Amber Portwood Posts Meme About Cheating After Andrew Glennon Files For Child Support; Plus Amber’s Ex-Fiance Matt Baier Gives His Thoughts On Alleged Machete Attack

“I’m ’bout to make things a whole lot more interesting!”

Amber Portwood has remained completely silent since her July 5 arrest for domestic battery against her baby daddy Andrew Glennon, not even speaking up for herself when she was approached by reporters outside her court hearing last week. However, on Wednesday, Amber seemed to be trying to send a message that there may be even more to this story than just her allegedly hitting Andrew with shoe…and then coming at him with a machete!

The Teen Mom OG star posted— then quickly deleted— a meme to her official Instagram account that read “Cheating is a choice not a mistake.”

Amber deleted this message shortly after posting it…

Fans assumed she was implying that Andrew had cheated on her. However, Amber’s own brother, Shawn Portwood, had previously shot down fans who asked him on July 11 if Amber had caught Andrew cheating on her.

“No. He did not cheat. Get that out of y’alls minds,” Shawn wrote on Twitter.

Amber’s cryptic Instagram post about cheating went up on the same day Radar Online broke the news that Andrew is not only demanding full custody of James, the one-year-old son he shares with Amber, but also child support. In court documents, he also asked that Amber not be allowed around James unsupervised. 

“Father believes it is in James’ best interests that he be awarded sole legal and primary physical custody,” the court papers, which Andrew filed on July 9, read. “Father believes that it is not currently in James’ best interests for Mother to have unsupervised parenting time.” 

Amber and James in happier times…

Andrew also asked that Amber— who makes well over $300,000 a season for filming ‘Teen Mom OG’— foot the bill for James’ medical expenses and insurance.

Radar Online also reports that the court documents state that Andrew was questioned by the Department of Child Services (DCS) on July 8. 

“DCS informed Father that they intended to file a Child in Need of Services case… that Father was not to permit Mother to have unsupervised contact with James… [DCS will] recommend to Juvenile Court that James be placed in Father’s custody.”

The custody case is currently pending. However, the DNA test that Andrew ordered to establish paternity of James showed that he is, indeed, the father of the boy. 

Amber is currently not allowed to have any contact with Andrew or James, due to the No Contact Order and the Order of Protection that were served against Amber on July 10. 

Amber’s ex-fiance, the ever-appearing Matt Baier, spoke to TMZ on Wednesday to give his thoughts on Amber’s alleged machete attack on Andrew. He denied that Amber was ever violent with him.

“Memba me?”

“We had some legendary arguments but I never had an experience where she went after me with a machete!” Matt said. “So, no, I can’t really relate as far as that goes…I think there’s definitely got to be two sides to this story. I just don’t see Amber Portwood chasing someone around the house with a machete!”

Matt— who ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans know is a primo example of good parenting— did admit that he’s worried about Amber and Andrew’s son James. 

“If this happened in front of the baby then that’s horrible,” Matt said. “I’ve read so many comments saying that Amber shouldn’t be around the baby and so forth but the Amber that I know was a wonderful mother, and she would never put her children in harm’s way in any way, shape or form.

“Amber’s a very loving mother,” Matt added. “When people say that she sits around on the couch all day and he raises the baby…I was with her when she helped raise [her daughter] Leah, and I think it’s a sign that, if she was a danger to her children, [Leah’s father] Gary [Shirley] wouldn’t be supporting her, obviously.”

(Matt is likely referring to the fact that Gary and his wife Kristina attended Amber’s court hearing with her last week and lent her their support publicly.) 

Amber has been officially charged with one count of “Criminal Recklessness committed with a deadly weapon”; one count of “Domestic Battery committed in the presence of a child less than 16 years old” and “Domestic Battery” by someone who has a prior conviction. She is due back in court next week for a pre-trial conference scheduled on July 25.

Watch Matt’s full interview with TMZ below! 

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(Photos: MTV)

88 Responses

  1. And I don’t get it. Everyone says that Andrew has all this money and and has way more money than Amber, then why is he going after her for child support AND asking her to cover all his legal fees? I don’t get this.

    1. Its got do with with finacial responsibility, not wealth. When u make a kid, legally u got to pay to keep it alive until u terminate parental rights (think adam and chelsea, she can afford all her kids but hes sps to pay SOME child support cuz he made aubrey but hasnt signed her over). Moreover, just because a person HAS money does not mean they are responsible for paying legal fees for something that wasn’t even their fault, because legal fees are necessary to fix the problem created by someone else, ie. Amby being so nuts she cant mom anymore isnt Andrews fault, so hes got to fight for custody, which costs money.

      1. That is honestly the biggest load of bull I ever heard. Everyone has been screaming since day one that this guy and his family are loaded with wealth, that he’s not with Amber because of money because he has plenty of his own and that he has this amazing job that he makes a great living on and yet before anyone could even blink he is asking for child support and sue to cover his legal fees? I get that IF he’s telling the truth about the whole thing, which I don’t think he is,but IF he is, why would a good decent man that is so in love with Amber treat her this way and try to make things this extremely hard for her. It’s bad enough that she is facing prison time, had her baby boy taken away from her which is understandable but now with a quickness going for child support AND legal fees? Why would he keep kicking while she’s all the way down. Why would he do that to someone he loves especially when he is supposedly loaded? THIS DON’T MAKE NO SENSE. You don’t just stop loving someone in a blink of an eye like that. So please lady, save the bull because ain’t nobody buying that non-sense of him trying to make someone responsible. You all said he is wealthy and loaded, no reason he needs anything from her, right? RIGHT??? I mean that’s what you all said! Don’t back peddle now. You all don’t give this girl Amber the benefit of the doubt on anything even when there is clear signs of shadiness on Andres part. Even if there was undeniable proof of her being innocent, you all STILL would bash her because you hate her. Give me a break will you

        1. Meh. I gave u a break cuz u said u “dont get it”, my explanation to assist your understanding was that shes not entitled to any of his money just cuz she fucked up.
          If she isnt paying child support, who do u think is absorbing all the cost to raise the baby, possibly to adulthood? Since she cant be a parent in the traditional sense, she can at least pay to support her child, and possibly replace his financial losses in light of his being forced to deal with the criminal mess shes made. Moreover, people are often awarded legal fees for having to hire the proper people, and having to take the appropriate time, to help solve a problem brought on by the guilty party. And she admitted to hitting him. So, this doesnt have to do with IF’s or “love” or other speculations, its about what is just, fair, and legal; he is within his rights. Whether you agree or not is fine cuz it doesnt really matter, the judge’s opinion is what counts.

          1. You’re still not getting the point. OBVIOUSLY he is not as “wealthy” as every says he was. You get it now? What else is he lying about?

  2. Two things:

    1. Funny how before Matt ever said a word, lots of Amber bashers were saying how she probably hit Matt too since he said that she did and were trying to make him, a person they never spoke one kind word about, look like he was abused by Amber too to fit their “everything is Amber’s fault and she’s a monster” narrative. Now that he spoke up in Amber’s defense, now they are ALL back peddling with a quickness saying “he’s just trying to weasel his way back into Amber’s life or He’s getting paid for this”. How completely ironic.

    2. I would think he would make MORE money going AGAINST Amber in the media instead of defending her.

  3. If course she has to say he cheated cause she wouldn’t want to take responsibility for her losing her shit! Didn’t she say Matt cheated as well at the end well Matt probably did but take responsibility Amber!

    1. She is saying that, to try and make her behaviour okay, she’s a terrible person.

      Andrew and her were joined at the hip, so I find this cheating BS… a lie, oh amber your despicable…

  4. I think some you are just jealous that these Teen Mom stars make $300,000 per season plus endorsement deals while you ladies chase down your broke “baby dadddies” for back child support. Just Sayin

    1. I work I earn decent money.
      My husband works hard and long hours, we do a proper days work, and do not put our private lives out there for the world to see.

      I don’t have to get knocked up or use drugs and make a tit of myself whilst exploiting kids and sitting on the couch all day….

      So darling I’m not in anyway jealous of these lazy entitled morons.

      Pmsl who the hell, would be jealous of those dysfunctional lot.

    2. Lol wut thats SO specific, u worried a lot about other ppls dollars. Are there some personal financial insecurities u would like to share with the class? Cuz it sure sounds like it *just sayyin*

  5. Matt’s riding Ambers coat tails again. He must need some cash again by selling another Amber story either that or she’s paying him herself to say sweet things. She beat him up too

  6. Oh! I forgot to mention something else. Have y’all seen the Grace Report about Amber making Leah’s panic attacks about HERSELF?? If not, check it out.

  7. Why is that worm commenting on this? Matt, Amber has never been a mother to Leah, much less a great one.

  8. Everyone knew Andrew was going to end up raising him, but I didn’t think it would be so soon and like this. I’m sad for James.

  9. I’m sure many of us will remember how Amber went completely off her sh*t when she had that lie detector test done on Matt a few years back on TMOG and it showed (what we already knew anyway) that he cheated. So I’m inclined to believe that knowing Amber, she posted that meme– for a specific reason. Maybe she did in fact “suspect” Andrew of something but couldn’t really substantiate it, so she decided to delete her post.

    Anyway, who knows?

    All I do know, is that whatever the case may be, Andrew knew full well BEFOREHAND that Amber was subject to putting her mate’s head through a wall (the way she almost did Gary’s) at the least sign of conflict. This, while giving absolutely no regard for a small child being present at the time. Only in Andrew’s case, it was an ungodly machete.

    Amber, girl please consider taking time out to get the HELP you so desperately need.

  10. Matt saying Amber is a good mother ??? She doesn’t even do mornings lol. By her own admission on national tv, Portwood claimed she only does the “afternoon shift” she sleeps in all morning. Half the day, I’m sure. Probably knocked out on klonopins. What a joke!!

  11. Matt is so thirsty right now!!! He knows Amber is unstable at this moment, it’s obvious he is trying to con his way back into her life. As for Amber’s cheating claim, she is just trying to get sympathy. Which isn’t working. Cheating or no cheating it doesn’t justify attacking your partner while your child is in his arms. It doesn’t excuse you from chasing Andrew with a machete!!! Ridiculous!!!

  12. You guys, I have diagnosed PTSD from being in an abusive relationship. I used to support Amber and thought her past abuse had to do with drugs. But she has a problem and needs serious help. It’s not just the alleged machete attack. She has been verbally abusing Andrew all season. MTV needs to take a stand. Please sign this petition to fire Amber:

  13. Amber seems to think that it’s okay for a woman to be abusive. Not at all! Also, she should be paying child support and health insurance for BOTH of the kids.

  14. EVEN if he cheated (which Shawn confirmed it was not the case), that gives you no right to chase him with a machete…I mean, what kind of excuse is that?! Imagine anyone who has ever been cheated on, trying to kill the person who cheated on them…yah, stop making up excuses, Ambie….

  15. Typical of these girls to try to justify their actions by pointing the finger instead of acknowledging they did anything wrong. No different then a male abuser using the old line of “she made me do it.” I’d love to see her in court explaining the reasons Andrew pushed her to act out. Her trying to misdirect the blame shows she thinks she’s done nothing wrong or has even thought about the trauma she put her son through.

  16. Maybe Old MattChete is looking to get back with Ambien ???

    Didn’t They fight like cat n dog……??
    Or maybe they were both to high to fight??

    I’m beginning to think that MattChete and Amberseal deserve one another…

    1. My thoughts exactly. Matt is a con man. He is seeing this as a perfect opportunity to slither back in.

  17. Wonderful mother ??? Pmsl, yeah ok.

    Fuck ambien and matted, must have be high through their whole relationship.

    I hope Andrew gets full and sole custody

  18. Who cares what Matt has to say?
    I do find it strange that Kristina and Gary are supporting her though, and to the point that they showed up to court with her.
    Not saying she’s innocent, but there ARE 3 sides to every story. His side, her side, and the truth. Sadly, because of Amber’s past incidents with DV, everyone will unquestionably believe Andrew’s.



  20. I disagree with Matt. There is nothing Andrew could have done (short of putting her life in danger)to justify Amber chasing another person with a machete. There aren’t two sides to this story. If what Andrew alleges is true, Amber needs some sort of penalty. The first blow with the shoe was while he was holding the baby. If Amber’s rages are so volatile that she’s threatening to kill people, she should be removed from society.

  21. Obviously we’ll never know the true story of what happened, but let’s be real, it’s not outside the realms of possibility that what he’s saying is true. Yes he gives off weird vibes, and to me it’s crazy that he got with Amber after knowing she’s as volitile as she is But if the story was the other way around we’d all be saying to grab the kids and run. So to be fair I think he’s at least trying to do the right thing now.

  22. Didn’t Matt post pics of a scratches down his face and imply that amber did them during an argument? How can he now say she wasn’t violent towards him?

    1. Matt also said Amber got violent with him on Marriage Bootcamp, so which one is it Matt? Also didn’t he just have another baby recently? Whats the deal with that?

  23. This brain dead loser needs to crawl back under his rock. I wouldn’t be surprised if Amber sees this and gets back together with him, she’s probably feeling desperate.

    At least we know Leah will return home to a stable, secure envy after the reunion. Gary and Kristina are rock solid.
    Andrew, on the other hand, we really have no idea how he will parent James. That poor baby, he always looks so cute in his photos, but Andrew said he was crying and upset that night. I hope he’s getting lots of cuddling.

    1. Matt also said Amber got violent with him on Marriage Bootcamp, so which one is it Matt? Also didn’t he just have another baby recently? Whats the deal with that?

  24. It looks like both Matt and Debra read The Ashley. They both mentioned that people comment about amber sitting on the couch all day or lying in bed all day while her partners do the parenting.

    As for Matt saying that amber is a good, loving mother. She admitted to assaulting both of her baby daddies in the presence of her children. She admitted what she did to Gary. She admitted to the police this time that she threw a shoe at Andrew while he was holding baby James. Good mother’s don’t do that.

  25. $300,000 a year. Let me repeat that and let it sink in. $300,000 to sit on the couch and bitch while other people parent your children.

    OMG…that’s what’s caused these losers to think they are winners.
    $300,000 for her and $400,000 for Ju-nell. OMG OMG OMG OMG.

    Don’t think there’s anything redeeming in this show any more. How can you show ‘teen moms’. These aren’t teens anymore and they aren’t living in the real world a normal teen mom would live. Once they started making money, they did even more sitting around and ruining their lives and their children’s.

      1. And a doctor has invested thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, in their education before earning that kind of money. Not to mention the time and hard work involved. These losers had a baby in their teens, and some didn’t even complete high school, yet they’re still earning $300,000 a season.

        For those who will say I’m jealous, yes, I am jealous of the money these girls make; that is all I’m jealous of them for, however. I wouldn’t want to trade places in life with Amber or Duh-nelle.

    1. Just think Tyler and Caitlyn both make the income and they haven’t sent Carly any cards or presents in how long? They could have even ordered on line to mail something.

      1. Not defending Tyler or Care, but whether or not they can send gifts it even money to Carly isn’t up to them. They have sent things in the past without being asked and were told to only do so when Carly’s actual parents say they can or should. They’re not allied to initiate any contact on their own, and sending gifts/money etc.. is on the list if things that initiates contact.

  26. This is the crap she’s posting and worried about with all the trouble she’s in, unreal!
    As of now everything is an allegation , we all know she’s not wrongly accused.. the best she can hope for right now is reduced charges, maybe they throw one out, and a good plea deal; and she’s posting about cheating??? Even the disgraceful Jenelle posted something about missing her kids!
    Amber is so selfish, to think I was actually feeling sorry for her when the season started?

  27. Sooooo…
    Cheating is a reason attack someone WHILE they’re holding your child??

    Seems legit ????

    1. Awwww Matty is trying to get in good with Amber again… I’m surprised it took him this long to speak up

      1. @Allison, he was waiting to see who was going to offer him the most for his comments.. that would be my guess

      1. Right!
        At least get the child and put him somewhere…that’s bare minimum safety for James!

        But the again…it is Amber ??‍♀️

  28. Amber did not raise Leah whatsoever. She was raised by Gary and his mom, and then Gary and his wife. Go fade back into the corner Matt ?

  29. I’m sick of this story already. Amber’s a lazy ass mother who blames her mental illness for everything and can’t take accountability like an adult. As much as I like the trashy show its time for it to end. It has never really portrayed the life of a teen mom and some of those moms just make us real teen moms look bad.

  30. Guess old Matty needed some interview moola all while trying to weasel back into Ambers life. Opportunist a double ss hole. He’s the bottom of the barrel scum

  31. Classic amber still got her priorities afu, worried about cheating at a time like this in her life is like worrying about a hangnail on the finger of the arm u already got cut off. Poor James and Leah. Their moms a moron.

    1. “Weilding a machete is a choice not a mistake” omfg thank u amby

      And ps, who tf at tmz dug up Matts corpse for this load of tosh? I though we already buried that leech but here comes creepin around again ugh

  32. Amber really needs to get her life in order. People have been giving Morgan F Freeman grief, and I think MTV will be forced to fire her. She won’t have a source of income anymore, and with all of her other problems she is going to be in a very dark lonely place. I think it’s possible that’s Andrew was an opportunist from the word go. Maybe not, but maybe so, hard to know. I think it’s hard to imagine anyone want to be with Amber just for her, everyone knows her whole story. The whole story with her is negative and ugly. She’s pityful, one can easily feel sorry for her, even though everything that has happened to her is her own fault, no one else’s. Very sad all around

    1. To me there is no question Andrew was an opportunist. He met her on Marriage Boot Camp(?), I could only stomach a few minutes of that show, but from what I saw she was an absolute nightmare, out of control. She has very little redeeming qualities on TM, but on MBC she was 1,000 times worse. There is no way anyone with pure intentions would have looked at her and her behavior and thought I’d like to hitch my wagon to that.

    2. I think Amber has proven herself EXTREMELY good at the manipulative game. I think she may have had Andrew “snowed” about Matt. As she did all of us. Matt is scum – but Amber is summer.

    3. Someone else wondered this before, but they wondered if Andrew was really “all there.” He seems kind of desperate and strange. I can’t imagine he has women lining up to date him, and I think when anyone does show interest in him, he makes himself into exactly what they want, treating them like a Queen, so as not to rock the boat. I think he’s just desperate to be loved and have a family and be in a relationship. And Amber is desperate to have someone cater to her every whim and take care of her 24/7. He doesn’t seem like a schemer to me. He seems like someone who would overlook a lot of warning signs and/or maybe easily believe that someone like Amber just needs to be “treated right” and loved into being a good person. We’re used to seeing women believing that they can change an abusive guy, or a criminal guy, or deadbeat dad type of guy by loving them enough. I think Andrew is a guy who thinks he can change a woman by just loving her enough and by putting up with anything she throws at him.

  33. Does Amber have unsupervised visitation with Leah? Something I have noticed more recently on the show is that Amber seems to always have Gary or Kristina with her when she films with Leah. Maybe not, but it seems that way. If Andrew did cheat I don’t know that I could blame him. Obviously this stuff with Amber has been going on for awhile, the nite with the machete wasn’t the first time she has assaulted him. According to him anyway. What a messy situation.

    1. I think it’s more that she’s too offing lazy to go visit Leah, so they have to bring Leah to her, or as Kristina does, arrange outings then invite this “great mother!” to come along.

      It is pretty funny to hear Matt talk about what great parent Amber is, remember when they took Leah, sick, to that super shady “adult” motel with them?

      1. Yes!! Okay so she was allowed unsupervised visits with Leah at one time then since they did take her to that motel. It was probably that specific incident why Gary or Kristina always wants to be with Leah now when she’s with Amber. I wonder if Gary lets Leah visit with Amber now after all this has happened?

  34. Amber thought she had a punching bag and a fool like Gary. Nope. Andrew is her Javi. She has met her match. Andrew is not going to be docile like Gary and let her coming in and out of her kids life like she does Leah.

    1. If Andrew is granted sole custody he can take James back to CA where his family is. Doesn’t need any permission from Amber whatsoever. Andrew said the incident on July 5th wasn’t the first time she assaulted him, so I think he really is done with her. Losing custody of both your kids to two different fathers because you committed domestic violence on each of them should be Amber’s wake up call. Hopefully.

  35. Unfortunate for Amber (and her kids) she will never know a life free of drama and will never be a content, happy person. Much like Jenelle, she searches for self-worth in relationships with men without fixing what’s wrong inside. It was so sad seeing that Leah is having some struggles in Monday’s episode. Gary was right on the money when he was saying he doesn’t want to paint Leah as having the same issues as Amber. It makes perfect sense for Gary and Kristina to limit what they tell to Amber, honestly the less time Leah spends around that drama the better. Amber has way too much extensive work to do on herself to try to be a mother more than the length of a mani-pedi session every couple of weeks.

  36. This idiot knows noting about parenting, he’s abandoned all 9 of his children by different women of course, never paid child support either and runs from the law with his address so they can’t find him. Swindling back to his money momma Amber he goes.

  37. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    So…… when is MTV firing her?????? Imagine if it was one of the guys attacking the mom ?????

  38. I am just ready for the shitz show to end. All the TMs will end up where they were suppose to be anyway. Trailer parks, prison, drug over dose, and no children is where most will end up. UNSUBSCRIBE!!! F the Easons!!!

  39. Sounds like Matts trying to woo his cash cow back. Did the book not sell well? And with that cover? who’d of thought ?

    1. I believe Amber loves her kids sure but she’s not giving her kids the mother they need. She is very self centered and mentally unwell. It’s obvious she shouldn’t have custody of her kids.

  40. What!!!So now it’s coming out she never touched him had too and he sure can get custody too me he is too old for her I know age is just a number but she needs to stop seeing men her mental issues are the problem can’t have a relationship having that type of issue.

  41. Oy Vey! I wish he was Monster Dog Murderer and her Monster Mom, the piece of shit, and the Monster Mom chopped off his head with that machete! I pray every day the the monsters get their’s.

    1. If you are going to comment obsessively can you at least make sure you have semi-correct spelling and grammar? Damn girl, take a big step back.

      1. I think she’s saying that she wishes it was Lurch and Jenelle instead, and that Jenelle had cut off David’s head with a machete. I think.

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