (which is how a lot of people look at it).

  9. I think Cheyenne should have got a headline about her racist bullshit, just like David did. Instead it’s hidden in a news round up. Expected better from the Ashley.

    1. Exactly. I actually think what she said was worse since she’s talking about killing people. You know for sure if old racist tweets from one of the white cast members surfaced, they not only would’ve gotten their own headline on The Ashley but MTV would’ve released a statement right away about terminating their employment. I don’t even know if MTV is going to let Cheyenne go. If they don’t, that will just prove this huge double standard considering they fired David for homophobic tweets (and rightfully so).

      1. Except, Jenelle and Farrah have both said racist and/or homophobic things and neither were fired as a result. Jenelle has even wished death on military members. MTV decided David wasn’t worth enough $ to keep around. That’s all this is.

        1. Wishing death on adults (which is still horrible) is not the same as saying you want to kill a group of infants belonging to a racial group. I don’t know what Jenelle and Farrah have said that was racist but I’m sure it wasn’t them saying they wanted to inflict physical harm on anyone belonging to a racial group. If they had said something that bad, they would’ve been gone for sure.

  10. Thanks Ashley for the extra snarky dumpster fire report. Was having a bad day and this brightened my mood.

    1. True… that said I would be thrilled with Jenelle for ONCE 🙂 if she responded by calling out Nikkole’s taking the pregnancy and stillbirth! That is just as deplorable as Jenelle.

  11. Are there a bunch of unattended 12 year olds running MTV? Who in the WORLD doesn’t do AS MUCH research as possible when hiring a new candidate to air on national TV and influence…. hundreds. Lol. If that. MTV you are toast. Now I will NEVER watch this trash show with the racists you choose to pay, on BOTH sides. From Lurch to Cheyenne. Pathetic. Music Television has turned into such vile trash.

  12. So much snark, I love it. This mole is probably going to be a storyline on the next TM2 season. Though it is an invasion of Jenelle’s privacy, it also exposes things people know she’s been lying about. For example, how is it POSSIBLE for you to be smoking weed frequently during pregnancy and your newborn not testing positive for THC? Seriously, Jenelle lol! I think she needs an Anatomy and Physiology lesson. I believe someone mentioned (perhaps Babs?) that all of Jenelle’s kids tested positive for THC at birth.

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