Farrah Abraham’s Puppy Purchase Canceled by Breeder Due to Backlash; Farrah Accuses Company of Acting Illegally & Discriminating Against Her Because She’s a “Celebrity”

Cheers to Manny for escaping these two and their growing collection of artificially colored puppies.

Former Teen Mom and current controversial pet owner Farrah Abraham was hit with some bad news a few days ago when a purchase for a Pomeranian puppy named Manny went south, preventing Farrah from adding another pet to her menagerie. Needless to say, the Backdoor Teen Mom is not happy about it!

Farrah prematurely shared her and daughter Sophia’s new addition during a YouTube video, in which Farrah proudly (and very oddly) announced that Sophia had purchased her first dog online and the puppy would be arriving some time in April.

“And for all you pet-shamers out there, this is not about shaming, this is about firsts!” Farrah proclaims.


Farrah says that, while “Manny” is currently listed as the dog’s name, they are planning to call him “Oreo”…or “COVID.” (No, seriously…) 

Manny the Pomeranian was reportedly being purchased from The Puppy Spot for more than $2,000. However, according to Starcasm, after the online breeder began to receive some backlash for allowing Farrah to purchase one of their dogs, the company decided to cancel the deal before Manny ever got placed into Farrah’s claws. 

This, of course, is hardly a surprise to anyone who has followed Farrah’s track record with pets. Less than a month ago, she was accused of animal abuse after a video was posted to social media featuring her dog Cupcake with a ribbon tied around her mouth. This, incident, along with the fact that both Cupcake and Farrah’s other dog Boo were (and still are) covered in hair dye, resulted in PETA issuing a statement aimed at Farrah, urging her to “start treating dogs like more than fashion accessories or surrender them to someone who will love them unconditionally.” 

A screenshot of video showing Cupcake’s cruel homemade “muzzle” and the dogs’ dyed fur, posted by the @hernandez.mike.joe Instagram page last month.

Farrah also had another dog named Blue who passed away in 2018 under mysterious circumstances, though Sophia admitted on social media that she had thrown the small dog. Farrah later denied any wrongdoings on Sophia’s part and instead claimed that Blue died as a result of stress from the construction going on in their building at the time. 

That same year, Farrah’s former friend Phoebe Price did a tell-all Instagram Live session in which she accused Farrah of neglecting her pooches when she brought them to the Coachella music festival. Phoebe, who attended the event with Farrah, alleged that Farrah punished her dogs for barking  and neglected to give the pooches water, in addition to other scary claims.

After hearing that her plan to bring dog into her home had been compromised, Farrah took to her new Abraham Gals podcast that she shares with Sophia to “Farrah Speak” her side of the story and let’s just say, she may have outdone herself with this one. 


The episode starts out with Farrah “consoling” Sophia and telling her they maybe she shouldn’t have posted her excitement on YouTube because “haters just are ruining it and honestly, the breeder isn’t strong enough to understand the hate and the celebrity that they’re dealing with.” 

Sounds legit. 

Farrah then calls her stepmom, Amy, to give her the lowdown on the puppy situation. Farrah explains(ish) that after paying upfront and signing a contract to buy Manny, she was contacted by “a random customer service rep” — who, according to Farrah, was acting “super fake negative” — and informed her that the deal was off on the puppy purchase. 

“She calls me and says based off of me throwing my dog off of a balcony, I’m not going to be allowed, me, to have my own dog that I’ve already paid for,” Farrah tells Amy. 

Farrah says she informed the “random customer service rep” that she was misinformed and that particular rumor was “not even real at all.” 

“ … That’s made up by haters and hateful people, hate speech, discrimination speech … ,” she continues. 

Farrah says she also told the “random customer service rep” that what she was doing was illegal and that it was only happening because she is “a celebrity.”

We’ll give you a moment to stop laughing and compose yourself…

Farrah then demands to speak to the company’s legal team, stating that this act of “discrimination” is worthy of small claims court. 

“… I go, ‘I’m not going to speak to some random customer service care person who doesn’t even know what they’re doing and if you talk any more, every bit is recorded and it’s illegal and it’s going to just take you to right to where it’s gonna go,’” she said. 

Me, trying to make sure I heard that gibberish correctly…

Farrah tells Amy how much this dog means to Sophia. Then, we get to see a perfect example of why Farrah is the way she is when Amy tells her that what she’s saying “is completely correct.” 

Amy asks Farrah if she has received a refund, and Farrah informs her that when the “random customer service rep” discussed issuing one, Farrah informed her that she wasn’t accepting it “because it’s breaking the law.” 

“That’s not a real claim, that’s not real,” she says. “ … There’s a tort, like, there’s a tort law that covers this!” 

Instead of bringing Farrah back down to planet Earth with the rest of us, Amy suggests they just get a friend or family member to buy the dog and then hand it over to Farrah and Sophia. The two then “brainstorm” about people close to them who “haven’t been publicized” that could possibly make the purchase. 

Manny, if you see Michael Abraham in a wig coming to pick you up, run like hell…

(Farrah also complains about her slow Internet connection near this part of the podcast, which she blames on “this whole C0VIN-9 thing.” Yes, you read that correctly… according to Farrah, we are dealing with a “COVIN-9” crisis that kills your Internet connection. Sigh…)  

Farrah declares at this point that she believes it best if she calls the sales agent with whom she made (or attempted to make) the puppy purchase to “tell her about this s**t.” Before getting off the phone with Amy, she discovers that the website has re-listed the puppy as “available” online and she reveals her plan to leave a damning review for the business. 

(We all know how hilarious Farrah’s written reviews can be…)

If Farrah’s attempts at writing were humanized…

We then get to hear the conversation that went down between Farrah and the sales agent, whose name is Roxanne. The recording of the conversation from Farrah’s podcast left out the beginning of the phone call, but here’s a breakdown of the s**tshow that was captured — and, mind you, uploaded willingly — by Farrah. 

Farrah: “ … you’re actually taking it off of lies, hatred and slander, so that’s not a legal, moral base and that’s why you’re having what you’re hearing right now, so it’s not ‘OK,’ umm, it’s actually against the law and your own network hospital admitted my dog that passed away and they’ll gladly let you know. And people actually had to go to therapy because of that and trauma because of that, because it was such a devastating loss to our family…

“And I don’t think you’ve ever dealt with somebody who’s in the public eye but I will say this, we deal with a lot of very untrue, hateful, discriminating things that you won’t ever have the luxury of going through. So, you’re talking to one smart, intelligent and tough woman and I will say this, any of your discrimination, your hatred and the lies that you based anything off of is illegal. By law.”

Roxanne: “OK.” 

And then, right on-brand, Farrah eventually gets to calling this a “hate crime.” She has also apparently learned a new word– “tort”– so she does her best to sneak it into the conversation whenever possible…

Farrah: “And it’s not an opinion, it’s legal because you transacted money for that and we’ve already spent, what, two weeks thinking that we’re having this puppy? So no, I take that to heart. I actually take that to heart. I take that to realization to this is such a hate crime right now and it’s discrimination and it’s hateful. It’s discrimination because you based it off of lies that aren’t true. That’s discriminating. And actually it’s a tort.” 

Roxanne: “No—”

Farrah: “There’s also another tort — just so you know, I’m in law school right now — and there’s also a tort where you base your actions off of complete and lies and it’s discrimination so you can have my lawyer reach out to you, but my lawyer is actually going to contact your lawyer and also the owner of your company and we’re going to look at your laws and your guidelines and your opinions and what you just based it off of, which you can say it out loud one more time, so you can hear how illegal you are. That’s against the law.” 

Farrah then goes into a long-winded discussion about her (currently living) Pomeranian Boo and how he apparently has a “collapsed trachea” issue, just like she claims her Pomeranian that passed away had. Farrah attempts to explain that Boo takes daily vitamins that (somehow?) remedy this health issue. She also stresses to Roxanne how much her pets are cared for and pats herself on the back for “caring” so much that she maintains a social media page for them. 

I mean…do you even LOVE your pets if they don’t have a social media page?!

“Who cares about having an Instagram? Honestly, I’m just thrilled to be able to open and close my dog mouth again, lady!”

Farrah also requests to speak to a lawyer and the owner, noting that she doesn’t “need to speak to anybody else who’s a sales agent” because they’re “not doing anything for anyone.” After demanding to know Roxanne’s title, she learns that she’s speaking to someone in client services, but that is not to Farrah’s satisfaction either. 

Farrah: “Roxanne, you’re a client service representation. You’re not an owner, you’re not a lawyer and the statement to the facts that you just presented off of lies, that’s illegal. It’s not real. So therefore your answer, a declining and discriminating against a woman right now is not OK.” 

Roxanne tells Farrah she is not going to argue back and forth with her, but she clearly doesn’t know who she’s dealing with. Farrah keeps on demanding to speak to the owner or “the legal representation of the company” and when Roxanne informs her that what Puppy Spot did was within their rights, Farrah tells her she’s wrong. 

“Whatever, Michael…I mean Roxanne!”

Farrah: “ … My money is accepted and you do not have the right to take away someone’s right and ownership of what they paid for. Do not tell me by my name, it’s very disrespectful. You’re disrespectful, that’s not accepted, that’s illegal.”

Roxanne: “Calling you by your name is disrespectful?” 

Farrah continues to verbally abuse and talk down to Roxanne, accusing her of breaking the law, interrupting her and trying to give her some sort of twisted and completely inaccurate lesson on all things hate crimes and discrimination. 

After ending her conversation with Roxanne, Farrah apologizes to Sophia for the “really, really disruptive” life morning. She then continues to weirdly console Sophia as she did before, telling her not to cry, despite Sophia not making a single sound during the entire podcast.

Roxanne may not have gotten a word in during that conversation, but at least she’s earned some fans!

The podcast picks up later in the middle of yet another conversation with someone from The Puppy Spot, who Farrah says has done things that are “illegal, unethical and improper” and warns them that she will be leaving a scathing review. This phone calls unfortunately cuts off mid-conversation and we never find out who exactly Farrah was speaking to; however, it’s safe to say it didn’t go in her favor as we all would have surely heard about it by now. 

Similarly, after speaking to Amy, Farrah said she had a breeder friend with a license “to pull any dog” for her, whom she plans to reach out to in order to get Manny, but that has yet to happen either.  

On Tuesday, Farrah promoted the negative review she reportedly left for The Puppy Spot; however, her review does not currently appear on the breeder’s website. 

Is anyone else just a little bit tickled that Farrah misspelled her own last name/podcast name?

As of press time on Wednesday, Manny is listed as “reserved” on Puppy Spot’s website, which means Farrah (or whoever she convinces to go fetch, pun intended, Manny for her) is not currently able to get him. 

Did you hear that? It’s poor Manny, breathing a big sigh of relief…

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(Photos: YouTube; Instagram; PuppySpot.com) 

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  1. If she is a celebrity I am Oprah Winfrey! This chick is delusional and should never be allowed to have another animal when she can’t even take care of herself or her daughter!

  2. Thank God there’s a breeder who càres more for the añimal than the bucks!
    This loser and loser daughter can’t take care of themselves let alone a small puppy.
    Farrah shouldnt be allowed to own a thing that needs air to breath.
    Thanks again to the breeder for not selling their puppy to the worst pet abuser. And the daughter who has already addmittd killing a puppy before.

  3. Thank God Farrah and that daughter did NOT get the puppy. I wish they both and her father plus stepmom would be exiled to Iran and never allowed back to America. They are TRASH!!! If she thinks she looks good then she is blind. Plus her poor daughter, I know she can’t help how far apart her eyes are or how wide her mouth is…but she’s going to end up just like that person she calls mom.

  4. Rather amusing to read that this psycho whore, who likely has not even graduated from high school, let alone college, claims that she is in law school. The delusion is real. Farrah should not be allowed to have any animals, and I feel very sorry for Sophia that she has to suffer with a mentally ill mother.

  5. Horrified to see her handle those gloves and mask. As a healthcare provider this is absolutely useless. She is touching everything with dirty gloves including her phone and she didn’t even wash her hands. Ugh

  6. I hope this company makes sure that the person is not connected to Farrah.
    I’m glad that they didn’t give her Manny.
    She should he put on a do not adopt to list. She’s disgusting

  7. I think farrah is idiot, bad mom . she is wast of a person. I have watched teen mom when it started. The other girls are doing way better then her fake ass, who ever she is friend with or dating are really dum.

  8. tort
    Learn to pronounce
    a wrongful act or an infringement of a right

    Is what James Dean did to her anus considered a “Tort”?

    Not in my book!

    stay lit

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      You won the Internet!

  9. This may be a silly question, but how does she have money?
    Manny I hope you get a great human, and not those 2 ding-dongs.

    1. She’s an escort. Apparently she’s a frequent flier to Dubai, but honestly I don’t think she really has much money.

  10. The dye she claims to use is food colouring not human hair dye. This horrible malicious WITCH WOULD create more drama if she saw you post that so unless you have proof absolute it’s human hair dye please edit it with her claim. Other than that I wonder if JEFFREE is looking for a new family member THEN Manny would have a true loving family home.

  11. Good to hear the dog was kept out of the home of a woman known to be extremely unstable and mentally disturbed. The home is deemed not safe for animals, so many people worry about the dogs she does somehow still have and pretty silly things such as the food color dye on their fur.
    What about the young human with NO OTHER direct influence in her life but this same women that the
    public is desperate to save animals from?? Is any social agency looking into saving the child from the home/person deemed unfit for animals

  12. There’s nothing discriminating or arbitrary here, she’d know that if she was in law school. I think it’s hilarious that she refused her money back and put it out there for all to hear, she’s a class A cocoa puff!!
    Hoping this pup isn’t reserved by someone she put up to it.

    1. I was wondering that too. Where is Starburst? Someone who follows Farrah should ask. She’ll probably say Starburst was a victim of a hate crime since Farrah blames everything on hate crimes and bullying.

  13. I’m glad she didn’t get the puppy. Puppyspot is a terrible business though. I’m surprised they even cared to cancel the order.

  14. Don’t watch the video unless you want to be sick. It is horrific what she is doing to that child. The duck lips, the hair flipping, she has become a mirror image of Farrah. It is clear that Farrah treats her as if they are friends and really, they probably are on the same intellectual level. Unfortunately, there is no hope for Sophia, because you can tell that she wants to be like her mother, I think there is only a thin chance that she will avoid a life of sexual exploitation, drug use etc. It’s a shame no one stepped in sooner.

      1. GEEZUSGAWDLEAH: She 100% would. Has Farrah ever made a sound parental decision for Sophia? Farrah is totally obsessed with celebrity at any cost. If she doesn’t outright pimp her out, she’d for sure allow her to be in dangerous situations with men for the right price.

        1. My biggest fear for her is that her mom video records any such event and uses it to keep her under control. Hopefully she (Sophia) reads these sorts of things and can see around corners a little better.

    1. If Sophia doesn’t become a teen mom and/or obsessed with plastic surgery I will be surprised…a glimpse of hope is that she is in therapy where we can only hope she is truthful about everything!

  15. Farrah was thinking for two weeks? That’s a first!

    She is the dumbest, clueless human on the planet. Thank heavens Manny escaped!

  16. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Does anyone else see munchausem syndrome that has effected all.

  17. Shes not a celebrity she was a teen that spread her legs and got pregnant that’s all she is some people make her feel like a celebrity but she is not no way in hell is she only n her mind

  18. After reading too many depressing news articles today, I needed this – it was a good laugh. Albeit disturbing as Farrah clearly has severe mental health issues.

  19. PRAISE BE TO GOD!!! Now if we could only get that dog away from the Dog Murderer Child Abuser!!!

  20. OMG. She is such an idiot. I just KNEW, KNEW she was going to talk about going to law school when it was revealed how Kim Kardashian was trying to earn her law degree. I’m sure that’s what Farrah is referring to. She is going to take exams like Kim. Remember when she was going to be a doctor a few years ago..a plastic surgeon at that. She is stupid. Can’t the breeders of her other two dogs come and get them since clearly they aren’t being treated right?? Dying their hair and nuzzling one with a bow??

    1. Her obsession with Kim K and the Kardashians is alarming. I wouldn’t put it past her to push Sophia to make a “sex tape” once she turns 18, and try to shop it to the highest bidder in hopes to emulate a Kris Jenner, Kim K dynamic since Farrahs 1st attempt to be the Kim K of the family failed…miserably. She’s going to exploit the hell out of Sophia and try to live vicariously through her.

      1. I know someone who briefly dated Farrah back in 2011 when she was living in FL. This guy is pretty crazy too so it kinda made sense.

        I’ve previously posted that the guy who she dated told me she would watch the Kardashian show and literally take notes on each episode to try to closely emulate them. So yeah, she’s obsessed.

      2. This is…. absolutely shockingly true. I didn’t ever think about Farrah this way, but she really is trying to be like Kim. Holy moly. Law school and all. Your comment about a future sex tape from Sophia (sad and disturbing), is honestly probably exactly what Farrah will push her to do. Wow. Just wow.

      3. She even lectured Kourtney Kardashian when she was pregnant with Reign because she said it was irresponsible for Kourtney to be having another child when she wasn’t married. Kourtney shut her down real quick too.

        1. HAHAHA!! What on earth!! Having kids & being a mother has nothing to do with marriage, if the kids are happy, healthy, well rounded & safe, that’s all that matters! Which I’m sure Kourtney has provided for her kids. And Farrah has NOT

        2. That was when Scott Disick called her a shit stain on twitter and a fucking moron LOL!…Farrah was like I cannot believe that Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant, has she learned nothing from Teen Mom?? And Kourtney was like ….I’m 32 years old LOL…look up the twitter exchange between Farrah, Kourtney, Khloe and Scott, it’s pretty funny….and honestly was probably one of the best days of Farrah’s life. The Kardashians acknowledged her.

  21. There are certain people who are not animal people, and who think they are something other than living, breathing creatures who solely rely on their owners to meet their needs and care for them. Those people are called “farrahs” and are scum. How do you take innocent, hopeful animals into your home, especially with the amount of money Farrah has, and neglect them? It’s unfortunate but as long as breeders are breeding, pets will continue to go to unqualified idiots like Farrah. Shelters thankfully do their research and contact references and vets for a recommendation.

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