‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Involved in Another Car Accident, Just Weeks After Previous Crash

“Oops, I did it again!”

South Carolina’s own Hell on Wheels, Kathryn Dennis, has done it again! 

The Southern Charm star got into her second major car crash in less than a month. On Wednesday, Kathryn was driving a rental car— due to having wrecked her car in a crash on August 6— with her two kids Kensie and Saint in the backseat when she reportedly rear-ended a car on the highway that was stopped in traffic.

According to local WCIV ABC4 news, the rear-ending caused a chain reaction. The second vehicle then stuck a third vehicle , and the third vehicle struck a fourth. All of the other vehicles were reportedly stopped, but Kathryn’s car was going 18 mph, according to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina police.

The force of the crash was enough to cause the air bags to be deployed in Kathryn’s car, as well as in the car her vehicle hit. Luckily, the site reports, no one in Kathryn’s car, or the other cars, was injured.


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first day at our new church. sassy kensie and little gentleman saint. #emerging 🌄

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Although Kathryn’s ex, Thomas Ravenel, has recently accused Kat of using drugs and alcohol on the regular, the police confirmed that alcohol and drugs were not a factor in the crash. 

While Kathryn was determined to be alcohol- and drug-free at the time of the crash, she was deemed to be at fault for causing the crash. ABC4 reports that the ‘Southern Charm’ star was cited for following the car in front of her too closely. 

Thomas has yet to respond to the news of Kathryn and his kids being involved in another crash. However, earlier this month he was reportedly furious when he found out about Kathryn’s first crash from the news, rather than Kat herself. As The Ashley previously reported, during that first crash, Kat’s car reportedly struck a guardrail and went on to hit three trees and two light poles before coming to a stop on the southbound side of the road. Again, no one was injured.

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Well… I’m glad no one was hurt but I feel like this will likely happened again. Will she not learn until someone actually gets hurt or even dies? I believe she’s probably distracted behind the wheel quite often – talking and texting on the phone. If she’s not she has some serious attention issues.

  2. She is NEVER off her phone, have a look at her Instagram account, If you can’t see traffic stopped ahead of you, your looking elsewhere!!

  3. Can someone answer this for me…this is not an attack on k. The kids are adorable but do boys dress like this in SC?
    Ive just never seen the knee socks, suspenders, etc on any kid.

    1. They do not. This is ridiculous for even Charleston standards. We dress our kids and pets up in some silly stuff but not this lol.

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
        I live in the south. This is very normal to dress your kids like this…especially in rich areas. Is it stupid? Yes but normal. I see it everyday.

    2. In the South in general, it’s acceptable for pictures and church when they’re small. Any other time it’s weird. She goes overboard with it, though.

  4. I know this will get a TON of down votes, but I think she uses her sobriety and custody battle as excuses for her behavior. At the reunion, she both jumped on Austen for “questioning her sobriety ” on WWHL after she was acting like she was in an altered state. The she tried to get the cast to stop holding her accountable for her behavior by saying “Thomas will use this in court just fyi”.
    Well 1) if you don’t want your erratic and irresponsible behavior to come to light, then don’t act that way
    2) don’t go on a reality show and then expect your cast to hide those portions of your behavior

  5. Her mom died about a month ago from a battle with cancer. Speaking from personal experience, this can really f*ck you up. She is young, with children and in a custody battle with a powerfully rich and evil man. She just ended her relationship with her boyfriend.
    I think she’s having a hard time. Obviously she should be more careful with driving, especially with kids in the car, but I think we should consider the circumstances and give her a break.

    1. So she gets a pass because she’s going through a tough time? Lots of people go through hard times. If she can’t safely drive, then she needs to get a driver or take an Uber. Just because she hasn’t hurt anyone yet, doesn’t mean she won’t.

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