Farrah Abraham Lashes Out At Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra For Talking About Her ‘Teen Mom’ Firing On ‘Dr. Oz’: Read the Hilarious Statement


Farrah Abraham is not happy that her former Teen Mom OG co-stars (and frequent feud partners) Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra spoke about her ‘Teen Mom’ firing during their recent appearance on The Dr. Oz Show.

When the couple was asked if they agreed with Farrah’s firing, they confirmed that they did. Catelynn gave a very diplomatic answer, stating that she supported MTV’s decision. Tyler, however, let his claws come out out.

“I think it’s great. I think it’s awesome,” Tyler said. “I just think the way she decided to live her lifestyle, it just didn’t mesh well with the rest of the cast.”

Ty also said Farrah “isn’t a very nice person.”

After Farrah found out what Cate and Ty said about her, she gave a statement to Too Fab to share her “Farrah Speak”-filled thoughts. Naturally, they came out as rambling third person diatribe about her former co-stars.

(For your convenience, The Ashley is providing a “Farrah Speak” translator for those of you who are not as well-versed in Farrah’s signature language as The Ashley is.)

“The bullying and losing of Farrah’s brand by MTV talent who continues to have jealousy attacks toward her are pathetic,” Farrah said.

(Farrah Speak Translation: Catelynn and Tyler are dumb for still working for MTV and they are only saying things about Farrah because they are jealous of her.)

“Ain’t nobody jealous of you hon-naaay!”

“Farrah is the one out of all the cast who is still and always be the star of the show, the show is over with all of the unsafe production around kids. Farrah has a global brand that stands up to improve the adult entertainment industry, so it’s safer for women like Stormy Daniels.”

(Farrah Speak Translation: Farrah will always be the star of the crappy show, even though she got the boot. Farrah’s brands provide yogurt/plastic butts/blowup dolls/furniture that are available for purchase by p0rn stars and other people who are eager to be famous.)

Farrah then went on to praise herself for settling her $5 million lawsuit with Viacom over her firing.

“I commend Farrah for winning a lawsuit and settling with Viacom for their wrong doing toward a female. #TimesUp #MeToo.”

(Farrah Speak Translation: Farrah congratulates Farrah for having Viacom agree to settle the lawsuit with her–which she views as a win– because it was wrong for her to be fired for doing web cam shows and treating production like crap…or something.)

“I’d like to take a moment to congratulate me on a job well done!”

Farrah then said she was going to produce a ‘Teen Mom’-esque show herself.

“Farrah wants nothing to do with a hateful losing culture that wants to hurt women and teen moms and ‘Teen Mom’ is on the verge of being cancelled without Farrah. Farrah’s brand grew bigger than ‘Teen Mom’ and is working on her own scripted web series showing teen mom life as it should be, not how ugly MTV’s Teen Mom is now.”

(Farrah Speak Translation: Farrah is way too big of a star now to be on a ‘Teen Mom’ show so she is going to make a web series about how crappy the life of a teen mom can actually be without MTV money.)

You can watch Catelynn and Tyler talk about Farrah on ‘The Dr. Oz Show’ in the video below:

(Photos: WEtv, MTV, FOX)

39 Responses

  1. Farrah should communicate only with fat black marker pens on 8 1/2 X 11 paper. No verbs, no conjunctions, no adjectives. Only nouns and maybe a few action words like “Farrah leaving” would be fine. I think she is styling like Zsa Zsa Gabor to be be mysterious but major fail.

  2. Why is she talking in third person? Jesus girl get into an English or grammar course at your local college. You sound like a frickin fool.

    1. I agree. I have a brother who talks about himself in third person sometimes, but he only does it to be silly. He says he started doing it a few years ago, just a freak his co-workers out one day. But The habit kind of stuck. he really doesn’t do it at work so much anymore, but around family all the time. He’s a Texas A & M graduate.

  3. In this nitwit’s defense it must be difficult to look like a real, human adult (kind of) and have the brain of an unpopped popcorn kernel. I used to think she’s a dyslexic, but they don’t have these problems with both reading and writing, so I asked a buddy who also watches the show and she suggested that she might have been born with some kind of brain damage. Clearly she has a personality disorder, but even sociopaths are better able to put a sentence together than this specimen. I would love to see a brain scan of hers to see which part of her brain is effected.

    1. CoryandTrevor- agree on all points. (As usual.) I legit think there is something wrong with her…perhaps beyond just a behavioural disorder.

  4. I just had a thought – maybe Farrah is always so frustrated and angry because she has absolutely no communication ability, and most people can’t understand what the fuck she’s talking about 95% of the time. Being THAT unable to even speak a coherent thought has to be really frustrating as people around you who are quite a bit smarter are naturally like “HUH” 1400 times a day trying to figure out what the hell she means. It doesn’t explain why she’s borderline evil, but maybe gives insight into the anger.

  5. I just want to say that I love The Ashley. This site is awesome! there are always things here, whether they are stories or comments, that make me laugh. Sometimes, it really makes me stop and think too. Thanks, The Ashley. Keep it up!

  6. Newsflash Farrah: in order to claim #TimesUp #MeToo, men actually have to WANT to touch you, and I don’t see that happening outside of paid p0rn stars, vile strip club frequenters, Simon the fame whore, and your dad. So, sorry Farrah, time is only up for your career, whatever it was.

  7. Nothing is funnier or more frustrating when an idiot tries to talk and it comes out like garbage that the idiot THINKS sounds intelligent.

    A few weeks ago there was a Teen Mom OG memories episode and Farrah was such a nice, determined person. What the heck happened to her? She’s now a giant asshole.

  8. Every time I hear her speak, it melts my brain and I feel like I lost a few brain cells! My English is nowhere perfect, I started learning it at the age of 9 and even I know you don’t speak like that! What excuse does she have for such bad grammar, she was born with English, I seriously can’t comprehend it (yes, there are people who can’t even speak their mother tongue good but usually those have learning disabilities etc.)

  9. So yay Farrah has a job so she’s better than Tyler and Catelynn? Yeah pretty sure neither Tyler or Catelynn has a track record like Farrah, can’t treat people right, likes to fight and lie but yay she has a job.

  10. Not defending Farrah but unlike Catelynn and Tyler she has a job. Catelynn and Tyler have gone completely no where in their lives. No jobs, no schooling, cannot take care of the child they have, Catelynn runs to rehab instead of taking care of her child. I’m not defending Farrah but Catelynn and Tyler have no room to speak.

    1. that’s exactly what I said, and their groupies down voted me, but I don’t care it’s the truth. They had all the tools in the world to really make something of themselves, and they are both losers!

    2. When they’re discussing the kind of person she is, they have all the room in the world to speak, lol. Yep, everything you said about them is absolutely true, but that doesn’t make anything they said untrue.

      One can recognize both that Cate and Tyler are going nowhere fast, and still be able to recognize that they’re spot on about Farrah. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, lol.

      I do however, have a bone to pick about the “run to rehab” commentary. It’s very clear she *needs that, and nothing anyone says otherwise, will make that untrue. People that need rehab, should seek it out, and shouldn’t be belittled for doing so..ever, no matter who they are!

    3. Cate and Ty have an online shop, Farrah on the other hand, just closed her brick shop and the others will follow. So who doesn’t have a job?

    4. Catelynn actually does a lot of work with Adoption counselors and speaking on behalf of abstinence and adoption, whereas Farrah spreads her flaps for money. Yeah. I’ll take Cate and Tyler any day of the week.

  11. The Ashley, I loved the translator. Could you please include that when you do a story on Farrah from now on?

    1. Haaaaaaaaaa!! That is awesome.

      Now Ferret and her butt (hole) will probably end up in the slammer.

      Enter CSB to rescue the daughter.

      Prolly too late

  12. Tyler and Caitlynn, have no room to talk about anyone else. Farrah is mentally ill, but still works hard, and makes a living without MTV. Which other ones have been able to do that? None of them, Tyler and his wife, quit everything they try. I wish Cait would stop using the word ‘passion’ or passionate’ she’s full of it, they do the show, because they get a nice big fat pay check, and they are both too lazy to do anything else. They have no education, and no real job skills to really go out there and make something of themselves. It’s very sad, they have a young daughter if the show lasts another year, that will be a lot, what then? SAD!

  13. I almost feel bad for her because she is clearly not well, but some people in this world need to serve as an example for the rest of us. Her daughter while an innocent victim, is doomed to repeat Farrah dysfunctional upbringing, in a different way, yet more destructive. Sad all around, but might as well sit back at watch the train wreck unfold.

  14. Carleton should look at her life, she’s always away at therapy needing help! Spend time with your kid and husband cow!

    1. In her “defense”(?) it wasn’t Caitlyn, but Tyler that went on a tirade about Farrah. Like we didn’t already know they were t besties ??‍♀️

  15. Is she trying to explain her behavior by pretending she has a multiple personality disorder of some sort or was she drunk again?

  16. Thank goodness you provided translation with those statements. Nothing she said made any sense, especially the first part of her statement.

    “The bullying and losing of Farrah’s brand by MTV talent who continues to have jealousy attacks toward her are pathetic,” Farrah said.

    WTF!! Lol!!!

  17. Ok Farrah…
    You MAY be the STAR of the show…but have you ever considered as to why?? You and your family are the equivalent of a three ring circus, Farrah. And of course, that’s what sparks ratings. You have a mother who’s ok with transforming into the sick, sad embodiment of you thinking that’s what’ll make you accept her. While Sophia practically has a front row seat of your shitshow of a life, she’ll grow up thinking it’s ok to treat people as if they’re inferior to her. She will grow up not only lacking an education, but also common sense…so there’s that. As far as your dad is concerned…….he’s a dog with his tail between his legs. You have no true friends and probably will never know how it feels how to have a true sense of self, friendship, and/or love only given with how you continue to treat people. Stop thinking that everyone’s envious or jealous of you cause that’s far from the case. And just know….the people who follow you like a pack of minions, they’re only doing that for their own benefit. Just know that, Farrah. Humble yourself.

  18. You know, I was kind of hoping that MTV would put the Teen Mom franchise out to pasture soon, as it seems to have lost its ability to portray young mothers’ lives in a realistic way. But now that Farrah has been fired and she seems to think the entire network will crumble without her, I hope the show lasts another ten years to prove her wrong.

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