Roger Mathews Says He Considered Suicide During Bitter Divorce From ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Jenni Farley

The highs and extreme lows of Roger Mathews’ marriage and eventual divorce from Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Jenni “JWoww” Farley played out quite publicly, though there were even more struggles happening behind closed doors. 

According to The Hollywood Gossip, having his and Jenni’s marital troubles picked apart publicly and the way he believes he was unfairly portrayed in the media took a serious toll on Roger’s mental health, as he’s previously mentioned on the Champ and The Tramp podcast, which he co-hosts with UFC personality Frankie Edgar. When asked to elaborate on his struggles, Roger revealed just how serious his depression was at that time, opening up about the night he seriously considered taking his own life.

Jenni, Roger and their children Meilani and Greyson in 2019, after the couple had already separated.

“There were definitely a number of nights were I laid in bed by myself and seriously considered swallowing an entire bottle of anti-depressants,” he told The Hollywood Gossip.

Frighteningly, Roger revealed that on one occasion he came very close to doing just that. 

“One night in particular where I actually dumped the entire contents of the bottle in my mouth,” he said. 

Ultimately, it was a return to normalcy that helped Roger overcome the period of darkness. 

“I overcame it when everyone left,” he said. “When my friends and family had to return to their normal lives and stopped being my crutch. Stopped helping me take care of my kids when I had them, stopped making me food while I laid in bed, stopped writing out my bills and making phone calls for me.

“When I had no one there physically anymore I just had me and I had responsibilities,” he continued. “First and foremost my kids needed to be cared for when they were with me and could not see their father in that state of mind.” 

He did admit that any thoughts he had “about quitting life” never happened when his kids were with him, calling the two his “saving grace.” 

Roger and Jenni’s divorce was finalized in September and though Roger says he’s doing much better now, he admits he’s nervous about going “back to that state of mind.” 

“We all could with just a few twists of fate in our lives,” he said. “Some things are beyond our control and the best we can hope for is health and wellbeing for ourselves and those around us but life throws us unforeseen obstacles and we either overcome or cave to the pressures.”

Something else life has thrown at Roger recently: a new relationship. Last month on his podcast, Roger revealed he was seeing “someone” who had already met his kids. That “someone” is reportedly Jersey-based hairdresser Danielle Miel, though the two are allegedly taking things slow. 

Jenni remains in a relationship of her own with boyfriend Zack Carpinello, who recently received Roger’s stamp of approval publicly.

“ … Every time I’ve ever been around him the first thing he does is put his hand out, shake my hand — I have no reason to believe he’s anything but good to my children,” he said on his podcast. “So why would I have a problem with him? I don’t.”  

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. There is a very short list of things worse than divorce. It is a long, lonely, terrifying process that leaves its ever lasting mark on all involved. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Even in the best case scenario, divorce is horrible. I’ve never been divorced but I come from divorce and have seen many many couples go through it and have never heard a positive thing about it except “thank his that’s finally over “. So to anyone thinking about marriage, I hope that if you have ANY doubts, you really sit and think about what FOREVER really means. Divorce (while a saving grace in the end) is the devil.

  2. If someone I admired and trusted in my family had told me that they had hard days that they had to make themselves try so hard to push through it, that their love wasn’t always so together and happy as it looked. That it’s okay to have dark dark days where you feel so tired and broken, I think I would have sought treatment and help much sooner instead of drowning my sorrow and taking an O.D.
    Funny enough it took me being dx with bi polar 2 for my siblings to come forward with their own wounds. So I will always speak up and say life is never as pretty or perfect as it seems especially online, everyone has dark days. Give yourself a break and be kind to yourself.

  3. Oh wow, I am glad he spoke about this, we need to stop making talking about taking your own life such a taboo topic, we need to talk about it. It helped save my life and I’m sure many of others who had thoughts like this roaming through their heads in their lives.

  4. Weak. Think about your children. Also people who want to die just do it, they don’t talk about it. This is attention seeking. Downvote all you want, I have a lot of experience with this.

    1. What a stupid comment. Every situation is DIFFERENT. You don’t know what’s going through peoples heads

    2. Unfortunately those who consider suicide are weak and have trouble being strong. It is unnecessary for you to make childish comments like you have. You obviously have a limited education and or are a young teen.

    3. I have a lot of experience with it too. A little thing called bipolar Disorder. You obviously really don’t have much experience, because if you did, you wouldn’t spout off this crap. I have no idea how you got any upvotes. Roger is probably speaking out in the hopes that other people understand they’re not alone. If someone is talking about suicide, they obviously have something going on and need help of some kind, regardless of wether or not they have a plan. It’s called “suicidal ideation,” a lot of people unfortunately suffer with it. Not every single one of them kill themselves. Please do not interject your false opinions. That’s what you have. A stupid, uninformed opinion. You sound miserable yourself and you’re not adding anything positive with this BS. I have some experience with family members killing themselves and my 15 yr old neighbor recently shot himself. Imagine if they had said something. Had they told someone they were having these thoughts…

      1. A divorce is difficult to deal with, it is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. I do understand those wounds.

        Roger and Jennis divorce seemed to play out in the media a bit. It’s not fully because they were on TV. Roger publically made accusations and statements against Jenni. I recall in home footage being posted on social media with jenni stating roger could see his kids to a police officer. Roger put information out there that should have been private is my point.

    4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Idc Roger remains a shitty person. He posts pictures of his kids smoking fake cigarettes on instagram, gets mad when someone points out how dumb he is like he’s 16. Grow up.

    5. Experience or not, this is such a close minded and classless comment. I would think you are the weak one for posting this nonsense.

  5. Jesus Christ, Roger. It’s time to STFU. You were married to a hatchet-faced C-list reality star for about 5 minutes. We, and especially your kids, don’t need to read about every idiotic thought that pops into your head.

  6. I always liked Roger, but we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. He seems to be a very pro-active father and loves his children. I wish him the best. I think the guy Jenni is with is not that bright from what I have seen. But maybe that is what she prefers.

  7. Jeez. Regardless of how you feel about these people this is heartbreaking. I hope him, and any other parents feeling this way, pull through for their kids!

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