Daughter of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Is Home & Recovering After Having Emergency Surgery Due to Infection

“She’s home!”

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus’ youngest daughter Stella is finally home and recovering after having emergency surgery over the weekend.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Briana recounted the 13-month-old’s battle with a serious infection called septic arthritis.

“She could have possibly died,” Briana told the magazine of her daughter.

Briana stated that she rushed Stella to the emergency room after the baby’s fever reached 104 degrees and she noticed that Stella was having difficulty moving her left arm.

Briana said that, at the hospital, an MRI showed that Stella had fluid on her joints. It was later revealed that Stella had septic arthritis, an infection that would require surgery.

“The doctor said nobody knows how one gets it,” she told Us Weekly. “A simple bug bite or scratch can open up flesh and bacteria can travel.”

Briana said she broke down in tears when she learned that her baby would need surgery.

“I’m happy I ended up trusting my gut and taking her to the ER as the infection could have grown and entered her bloodstream and she could have become extremely sick,” she told the magazine.

While Stella’s father, Luis Hernandez was a no-show for his daughter’s surgery, Briana’s trusty mom Roxanne DeJesus was there to support Briana and Stella.

The day of surgery Roxanne tweeted, “I learned today that I’m an emotional eater. Never noticed it till today. Weird that under so much stress and anxiety I wanna eat food. It’s been a long day.”

On Thursday Briana tweeted, “Stressful stressful day but Stella is resting and that’s all that matters.”

Briana also tweeted her appreciation for the hospital that cared for Stella.

“(Nemours) really is the best hospital. So blessed to know Stella is in great hands,” Briana tweeted.

On Monday, Briana updated her fans, letting them know that she and Stella were home from the hospital and that the baby was expected to make a full recovery, even though she will be required to take antibiotics for six weeks. Briana was scheduled to attend the MTV VMAs on Monday, but was unable to go due to Stella’s health crisis.

“Glad to be home with both my babies,” Briana tweeted on Monday.

On Tuesday, Briana told a fan on Twitter that, sadly, Luis had yet to even check in with her about his daughter’s condition.

“So tired of doing this alone smh,” Briana wrote on Instagram live on the day of Stella’s surgery.

My girls ?❤️

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Unfortunately, this isn’t the only health scare Stella has had over the course of her life. In October of 2017, Briana revealed to Radar Online that Stella, then a newborn, suffered from a ventricular septal defect. At the time, Briana stated that the baby was born with three small holes in her heart.

Some of the issues regarding Stella’s heart condition were covered on Briana’s first season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Since Briana is currently filming the ninth season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ there’s a chance that Stella’s health crisis could be covered on the new season.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram, Twitter)


  1. Thank god the baby is ok. Briannas cryptic tweets about the situation were a little to be desired, she wanted attention & new exactly what she was doing due to the way she was tweeting. Bri, you knew he was a DJ ate the club you frequented PLUS had another daughter he pays no attention to, what did you think!!

  2. Stella is such a cute little chunk and I’m glad she’s okay! No matter how Briana acts no parent should have to deal with that!

  3. So glad Stella is going to be okay! I feel for Brianna. When you’re young, it’s hard to anticipate just how difficult it is to parent kids alone. She’s lucky to have the support of her mom and her sister, as crazy as they may be. They come through when Brianna needs them, and they all seem very devoted to the kids. But Brianna, stay away from the dudes!

    1. On the other hand, it’s not difficult to comprehend that men can easily walk out on their children. We’d all like to think the best in people but you have to protect yourself. After raising Nova for almost 6 years on her own, you’d think Briana would have been a little more careful and not put herself in that situation twice. My feeling is she wanting a sibling for Nova and the age gap was getting a little big so she got pregnant on purpose and now plays the poor me, single mommy card knowing full well what can happen when you have a baby with a pretty-well stranger (again, she had lived it once with Devoin)

  4. No matter what your haters say I think you are a wonderful single mother, yes you have your mom and sister but all and all you’re GREAT! Those girls are lucky to have you!

  5. Happy to hear that Stella will be okay.

    When it comes to these wonderful TM kids who NEVER asked to come here in the first place, needless to say, I constantly pray for all of them.

    So I’m overjoyed that this little sweetie is out of danger and on the mend.

    Great news.

  6. Her daughters are beautiful. Glad Stella is doing okay now. Hated that she sorta downplayed the seriousness of it with her “if it got into her bloodstream she could have been seriously sick” comment. The fact that the poor baby had to have surgery, the 104 temp, trouble using her left arm and the fact babies aren’t as able to fight off what an adult can means Stella WAS seriously sick. Hope Brianna now focuses on her daughters and not worry about men so much. Work on becoming a better you, focus on your children and eventually you will find a man who is a stand up guy who will treat you AND your daughters right.

  7. It makes me so mad that she had babies with these total dead beats. That poor baby almost died, and has heart issues and that dad is nowhere to be found…he pays for daycare, and I guess he thinks that’s good enough. I’m happy that Stella is ok, and I hope that she gets better….poor thing has gone through so much has only been on this planet a little over a year.

  8. She’s so tired of doing this alone, yet she still dates irresponsible men that don’t have a pot to piss in and allows herself to have their children! Too bad her brain doesn’t get as much use as her vagina does!!!

    1. Exactly! People are so cavalier about having a baby. Protect yourself and wait to have one until you are in a legally
      binding relationship that neither of you can easily walk away from.

  9. Wishing that poor baby a quick recovery.

    Luis is a complete POS, but Brianna is not alone. It’s clear that her mom and sister help her quite a bit. And since they all live together, that help is around the clock. But, having a sick baby is terrifying so I won’t be too hard on her.

  10. Poor baby! No matter how I feel about her mom, Stella is a sweetheart who doesn’t deserve to experience all this so young. I wish her a speedy recovery!

    (But Briana, you wouldn’t have been experiencing this on your own if you know…….wouldn’t make such bad decisions about who her baby daddy is! How are you still shocked about this?! You literally just met him when he knocked you up!)

  11. Prayers for you Stella. Praying for a speedy recovery. I hope Brianna uses this experience to re evaluate her life and focus on what is really important, her daughters.

  12. That’s so sad :(. I’m glad to hear Stella is ok now. It’s so sad Luis doesn’t care. If I recall correctly, Briana was going to get an abortion and he talked her out of it. Now he’s not around…

    1. I think it was actually adoption , not abortion. And most likely Stella would have wound up in a better home.

      1. She was never considering adoption, that was put in so she had some sort of storyline and she also used that to manipulate Luis. She shouldn’t have been playing mind games, he obviously doesn’t give a crap about her or the baby. So sad, Stella is beautiful and I hope she will be ok.

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