Jill & Derick Dillard Buck Duggar Family Homeschooling Tradition: Enroll Oldest Son In Public Kindergarten

“I’m getting an ‘F’ in Fundie!”

Jill Dillard and her husband Derick are saying “hell no” to yet another one of the Duggar Family’s tried-and-true traditions: homeschooling their kids.

Jill— who has bucked her family’s rules by cutting her hair, wearing pants and skipping family gatherings— took another step toward breaking away from Duggarland when she announced over the weekend that she and Derick had enrolled their oldest son, Israel, in a public school’s kindergarten class!

In a video posted to her family’s YouTube page, Jill showed the whole family (including their youngest son Samuel) registering Israel into kindergarten.

Jill didn’t mention it in the video, but Israel will be the first school-aged Duggar grandchild who is not being homeschooled. Jill and her 18 siblings were all homeschooled, as is common with the Fundie families, and Jill’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have frequently spoken out about the benefits of homeschooling.

Even Jill homeschooled Israel at one point. In March 2019, she wrote about her homeschooling techniques on her family’s blog, mentioning in the comment section that, unlike other Duggars, she was not using the religion-based ATI Wisdom Books for schooling.

In her posts about Israel registering for public school, Jill was met with both praise and plenty of negativity. Many pro-homeschoolers were angry that Jill and Derick chose a public school for their son, but Derick explained on Instagram that they wanted Israel in public school now that he’s older.

“We’ve homeschooled for almost 5 years, but now he’s old enough for school,” Derick told one person who asked why they made the switch to public school.

In the comment section of the blog post, Derick and Jill told one nay-sayer (who called public schools “indoctrination centers for evil”), that they “try to prayerfully consider each step we take and not just run on autopilot.”

“Why not just have Jana teach him? She can do it in between doing the laundry, painting the house and ironing Jim Bob’s undergarments!”

Jill’s reluctance to follow Duggar Family protocol does not appear to be well-received by her family. In fact, at press time, her sister Jana Duggar was the only one of Jill’s siblings who liked Jill’s Instagram post about the kindergarten registration.

Fans may not be too surprised to see that Jill is going away from her family’s homeschool ways. After all, the rift between her husband and her father has been acknowledged by Derick for months. The Ashley reported in December that Derick was airing the Duggar Family “dirty laundry” on social media, and that Derick was very against his family rejoining the Counting On cast.

“No chance of that unless something changes,” Derick replied when asked if he and Jill would begin to appear on the show more frequently. “The conditions we were filming under took us to the brink of sanity and could have easily destroyed our lives if we had continued that trajectory. We are now trying to pick up the pieces.”

You can watch the video Jill posted about Israel’s kindergarten registration below.

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(Photos: Instagram, TLC)

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  1. There is nothing at all wrong with homeschooling. Done correctly and well, I only see positives. I’ve had one child in public school, and one child in homeschool, so I can speak about this fairly. I think it depends on the child at question, and how hard the parent is willing to work to teach. I am not a ‘fundie’. I don’t approve of Jill’s decision if it had been mine, but that’s my opinion. I think perhaps she isn’t aware of the garbage going on in our public schools – she’ll soon learn. If it was the correct decision for her and Derrick, however, I’m all for it. We don’t know the circumstances under which they made that decision.

  2. I predict this will be short lived. Public school is not what it used to be. Where I live the public schools who clash mightily with this family’s religious values. What about a private Catholic or Christian school? It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

  3. Good for them! The whole family could benefit from new experiences with new people, and a little socialization! I wish them well!

  4. I live in England, so I don’t understand the American schooling system. How old are you in kindergarten? I thought it was the first part of the school system, but if they’ve home schooled for 5 years obviously not. I don’t mean to be ignorant but can someone explain how American schools work? Thanks

    1. Kindergarten is the first official part of the school system but many people elect to put their children in preschool here. It just prepares them for the idea of school, allows them to socialize, and teaches them very very basic things. Derick was probably referring to Jill working with Israel over the past few years to prepare him for kindergarten. I hope that’s a helpful explanation.

  5. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I hope she doesn’t pack his bib into his backpack…

  6. I totally think homeschooling can have benefits. Everyone’s situation is different. The particular thread I read was crazy! I mean I wouldn’t think setting your own schedule was the main benefit.
    I do understand people homeschool for their own reasons. Some actually have great reasons and may be learning more than traditional schooling in some cases.

  7. Jill also commented on some mom’s post about something along the lines on how you should be gentle to your kids and not think strict parenting will bring you far…because that’s exactly what her parents believed.

    I think she is slowly but firmly distancing herself from her family. Derick went to public school so why should it be a problem for Israel? I think the next step is to get a job. Come on girl, get a job, your dad will go crazy if you do that!

  8. I think it is great. The Duggars use homeschooling as a way to isolate their kids. That way the cannot realize things like your brother molesting you and your parents protecting him, not getting you any help or therapy, or having your wages (from the show) be paid directly to your daddy even when you are 18+ is NOT normal!

    I recently read a fb post on a homeschooling page. It was INSANE. About 98% of the comments were that homeschooling was so great because their kids could never get up on time and can sleep all day. They wake up between 10 and 12 everyday and go to school in their pajamas (these were the types of comments). One person said when we went to public school we lived and died by the bus schedule. First, even if you went to private school that had a bus that would still be the case, and the bus cannot sit out there and wait all day for you like your personal chauffeur. The entitlement was crazy.
    I do know some people homeschool for other reasons that are totally justifiable like bulling and safety issues, etc and I’m not talking about them.

    I watched an episode of the duggars way back when and I remember even the young kids rolled out of bed around 10 or later. In that episode they had to get up earlier for something and they were a disaster. They ended up being quite late for wherever they were going. I think they called it Duggar-time or something.

    1. I was homeschooled throughout and still had to be up by 7am, get dressed, and have my schoolwork done by a certain time, just like going to public school. I was also in multiple co-ops, activities, classes, and sports so it can totally be done without isolating your kids. Wasn’t homeschooled for religious reasons or bullying/safety issues…it’s just what the parental units thought worked best for me (yes, I said me…I’m an only child). The Duggars really put a bad spin on what CAN be a great way to be educated (especially if your parent’s aren’t controlling brainwashing assholes like they are).

    2. People with a ton of kids like the Duggars also like to homeschool because the older kids baby take care of younger kids. Michelle couldn’t sit around all day and be pregnant or make laundry detergent if she actually had to watch a the young kids while the girls were in school. We all know Jim Bob was way to stingy to pay for a nanny.

    3. Yeah because sleeping until noon will prepare them for real life…I guess the parents are going to “hire” and “employ” them, too, after crippling them with a homeschool “education.”

  9. It is so funny how every pk-person hates Derick, but he is still the one who makes the sanest decisions and is open to the world…

    1. Yes, by all means, let’s applaud this idiot for allowing his family minimal freedom. If you think he doesn’t totally control his wife and children, you’re not paying attention. He’s a hate filled jackass.

  10. Jim Bob controlled everyone in the family with his money. Since he cut them off they have no reason to follow Jim Bob’s rules.

  11. “We’ve homeschooled him for 5 years” wait what???? Don’t you mean “parented” him for 5 years?! Kids don’t receive proper schooling until 5 (unless you count preschool), so wouldn’t the time before then just be considered… I don’t know… average everyday parenting? LOL

  12. Glad they’re trying to give their children a chance at conventional education and socialization. I love that Jill is deviating from how she and her siblings were raised.

  13. Of course Michelle and Jim Bob believe in homeschooling. They don’t want the general public to undo the years of brainwashing their cult has pushed, and they also likely know that teachers are mandated reporters, which means that Josh’s molestation of his sisters would have been exposed at a time when he was still eligible for prosecution.

  14. She’s not committing any sins. She’s just doing what works for her family. Just curious to see if she ever has a daughter how she would handle things. I think it’s great that they are doing things their way. I find it sad that they need to wait until they’re married to have that right.

  15. Holy Shit! They just keep going further and further away from how she was raised. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I actually can’t believe it.

    1. Jaclyn, that was my exact reaction. In fact, I didn’t believe it until I seen it five or six different places. Now that it’s been confirmed here, it’s definitely official.

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