‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Catelynn Lowell Reveals She Considered Abortion While Pregnant With Youngest Daughter Vaeda

“Maybe we shouldn’t put the DVD of this episode in the baby book?”

On last night’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Catelynn Lowell gave viewers a deeper look into the struggles she and husband Tyler Baltierra faced around the time they found out they were expecting their youngest daughter Vaeda, whom the couple welcomed in February.

While preparing for a date night with Tyler, Catelynn revealed to show producer Kerthy Fix that she considered aborting Vaeda, due to the problems she was having in her marriage to Tyler.

“There are still some things where I’m like, man I feel really guilty,” she said. “I feel really guilty even contemplating aborting Vaeda. Is she going to remember that? They say that when you’re pregnant, the things you go through in life, things you say, that they feel and they hear.”

(If Vaeda doesn’t remember it, she will have this episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ to watch over and over again for the rest of her life, so there’s that…)

Catelynn’s decision came at a time when she and Tyler were spending time and living apart from each other in hopes of ultimately improving their marriage. This time apart came after Cate experienced a miscarriage in 2017 and after she entered treatment on back-to-back occasions seeking help for her mental health issues.

“We were going through so much in our relationship I was like, ‘Is it smart to bring a child into this world if me and [Tyler] aren’t going to be together,’ you know,” she continued. “I remember talking to him about it, like crying and [saying], ‘Maybe I should just abort this baby.’”

Later on in the episode during Cate and Tyler’s date night, Cate asked Tyler if his decision to work on their marriage was influenced by the news of Cate being pregnant, to which Tyler admitted it was.

“Yes, for sure,” he said. “I knew, I was like, ‘Oh my God, I cannot consciously bring another kid into the world and not start working on these things.’”

The couple also spoke about Tyler being the one who was adamant that Cate not have an abortion.

“Remember what I said? ‘Absolutely not,’” Tyler said. “Because you know what’s crazy? I knew in my heart, I knew in my spirit, I knew in my soul, ‘No, no.’ Because I knew we were going to be together and have this baby.”

Tyler went on to assure Cate that Vaeda would not be affected by the turbulent time during her pregnancy.

“Whatever happened in the womb, honey your love and life and giving it to her is going to outweigh anything that happened in the nine months she was brewing inside of you,” he told Cate. “You went through a tumultuous f**king time. … You’re really strong.”

On social media, some viewers supported Cate for being honest, while others questioned if it would be hurtful for Vaeda to watch this episode when she’s older. Catelynn stated that she plans to discuss it with her daughter at some point.

“I will explain it to her!” she told a fan on Twitter. “I will ALWAYS be open and honest with my children and let them know they are loved etc.”

Check out the clip from last night’s episode below.

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47 Responses

  1. I just think it’s messed up that she has been shoving her pro life agenda down people’s throats and about how adoption is so great but when it doesn’t serve her she then contemplated abortion.

  2. Birth control isn’t always allowed when someone has mental illness. It’s also not that effective if she’s taking an antidepressant. Maybe tyler should get a vasectomy.

      1. Or maybe since they were questioning their relationship and contemplating living apart they could have STOPPED HAVING SEX until they figured it out. Geez, is it that hard to have a little self respect?!

    1. Spermicide, condoms, diaphragms, contraceptive sponges…please educate yourself on birth control. It is not all in pill, injection, iud, and other pharmaceutical forms.

    2. Vasectomies aren’t 100% either. Abstinence is the only truly effective birth control. And I just don’t see a married couple abstaining from sex!!

  3. So…he stayed because of the baby basically?! Yeah, those two are a REAL PROOF OF LOVE! I mean… wouldn’t it be easier to just get divorced?!

    Btw, I bet they will divorce in a few years (maybe after she gives birth to his precious son he so wanted) and it will be UGLY!

    1. Divorce would be easier, but some couples still believe in “’til death do us part”!!! I say “more power to them”!!! It takes a couple with strong and steady backbones to be “in it to win it”!!!

  4. Sounds like she is hoping the audiences pull out their tiny violins. It’s all for show. Poor me boo hoo. A person who is truly suffering depression doesn’t feel it necessary to air their issues to the world. She just does it for attention. All of them do.

  5. I’m going to call bullshit on this. As someone who has had 5 miscarriages and multiple failed rounds of IVF, you are petrified to lose your child when pregnant after a miscarriage, not contemplating aborting them. The “abortion” thoughts were a manipulation tactic to save the marriage she broke. The saddest part is her daughter will see this one day, and know her mother used her life to manipulate her father.

    1. She is a absolutely disgusting. After she had to leave her daughter multiple times to deal with the trauma of her miscarriage, she is going to contemplate abortion? I really hope she is saving up money for her daughter’s future therapy sessions. Tyler needs to get those girls and get out of town.

    2. Your experience isn’t her experience. Miscarriages are very hard on any relationship and when someone grew up in the type of turmoil that Cait and Tyler did, bringing another child into a messed up situation seems unfair to the child. You had to undergo ivf Cait didn’t. Maybe you should look at the manipulation done by Tyler in continuing to impregnate her when she has serious depression and anxiety.

      1. Tyler was only able to impregnate Cate because SHE LET HIM, gmab!!! If the two of them didn’t want to be together they should have stopped having sex. And if there was any question about bringing a child into a messed up situation, why are you allowing yourself, at this point, to be in that situation in the first place. They need to grow up and take some accountability for their poor decisions and actions. It will never happen though with MTV there.

    3. You can’t make a comparison between her situation and yours. You were actively trying to get pregnant. She wasn’t. It also seems like Tyler gets Cate pregnant whenever she’s trying to be more independent or questioning their relationship.

  6. All of these girls/families have been on tv for so long,I really wonder how they’ll cope when there are no cameras and producers there to vent to? I imagine them all walking around their houses talking and yelling their thoughts to absolutely no one.

  7. She wanted an abortion after a miscarriage? Why not just use birth control? I’m pro choice, but this just seems wrong…they were pissed Vaeda was a girl, and now they’re saying they didn’t even want her here in the 1st place…sheesh. I hope they’re saving money for Vaeda’s therapist…she’s gonna need it.

  8. How the hell would your unborn baby know you contemplated abortion?
    NOW she will know. This conversation really did not need to be filmed and broadcast. Ugh.

  9. I was shaking my head listening to her detail her abortion thoughts, why would anyone discuss that subject with the world? They’re all quick to blame MTV for making them look bad , this is all on her for elaborating on this, they deserve all the bad publicity they get.

    1. Abortions are not taboo and we need to stop hiding from these conversations. Whether you’re for or against is irrelevant.

      1. I don’t think people are upset about the topic of abortion but rather knowing Vaeda will have access to this footage when she is older. It is going to be a sad day for that little girl when she finds out.

  10. Um…didn’t everyone tell Catelynn not to get pregnant so quickly after the miscarriage? She had PPD with Nova, then the loss with the miscarriage. She needs to work on herself and stop being a narcisst.

  11. All Cate cares about is herself. For her to use abortion as a threat is disgusting!! She can have children quite easily, and she takes it for granted. I can’t, because it would be a life threatening situation for me. She should be grateful for her kids.

  12. No surprise. They wanted a boy. Vaeda will know they wanted a boy and an abortion when she grows up! Seems to me they don’t want kids. Cate seems too lazy. I don’t think they should’ve been on teen mom. I didn’t want to see them.

  13. How is abortion a consideration but apparently birth control isn’t? I’m pro-choice but abortion is a last option not a birth control option.

    I have an IUD. His name is Mister T and he pities the fool who attempts to impregnate this uterus. I have dealt with mental illness most of my life. Mine or others. I can barely take care of myself some days and I’m not selfish enough to subject a child to it.

    Yes, everyone’s stories are different but having kids you can’t emotionally handle isn’t helping anyone.

  14. She is a disgusting pig. Abortion isn’t birth control and please shut up with the she regrets giving Carlys away. Take care of the one you have home and deal with her tantrums

    1. I’m sure she does regret giving her daughter up (I don’t know of anyone who has chosen adoption or abortion who doesn’t wish that they had done things differently). But the thing is, she realizes she ultimately did the right thing!!!!

  15. Ugh i hate how kerthy is always drilling into the cavities of cate and tys life while providing nothing in return except sad pitiful expressions. I know its her job but ugh gross. Ok, that being said, this whole segment was TMI, we really really didnt need to know this, its so personal, and the way cate and ty wallow in the most distressing moments of their pasts is part of why they continue to struggle as adults. They have nothing else to talk about because this is what they do, like a cycle: make poor decisions, trigger trauma, regret, halfass some personal help, wallow until a new poor decision is made, rinse and repeat. They need something to do besides make kids, period.

  16. What’s confusing to me is that she contemplated suicide after having a miscarriage then immediately gets pregnant right after and then contemplates abortion. Plus her and Tyler are pro-life or have been in the past. This all points to her just trying to manipulate Tyler by threatening abortion of his child which is disgusting on her part. I feel like she was trying to appeal to a certain audience in this episode when in reality she made herself look like a lying asshole.

  17. One thing that screams out at me every time their segments are on, is Cate desperately needs to do something to advance herself as a person. Whether it be furthering her education, becoming an inspirational speaker, going to career counseling, or just getting involved in some kind of regular activity. If she tries to discover life outside of the bubble she’s lived in for so long it would really help her (and her kids) a lot, because one day she and Tyler won’t be a couple (it’s inevitable) and she’s absolutely going to be non-functional, then where will she and the kids be.

  18. You’re welcome Sassy Pants. Stories like yours are very important. Dr. Laura Schlessinger wrote a book called “Bad Childhood, Good Life.” I know a lot of people don’t like Dr. Laura, but she tells it like it is when dealing with abuse. My cats have been my comfort and I highly recommend having feline children.

  19. Soooo she contemplated a real life solution to her real life problem, at the time? Why is that news? Her body her business.

    1. Yes. Exactly. I think Catelynn is being honest about something that crossed her mind. Why is this wrong? These two are always honest about what they are going through and I think that is great. We are all humans. None of us are perfect. If you are anti-choice, that is your opinion. It’s not your body, it is hers.

  20. I genuinely feel bad for Catelynn, it’s clear she had a lot of trauma in her childhood. But, wow, she now uses that to completely manipulate Tyler and it’s rather disturbing.

  21. Wait what? She is making him get his balls sipped? His balls, his choice, I’m I right here ladies. Stay out of his pants. I got my pink hat on! MTV should kick her off the show! I’m sure Alyssa Milano would loved to her about this. Who does she think she is!

    1. That’s how the episode came across as well. It sounded an awful lot like a manipulation tactic.

  22. I know twitter only has a certain amount of characters you can use, but I’m baffled and amused by Cate’s, “…let them know they are loved, etc.” tweet. All of the rest of parenting and the emotional well being of her children is just “etc.”

  23. I was lucky to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder at a young age. One of the biggest keys to my recovery was NOT having children. Catelynn really needs to make Tyler go get that vasectomy. The hormonal upheaval, stress, and exhaustion of dealing with children when you are that mentally ill is dangerous for everyone involved. Ask Andrea Yates.

    1. What a selfless decision you made, it must have not been easy for you. My father was bi-polar (and a drunk and an addict later in life) and my mom has borderline personality disorder and is a full blown narcissist (also a drunk now and past pill popper)

      I am now 40 years old with my own family but let me tell you the absolute HELL I was put through in my life because of their mental illnesses.

      I turned out ok in spite of them and with the help of kind friends and sometimes even strangers that I met along the way.

      Thank you, as hard as the decision was, for saving a child from the hell that was the first half of my life.

    2. If Cate doesn’t want anymore children, she should be on birth control. At least attempt on her end, to use protection instead of relying on your partner to use protection. She is an adult with 4 pregnancies at this point, she knows what having unprotected sex will lead too.

      1. Birth control isn’t always allowed when someone has mental illness. It’s also not that effective if she’s taking an antidepressant. Maybe tyler should get a vasectomy.

        1. There are several forms of contraceptives that are effective non hormonal birth controls. If Tyler decides he wants a vasectomy that is one thing, but he shouldn’t be forced because Cate is immature and irresponsible.

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