EXCLUSIVE! Andrew Glennon Speaks Out On Why He Asked for More Money on Tuesday’s Episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ & Why He Quit the Show: Read His Full Statement

“Can you blame me?!”

Andrew Glennon is speaking out about his “appearance” on Tuesday night’s episode of Teen Mom OG, in which it seems that a disagreement over his payment led to Andrew turning down the opportunity to tell his side of the story about what happened on the night his ex, Amber Portwood, was arrested in July 2019.

In an exclusive statement issued to The Ashley, Andrew revealed the real reason he asked for more money and why he decided to stop filming for ‘Teen Mom OG.’

“If we are not seen as equals to the person who abused us, then we cannot work with her handlers and must separate ourselves as much as possible,” Andrew told The Ashley. (Read his full statement below.)

In case you haven’t watched Tuesday’s episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ yet, allow The Ashley to explain what went down. Viewers got to see the ambush phone call (which The Ashley told you months ago occurred between Producer Larry Musnik and Andrew.) After the call, Andrew permitted the producers to come over to talk to him to tell “his side” of what happened with Amber on the night of her arrest. 

Andrew is heard telling them that “when this stuff happens” (i.e. Amber’s alleged verbal/physical assaults), Amber “honestly doesn’t remember it happening” or she “chooses to make it not exist anymore.” Andrew is also heard telling the producers that “it is absolutely not worth it” for him to film for ‘Teen Mom OG’ unless he’s getting “the same pay as these other people on the show after the hell I’ve been through.”

(Just FYI, Andrew— and other “secondary” cast members— are paid significantly less than the full-time ‘OG’ cast members, such as Gary Shirley or Amber. The original “dads” like Gary and Tyler Baltierra receive the same or just under what the original girls do.) 

After that conversation is aired, a black screen comes on with the message saying “At this time Andrew decided not to film and tell his side of the story,” leaving some viewers to believe his request for more money was turned down and he didn’t film because of it. 

Now, in a statement to The Ashley, Andrew shares his thought process behind those decisions.

(The Ashley is running Andrew’s statement in its entirety below.)

“The ONLY way I would consider continuing the same show with the person who inflicted the pain, who inflicted such pain and abuse upon James and I, would be if we were paid the same as our abuser,” Andrew said. “Seems only fair. Anything else would be wrong on so many levels and an insult. That was my price for continuing to be their punching bag.

“I knew [the producers] would say no and I had already quit [the show] in my mind. Since being abused, hit, assaulted, humiliated and lied about in the press, I’ve only been (partially) paid for one interview and haven’t filmed anything other than that, and I won’t. James and I are out, so what people saw [on last night’s episode] was [filmed] when the decision to quit was made.”

The Ashley’s production sources have confirmed to her that Andrew has not filmed at all for the show since that day. 

The Ashley’s full recap of Tuesday’s episode will be posted soon. Read her previous episode recap here

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Andrew set her up, he’s the abuser.

  2. I don’t blame him in a way. The dumbass Bitch Amber should be paid less. Then she can’t use it for her weed and whatever other drug she’s on. But now Andrew wants the same as Amber. He’s using everything she said and did to him and James to be money hungry. The Bitch Amber should be locked up and the key thrown away and people around her would feel safe.

  3. Why would anyone want to see him as a regular on the show? He has nothing to offer… This mfkr met her on the reality boot camp where he worked as a cameraman. How wasn’t that illegal? Why wasn’t he hit with a lawsuit? You don’t start a relationship with a shows CM.
    Then knowing she has mental health issues, drinks (while driving her & the baby) & seems to know just how to set her off. The recordings he released really iced the cake for me. You can hear him egging her on & that she in fact knows he is recording her. He is a demon & I feel sorry his son will one day know what a bottomfeeding loser he is. Truth always reveals itself. Amber may have problems with her mental health. But what do you call a person that targets that person & intentionally sets themself up for life & then wants to force himself onto the show she started on at 16? He is a creep & knew what he was doing. I hope he has to live in fucking Indiana forever. Serves him right

  4. Sorry Andrew but I guess your relationship with Amber was for the fame of being on a television show and the money because I don’t recall you ever really working since you two hooked up. Hopefully you are a better parent and taking care of James…you are living in Amber’s house, which I am sure she is paying for everything including utilities and child support. She has a right to see her son even if it is supervised visitation and if she wants James to be filmed that should be her decision.

  5. I stopped watching this sickness years ago. It apears old behaviors only get worse to the point of recklessness and endangerment. These women are all losers. I read somewhere that Barbara wants to come back. Of course, it’s all about the money.

    The entitlement exhibited by the all the women is incredibly offensive.

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I have to say I find it quite disgusting how Andrew and the baby are having to defend themselves against Amber…Who I am sorry, should never ever be able to be anywhere near baby James again..Are you kidding me?..A machete?You don’t remember that..You are mentally ill?Sorry too bad..Get yourself some help and never allow yourself to be near any child..especially your own if you love them at all.I am really sorry that Amber’s behavior was glorified by MTV,and all about feeling so bad for Amber and her mental illness.Let’s just hope the courts decide to be more worried about the children’s well being than the money!

  7. He knew exactly what he was signing up for when he started dating Amber. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve his share, but he knowingly started a relationship with a mentally I’ll deadbeat mom. I don’t feel sorry for him.

  8. I haven’t even watched the show for about 3 years. I keep up with the ridiculousness through online sources like The Ashley’s. I used to watch it faithfully since the very first episode. But it’s gotten so disgusting that I no longer watch. I like 16 & Pregnant. I wish it would’ve ended there & continued doing just ONE SEASON stories about the girls & their lives & cast new girls each season. Starting Teen Mom & Teen Mom OG was ridiculous. Making young girls rich for getting pregnant young & airing out their dirty laundry. Our society continues to make people famous for being terrible people. Look what they did for Farrah. She wouldn’t be anything. Bring back 16 & Pregnant & dump the rest!

  9. Good for Andrew! Atleast he’s smart enough to know that he’s only being used for a juicy storyline. I would do the same. And Amber has no children so WHY is she still on this show & making millions!? MTV needs to pull their heads outta their butts. They fire other parents for MUCH less but Amber seems to get away with everything AND MTV is too stupid to realize that because of them NEVER punishing her, she knows she can do it & will continue to do it. MTV should set a better example for their young, impressionable viewers.

  10. I dint blame Andrew. I wouldn’t let those blood suckers use me fir ratings either. They don’t care about representing both sides fairly. They know that just having ambers side to listen to is boring and total bullshit. They don’t want to look like they support a domestic abuser…..which they totally do

  11. I can barely get through an episode. I can’t stand looking at ambers lying face, playing the victim to perfection and actually having to listen to her cast mates defend her is cringe inducing. But hey, can’t sacrifice the cash cow! The show seems to be hanging by a thread. I’m sick of cate and her dumb ass too

  12. Dude supposedly comes from money, knocks up one of the girls and yet he thinks he deserves to get paid like the girls? Looool. This dude is a clown. He needs to just go away and be a single father.

  13. Amber has a HISTORY of ABUSE! “AmBeR hAs CoMe AlOnG wAy” excuse is ridiculous! She has not come along way! She was hitting Gary and “came along way” to hit Andrew! She uses mental illness as an excuse to hit men so she can get her way. She doesn’t belong on teen mom she doesn’t have custody of her kids so… Andrew HAS A JOB! Amber forced him to move to Indiana to be with her and he stepped away from filming in California. There isn’t filming opportunities in indiana i live here, I know! Due to Amber trying to kill him and her son… Andrew was forced to stay in this state due to court. That was ambers fault! Even if Andrew “Enticed Amber’s anger” he still doesn’t deserve to have a fist hit him ever! I argue with my hubby all the time none of us hit eachother!

  14. I can’t believe they would still have Amber on the show. They should have kept Jenelle. Why would you keep Amber on after everything she’s done! What message are you sending to the viewers. Proud of Andrew for taking James away. He needs to keep Amber completely away from them..

  15. Good for james. This show just lets these women do whatever they want. Amber is sick and needs to be tossed like Janelle. I don’t like kail either. She makes herself look like a tramp. I say this because I’m old and know how a lady should act

  16. He just wants the money he don’t care about the boy he just wants money and live in Amber’s house for free Amber’s come a long long way go get a real job

    1. “Go get a real job”, she says, while Amber’s loaded and hasn’t worked a day in her life for yeeeaaars, if not forever.

    2. If I could thumbs down your reply more than once Joanne I totally would.. what a shitty view.. Amber’s come a long way huh?? Seems to be doing the same shit shes been doing and blaming everyone else for her own behavior… Shes a POS..

  17. The amount of women replying in these comments that are saying he manipulated amber, pushed her buttons or this proves he only wanted money are sick! I’ll never understand how other women can support another woman endangering her child’s welfare. How can you listen to the recordings and think poor amber. Pushing her buttons? You’ve got to be kidding me! So, he pushed her buttons by not going around a semi in the rain with the baby in the car. He says it’s not safe and she takes that as a slight and hits him in the nose while he’s driving and MTV recording and they arrive to leah’s first day of school with Andrews nose bleeding. But you’re right, he totally pushes her buttons. I hope you pathetic women also tell other women who are abused they pushed their abusers buttons too. Y’all disgust me. Andrew had every right to ask for more money. If they kept amber and paying her then they should pay him and the baby the same!

    1. Thank you!! Holy shit these “women” and use that term very loosely, are so stupid!!!! Nobody should ever defend someone like her

      1. My guess is either Amber herself is commenting from various accounts or she is having people do it for her.

    2. No one is defending Amber. No one is saying what she did was right.

      But Andrew isn’t some golden angel either.

  18. What a piece of shit !!! So its the that he hurts and help for himself baby and Amber ..He wants the Chin Chin first ..So that his lies sound different …This is NOT about him wanting help ,This is about wanting to Take Ambert to the bank & taking her baby ! He’using everything Ambert has been thru in her past to destroy her …This goon is a piece of shit ! #teamAmbergetbetteranddefitthisbastardwearehereforyou..

  19. He is money grubbing and has lost my support or interest. Dr. Drew is holding on to any story to keep the show going. It is now a “Jerry Springer” type show. Pathetic.

  20. I hope Amber Portwood gets what she deserves for putting her own child in danger. She has a history of abuse and domestic violence and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

  21. I hope Amber Portwood gets what she deserves for putting her own child in danger. She has a history of abuse and domestic violence and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

  22. Who is the first teen mom that’s going to get corona? Because you know they can’t social distance from anything…

  23. I think Andrew set Amber up. Before this happened Amber had already had words with Andrew about spending her money and after she was arrested he continued to spend her money. All you did Andrew was prove the other night all you care about is money!!! Total setup 100% believe you set her up!! Get a job you POS!!!

  24. As a domestic abuse survivior there isnt a dime on this planet worth taking in exchange for my story of abuse. This man is a fool. His son is the only victim. This is what you get when you make babies with people you don’t know in order to get paid!

  25. So if they’d given him more money, he’d have stayed on the show he bashed. I knew he was in this shit for the money. He knew how Amber was, how she operated, and what a horrible person she was and decided to knock her up anyway.

      1. Yes, yes I do. And I very clearly read “The ONLY way I would consider continuing the same show with the person who inflicted the pain, who inflicted such pain and abuse upon James and I, would be if we were paid the same as our abuser,” Andrew said. “Seems only fair. Anything else would be wrong on so many levels and an insult. That was my price for continuing to be their punching bag.” -Andrew

        So, if they’d agreed to pay him more, he’d have stayed on the show. The fact that he has a price for his and James’ pain and abuse speaks VOLUMES.

          1. He had quit the show “in his head”, he didn’t do it out loud because he was waiting to see if they’d give in to his demands. And since they didn’t, he used that magic Q word and hoped it would work, but it didn’t. It was all about money for him, it always has been.

          2. Curious, if a woman was abused would you be talking about her this way? You amber loving twats are weird

          3. If her actions seemed as questionable as Andrew’s, then yes I would be talking about her the same way.

            I’m no fan of Amber’s, not since I first watched her 16 & Pregnant. I do, however, see through bullshit. And that’s all Andrew is full of, bullshit.

  26. She doesn’t “honestly forget that it happens”, but he does have it right that she chooses bot to make it exist anymore. Classic narcissist gaslighting.

  27. I’m just not going to watch this shitshow anymore. Imagine if it was a woman who was abused and MTV kept the man (abuser) employed? Hooo…..that would never fly! The show sucks anyway and trash Amber is the reason why.

    1. Keeping it 100, MTV did keep Sam after she punched Ron in the face AND they kept Ron when he went on a rampage and destroyed Sam’s stuff.

      1. If you’re gonna lie and make me look like the bad guy on national tv after my girlfriend is the one who chased me with a machete while I was holding our kid, yeah, I’m asking for more money too. Not to mention after she broke my nose in the car and the camera crew knew all about it. There’s no proof Andrew took Amber’s money. She seems to blame all the guys she lives with for stealing her money. Here’s a thought, stop letting your random men have access to it in the first place.

      2. My point exactly….the woman abuser keeps her job. Ron destroying her stuff was funny and well deserved. At least he didn’t put his hands on her. Unlike his present psycho baby momma. These peeps are a mess.

    2. @snoozy.. no kidding!! Even from the beginning.. remember when she punched Gary in the head then kicked him im the back as he was walking down the stairs??? If the tiles would have been reversed, the guy would have been arrested and off the show so fkn fast!!

  28. Andrew saw Amber & wanted to ride the money & fame train. He took a damaged person that was already struggling & played the game so he could manipulate her . He knew what he was doing & planned this the whole time. He did & said things to purposely push her buttons to get her to react. Bet he still doesn’t have a job. He’s as bad as David Eason.
    I am not justifying Amber’s reaction, but everyone knows you don’t poke an angry bear. He knew what would happen & that is what he wanted. He wanted to put on a show for sympathy. That is why he had all the camera’s so he could make her react & then release the recordings & pull the “poor me” bullshit. Master Manipulator. Scum.

  29. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    Hes 100% right!

  30. Amber gets away with way too much, I have no respect for this show anymore. Andrew should have been paid what other Fathers are being paid, smart man to cut ties with the show.

    Amber is always playing the victim, hope she never uses her body for a ” vessel” to bring a child in tis world again. Amber will never be a REAL mother ~

  31. Yall keep on loving Kailyn. She’s out here spreading corona. She doesn’t believe anything the doctors or anyone says. What a dumb B. I guess there won’t be a story here about that tho. Double standards. Lux is better off with Chris.

    1. I doubt he’d be better off with Chris. Lux is just fucked and so is his new baby brother. You’d think she’d care more since pregnant women are heavily affected by this virus.

  32. I’m looking forward to the tell all book from someone in the teen mom franchise, I have a feeling that the producers are even more shady than some of the talent….and that is roaches level bad.

  33. We know Andrew did all this for money. He rode Amber’s coattails long enough. You knew what you were getting into. You now want Amber’s money. Quit playing your pity violin and get a job. You know ,like a man and father!

  34. He only wants a hand out these mom’s have been on this show at least 10 years and you come on here trying to get a meal ticket

  35. blah blah blah Andrew, Amber is a very bad loser and a psycho, but all of her business was out in the public domain, and you were very well aware of who she was before you put your wiener in. Matt was a loser and user, and that is all that she can attract, bottom feeders. You Andrew are a loser too, or you would have never been involved with her. You have a bad past with women who have accused you of violence and stalking, you are no winner, that’s why you were with her, she was a meal ticket to you. So if the producer of that trash shytt show, offered you the same or more than Amber makes you would have happily peddled yourself and your son for cash, get off your big azz and get a job and grow up, and quit your whining you’re the same loser Amber and Matt are no difference.

  36. I had to skip most of the episode since it focused SO much around Amber. Why does MTV think we want to see this loser? Enough already.

  37. Andrew have you went out and gotten a job. I bet the answer is no but, whose home do you live in and who pays the bills you lazy man!

    1. Really people, They are all in it for the money!!!! He’s 100% right!!! Do you think they would be airing their shit if not being paid!!! That’s what reality TV is!!!!

    2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Andrew saw Amber & wanted to ride the money & fame train. He took a damaged person that was already struggling & played the game so he could manipulate her . He knew what he was doing & planned this the whole time. He did & said things to purposely push her buttons to get her to react. Bet he still doesn’t have a job. He’s as bad as David Eason.
      I am not justifying Amber’s reaction, but everyone knows you don’t poke an angry bear. He knew what would happen & that is what he wanted. He wanted to put on a show for sympathy. That is why he had all the camera’s so he could make her react & then release the recordings & pull the “poor me” bullshit. Master Manipulator. Scum.

    1. I say good for him, I would’ve done the same. She’s ridiculous and entitled, and they should be ashamed for keeping her on the show. The money they make off of her quiets their tears though. He’ll get the last laugh when this show is done. She’s trailer trash, they don’t know how to handle money. She’ll be back in the ghetto of her hometown, on drugs, and waiting for her man to finish his shift at the local gas station to fetch her some meth.

  38. Something is missing here. If Tyler and Cate make the same amount. Where’s all the money? We make far less than that. We have a nice home and nice cars. I don’t see how they make all that money but have the same as us hard working people making way way less. It makes no SENSE. Most of the time they go on trips MTV pays for it.

    1. Catelynn has been to in patient rehab multiple times. That is not cheap. They have most likely paid for butch and tylers sister to go to rehab, they probably give April money. It’s easy to blow through money when you are giving it away and going to rehab all the time.

    2. Jenelle and Babs were paid the same around $400,000
      So Tyler & Caitlyn are making around $800,000?
      I thought the dad’s made about $60,000?
      I know Gary has spent his money wisely in buying rental properties. He has come along way since buying a video game console he couldn’t afford.

  39. I haven’t watched TM OG since producer thought it was a great idea to support domestic violence & child abuse!
    Farrah well not Farrah, but Janelle was let go for DV but why not Amber,,,

    1. Actually Farrah put her hands on the producer Larry ON CAMERA that one time in her front yard and they did nothing. She should have been fired then. Amber should have been fired when she kicked Gary down the stairs. Jenelle should have been fired when she got in MULTIPLE fights over the years in her front yard, when she got in a fight with Tori at Tori’s house, Kail should have been fired when she put her hands on Javi on camera too. These girls have been violent. Not as bad as Amber but they have been. Amber’s the worst but still MTV does nothing about any of it.

      1. Getting paid would let you be around someone who you claim abused you and ur child um doesn’t sound right to me. Sounds like you got that girl pregnant on purpose so you could get a paycheck. Keep trying to social climb Amber was ur best bet lol

  40. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Andrew shouldn’t be making money off of Amber anyway. Where does he work anyway. Shouldn’t be living off a woman and not contributing any money. You’re a disgrace for living in her house and driving her car.

    1. @ Julie, that’s a great question. I’m afraid I’ve heard rumors that, who knows if they’re true or not. What I heard was ratings went down and producers, looking for ways to raise them, had the “actors” get more nasty with each other, threatening, fighting, just really not the kind of thing we saw much of in the begining, except for the odd person out. I also heard, (oh Lord, I hope this one isn’t true) that more babies equaled more money. After I heard that, I had to wonder why, in such a small group of young girls, there are so many babies by so many dads. I pray that this tv station is not promising more money if the girls have more kids. That affects their whole lives where this is just ratings, ya know?

    1. Are you a goddamn idiot? Who can see through what BS!? I hope amber knows we can all see through her fake tears. IDIOT

      1. My phone keeps glitching and not letting me comment properly. Amber is full of BS. Andrew is a Victim. He is a good father. He made a baby with the wrong person but he wasn’t in it long enough to know any better before a baby came along. He was abused. She is evil. This show is manipulating the story to sell their show and a story line. He does not deserve this. He never deserved it. Amber should be back in jail for what she did.

      1. Ok…we all watched marriage boot camp and we all saw ambers mental illness and rage in full force. Multiple contestants on the show and the doctors called her out on it…It’s not a secret that she is an abuser. She went to jail for domestic abuse. It’s all been WELL documented.
        Apparently, Andrew thought it was a good idea to not only hook up with her during the midst of her instability (on marriage bootcamp) but he proceeds to have a kid with a known abuser…I’m sorry but he had to have known what he was getting into.
        I’m all for sympathizing with the victim, but when you claim you’re a victim and then proceed to negotiate more money from a show that you forced yourself to be a part of that seems a little shady. If he would have gotten the money he asked for he wouldn’t have minded putting his son and himself on the same show as his abuser? Most domestic violence victims want nothing to do with their abusers. My mother left everything she owned to get away from one. He is using it to gain more money… and he’s living in his abusers house and driving her car. I’ve never seen that from a domestic abuse victim!

        1. So basically Andrew spat his dummy out because he wasn’t being paid the same as Amber? Had the figures been the same he’d have happily sold himself down the river for it…. Did he try and renegotiate whilst they were still together?

          I love the way he uses the baby as a ticket, “James and I won’t be filming..”.

          I’m glad he’s out of the picture.. for a supposedly smart guy his actions since have proven he was only in it for the money.

  41. So, your saying if my bro got paid, he would continue to take the beatings and put the young bro in harms way of that bag of shit? That kid has no chance. Both of these two are garbage. MTV has no morals, the producers suck, but Mimi Jen is still banging.

    stay lit

    1. Of course he didn’t meant that he would have stayed with Amber if he got more money, he said he would still appear in the show if he got more money. Are you deliberately misunderstanding what he said or you just lack comprehensive reading skills?

  42. They are totally trying to make him seem like he contrived this whole plan for money. Amber is a scumbag, but I think Morgan and Larry are worse.

    1. Am I the only one who thinks a lot of these posts today on this story are the same person creating multiple accounts to post? Normally you kind of see the same people and quite a few seem brand new. They are all saying the same thing too. Idk. Maybe not.

  43. No shame in asking for more money. If Amber is going to slander and desecrate your name you might as well ask for more compensation. The fact MTV didn’t fire her is insulting in and of itself.

      1. I agree @ME. Andrew, why would the show need to pay more for a relationship that you chose to be in. Yes, abusive, yes, terrible that you had to go through that but that was your choice. You should have known from watching be previous seasons that there was only one way this would end. Oh wait, weren’t you there? As a part of the crew filming? Did you not watch every single relationship she has had this far. You started the relationship knowing she had issues and now you’re the victim?? Is that what you planned for? I don’t think you or James deserve any of it. I don’t believe in or support any abuse of any kind but you need to take ownership of your part in all of this. You also are responsible for bringing baby James into this, no?

        1. Pretty sure Amber was there too when he “brought James into this”. Do you mean when Andrew brought James into the world?? Or into Amber’s issues? Either way Amber was 100% there in either event.

    1. @can’t feel bad. He wasn’t a member of teen moms film crew. He did the private interviews on marriage bootcamp. He wasn’t witness to her outbursts on screen. Amber kept her crazy under control until a year into the relationship. Once she had him trapped that’s when the crazy came out. You say you don’t blame victims but then turn around and blame Andrew! He’s a victim! Do you blame women who are abused? Did they not see the red flags before? Isn’t it their fault too? I mean if we go by your logic.

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