‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Noah Brown Marries Rhain Merrill: Get Wedding Details

“We got fancy for our wedding!”

Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown got hitched on Wednesday to his fiance Rhain Merrill. The wedding was no surprise, as the ‘Bush People’ offspring had been publicly counting down to his nuptials for a while; however the normalcy of the wedding came as a shock to some of the show’s fans.

From the Brown men’s tuxedos, to Rhain’s white dress from David’s Bridal, the small Idaho wedding seemed to have all the “standard” wedding staples. 

“We are so excited to start our new life together as husband and wife and we look forward to building new memories as our own family,” the couple told People magazine. “God bless everyone for all of the love and support.”

People reports that Noah and Rhain chose to get married on August 15 because it was the two-year anniversary of the day they met in Alaska.

Noah and Rhain said “I do” in front of about 25 guests, which included Noah’s parents, Billy and Ami Brown, and his siblings. (Billy served as his best man.)

All of the Browns wore fancy frocks for the nuptials.

“I tried on a tux for the first time ever. That was weird,” Noah’s brother Gabe told People.

“It’s been so hectic and crazy because we’ve had to go get these fancy clothes we haven’t had time to think about it today,” Noah’s dad Billy said.

The traditionally non-traditional Browns even helped Rhain follow through with the “something blue” tradition. According to People, Ami gave Rhain a blue stone ring to carry in her bouquet.

In a June Instagram post, Noah expressed his excitement about getting married.

“I am getting married to the girl of my dreams, Rhain Merrill (soon to be Rhain Brown),” he wrote in the caption of a photo of him and Rhain. “We will soon be our own Family, and although there are trials and tribulations and a tone of stress I could not be happier with the way my adult life is turning out.”

My birthday is the 18th of July and it really has been making me think a lot about everything. I am turning 26 and the following month I am getting married to the girl of my dreams, Rhain Merrill (soon to be Rhain Brown). We will soon be our own Family, and although there are trials and tribulations and a tone of stress I could not be happier with the way my adult life is turning out. I have been doing a lot of reflecting on my adulthood and reminiscing of childhood. Like a kid would say I am a “grown-up” and I cannot help but admire my littlest sister Kathryn Raindrop’s youthful innocence of a pre-teen. When you are a child like little Raindrop, you do not have to think about what you are going to eat for dinner or worry about paying bills, because your parents do everything for you and you cannot yet take care of yourself. Young Raindrop spends her days cuddling Bunnies and playing with her dolls not knowing about the stressful lives of the adults around her. Oh the metabolism of a pre-teen like little Raindrop, she can eat whatever she wants and never gain a pound, she just stays her tiny self (that I am envious of). I am an adult now I am getting married in 46 days and my parents do not make my dinner or give me a place to live, I am the head of my own household and the family that Rhain and I are starting will look to me for advice and guidance, my first priority will now always be my new family and my loyalty is to my soon to be wife and my future children, it is my job to take care of my new family and it will be an honor to do my best for them. I am unbelievably ecstatic with where I am in my life, but Rainy girl stay small and please do not rush to grow up enjoy your childhood as long as you can. The world will wait for you, just take your time and have fun, because being a kid is just as important as becoming an adult. As the saying goes, you will grow up sooner then you think.

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The happy occasion comes after the Brown family has overcome a series of struggles. Last year, Ami battled late-stage cancer, but was declared cancer-free by her doctors in December. Ami’s cancer battle, as well as the family’s move from Alaska to Washington, will be covered on the upcoming season of ‘Alaskan Bush People,’ which premieres on Sunday.

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  1. Congrats! I always thought Noah will be the first one to marry, he is the youngest and was prob a catch for many girls……….it still breaks my heart to this day how sad he was when Christine left him………..glad he found someone now! Can’t wait for baby news, Ami and Billy (and siblings) will be excited to expand their brood!

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